Notice BoardApnaComplex Notice Board is used for communicating short-lived, one-way messages. You can post notices online and reach all the residents in one go. All notices will be emailed to the members (based on the notification settings of the user).

Scenario when to use Notice Board:

a)Let the residents know about a clothes exhibition being held on the weekend

b)Inform only the residents of your complex about a house now available for rent

c)Notify residents about swimming pool/water tank cleaning

Advantages of using Notice Board:

•All notices will be visible on the online Notice Board till the expiry date of the notice. You can set the expiry date from 1 day to 1 month.

•Flash notices can be posted, which will be shown in a popup dialog that users cannot ignore.

•Documents can be attached to notices.

•Replies sent to this message will be sent out only to the poster of the message.

•Reports like expense statements can be published on the notice board.

Administrator Rights for Notice Board:

•Publish Special Notices that will reach all members of the community – including members who have not yet joined online. This enables one way communication from the association to all members on key events.

•The Special Notices message will be sent out all people even if they have opted out of daily/weekly digest feature. This can be used in case of highly important or emergency communication.

• Post notices which are visible only to Owners, or only to Committee members.

• Approve all notices before they are published to every one (configurable setting).

• Change the expiry date and the access level at the time of approving.

• Extend date of expired notices and also delete all notices.

How to use Notice Board after logging in ApnaComplex?

Step 1: After logging in click on Forums

Step 2: Below Forums click on Notice Board

Step 3: Click on post new notice

Alternatively, you can also search for notices or see the list of expired notices.

Notice Type

Hope this blog gave you a better idea of when and how to use the notice board. Do comment on this blog if you have any queries. We would try to solve the same for you. Keep checking the blog section for more help articles on ApnaComplex communication tools.