Technology Trends

Technology Trends

The year of 2014 saw some remarkable technology trends. Quite a few became very popular and quite a few lived a good life but then slowly faded away. The list below includes some of the technology products that slowly died away in 2014:


Orkut, a 10-year old social networking site launched by Google was shut down this year on September 10. Launched in 2004, the year Facebook was also launched, Orkut was unable to place Google on top of the list namely, “popular web businesses”. Facebook slowly killed Orkut and became the leader in social networking sites with grabbing about 1.28 billion users.

Microsoft Windows:

Windows XP, the 13-year old PC Operating System, once the most popular and sought after Windows edition bid farewell this year in April. Numerous companies were using Windows XP. Majority of the ATMs were also using Windows XP. However, Microsoft decided to stop support for the Windows XP.

MSN Messenger:

MSN Messenger, a 15-year old global instant messaging client finally bid adieu to the world of internet in 2014. Microsoft has now merged MSN messenger with Skype making the former completely obsolete. MSN was one of the best, easy to use and a reliable IM clients and had become an instant hit once it was launched in the market.

iPod Classic:

iPod Classic with a capacity to hold more than 40,000 songs was not updated by Apple since 2009. The product obviously was on the verge of getting scrapped. However, with the smartphones emerging apple iPods really couldn’t justify much of their use to the users. The iPhone ate away the iPod Classic with offering numerous features in comparison to iPod Classic making it only a memory for i-users.

Technology is constantly evolving. One fading technology paves way for the emerging technology to impact people’s lives and fulfill their needs even more. This era of instant gratification and a constant need for improved technologies is reducing the life-span of existing technologies furthermore.