discussion forumApnaComplex Discussion Forum is used for conducting healthy discussions on any topic with residents, owners or committee members. This is the most frequently used communication tool out of the complete list of ApnaComplex Communications tools.

Scenario when to use Discussion Forum:

  • Enquire about a good school nearby
  • Solicit feedback on a particular gas agency service
  • Discuss how best to celebrate a chemical free, organic holi

Advantages of using Discussion Forum:

  • An online forum to post topics and replies in a threaded and organized manner.
  • Discussions can be access controlled – can be made open to all residents, or only owners or only between committee members.
  • Advanced editor is available to post topics that can include text formatting, images, and hyperlinks.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple forums, multiple yahoo/google groups as all discussions are stored in a central place.
  • New committee members and owners get instant access to all past discussions.

Administrator Rights for Discussion Forum:

  • Administrators can close topics from further discussions.
  • Topics can be archived for future reference.

How to start a discussion on a new topic via Discussion Forum (on the portal):

Step 1: After logging in ApnaComplex portal go to Forums

Step 2: Click on Discussion Forums

Step 3: Select a new topic to start a discussion (Alternatively you can also search for a topic, take a look at archived topics)

Step 4: Choose the visibility option from the following – residents, owners and committee members

Step 5: Post the topic

Discussion Forum

Mailing List

You can also use the mailing list for conducting discussions. Essentially, both discussion forum and mailing list serve the same purpose. A topic started via the Discussion Forum (by logging on to the portal) can continue via mail. However, there are slight differences between the two:

Discussion Forum Mailing List
  • Requires approval from portal admin.
  • Attachments get stored.
  • Does not require approval from portal admin.
  • Attachments in the mail do not get stored.

How to use the mailing list for starting discussions?

1. Typically, each community has three mailing lists in the form of:

a)complex-name@apnacomplex.com – To start a discussion with residents

b)complex-name+owners@apnacomplex.com – To start a discussion with owners

c)complex-name+committee@apnacomplex.com  – To start a discussion with committee members

2. Any member by sending mails to the above email IDs can start a discussion since it will automatically post it on the discussion forum with the visibility option for the appropriate group to view the same.

3. Members can reply to the emails and the emails would automatically get posted to the group discussion forum in a threaded manner.

Mailing List

Hope with this blog using discussion forum and mailing lists for your discussions will be a much simpler process. Do let us know your doubts on using discussion forum or mailing lists and we would try our best to help you. Also, let us know if you found this helpful by commenting on this blog.