Power CutHow many times does the power cut happen just when you are planning to do some important work? Earlier, all one could do was wish that someone would have given prior information before the power cut so that one could plan accordingly.

Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) is making this wish come true for Noida residents who have now almost resigned to the erratic and long power cuts in the city. For making the situation better, NPCL has decided to send SMS alerts before every power cut. The SMS will be sent out irrespective of any power failure reason. So, whether the power is cut due to distribution transformer breakdown, supply shortage, maintenance work or fault in transmission wires SMS will be sent out compulsorily.

NPCL holding franchise for distributing power in Noida and Greater Noida will now send text messages before every power cut. However, the text messages will not be sent directly to the residents. The Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) officials of various sectors in Noida region will receive the messages, who will then forward it to the residents.

RWA officials of different sectors had demanded this facility of prior information to be given before power cuts due to frequent power cuts and rising temperature. Some of the common problems that the RWAs were facing due to power cuts was shortage of water since one cannot run water pumps with inverter. If one knows in advance that there will be a power cut of 4 hours in the peak morning hours, one can be prepared and fill in all the required water tanks in the evening so that there is no problem in the morning. Secondly, for the apartments that use generators with diesel for providing 24*7 back-up power facility to residents, can ensure that there is enough diesel in stock for running the generator continuously. Such small measures can really give comfort to the residents.

So, from now on Noida residents can plan their power cuts. Students can finish their homework and studies before the light goes out. Ladies can complete their cooking and housework before the power cut. People carrying official work home can spend extra hours in office based on the power cut schedule. When the residents know there is going to be a power cut in advance, everyone can finish their priority work in advance and no one has to make do with slow running fan of an inverter.

Now enjoy your power cuts by going to an AC mall or plan your day in office based on the power cuts because this summer NPCL just reduced your power cut heartburn by at least 30% by sending the text messages with power cut information in advance.

This initiative is a very good initiative taken up by the Noida RWA. The same initiative should be replicated in other cities as well.

Source: Times of India