ApnaComplex.com – India’s leading platform for Apartment Management announces exclusive partnership with HomeConnectOnline.com – India’s first of it’s kind market place for lifestyle services.

With this partnership, ApnaComplex would be able to offer 600+ local services to residents of Apartment Complexes and Gated Communities using ApnaComplex platform. Apartment Owners and Residents would benefit from this partnership as they get exclusive attractive discounts and unique services not found otherwise easily.  The partnership also provides HomeConnectOnline.com a ready user base of over 100,000 homes who can avail the services offered.Benefits due to bulk orders from the same community to a local service provider shall be passed back to the apartment residents by HomeConnectOnline as discounts or as reward points that can be redeemed or even reduce the maintenance dues to be paid to the society!

Raja Sekhar Kommu – ApnaComplex.com co-founder says, “We are always committed to leverage technology for benefits of Apartment Owners, Residents and Managing Committees. We are a leader in innovating in this space with our solutions like Tablet based Help desk, Gatekeeper for Apartment Resident ID and Visitor Tracking apart from several other Society Accounting features. The partnership with HomeConnectOnline.com is yet another innovation that our customers will truly benefit from. Sourcing quality Service Providers and bringing them online onto a platform, ensuring connect between consumer and the provider of the services is a specialist work and requires a different organisation mindset and the culture. By partnering with HomeConnectOnline.com, we are now able to offer these services to our customers while we continue to focus our energies on providing more solutions to Managing Committee members for Better Apartment Management. Its best of both worlds to our customers and we have no doubt they will benefit through this.”

Naveen Lakkur, CEO of HomeConnectOnline.com says, “with the mission of ‘Love All – Serve All’, HomeConnectOnline.com has evolved as an online platform for a householder to explore and engage with lifestyle services. We asked 100’s of young householders living in an apartment and we learnt from them that most of their household time went in looking for lifestyle services, predominantly in the Health, Wellness and Wellbeing segments. These services are highly fragmented, unorganised and they are local. Taking a pragmatic approach,HomeConnectOnline.com has been able to bring onboard interesting and useful services such has organic square foot balcony gardening, nursing at home, kids skill development programs, getting a new cooking gas connection, getting a  dental care treatment at home, organising a bhajan program at home or connecting with a vastu expert to name a few. In essence, I believe the combination of ApnaComplex.com and HomeConnectOnline.com is a twin power creating convenience to householders living in an apartment.”