Stand-alone or offline accounting software have a history of being used predominantly for almost all accounting operations – both corporate and the housing societies. With time accountants/management associations handling the accounts of a housing society have realized that the accounting needs of a housing society are very different from the accounting requirements of a company.

Understanding this difference, housing societies have started adopting ApnaComplex, a mobile and web-based apartment management and accounting software designed especially for housing society accounting needs. In fact, ApnaComplex is that simple to use that it truly believes in and uses the tag line – “Who said Society Treasurers need to know Accounting?” The management committees of housing societies using ApnaComplex accounting software completely agree with this. ApnaComplex has helped them reduce their manual work and save costs in parallel.

Though both stand-alone accounting software and ApnaComplex offer some basic similar functionalities for managing accounting operations, there seems to be a huge difference in what they both offer to the end customer in terms of specific functionalities useful only for housing societies. Let’s look at some of the clear advantages of using ApnaComplex over stand-alone accounting software:

FunctionalityApnaComplex Accounting SoftwareOther Accounting Software
Ability to use the software anytime from anywheretick[1]cross[1]
Simple to use, even non-accountants can enter data tick[1]cross[1]
Easy to understand and pull out required reportstick[1]cross[1]
Provides periodic training to accountants to keep them up-to-datetick[1]cross[1]
Offers online services with self- service optionstick[1]cross[1]
Integrated with emails, SMS and online paymentstick[1]cross[1]
Provides flat-wise account statementtick[1]cross[1]
Offers readymade flat-wise, head-wise sub-ledgertick[1]cross[1]
Automates unit-wise due generation tick[1]cross[1]
Automates maintenance payment reminderstick[1]cross[1]
Automates calculation of late payment interesttick[1]cross[1]
Online Payment facility with automatic updation of all bookstick[1]cross[1]
Net banking facility for members and option to pay by credit or debit cardtick[1]cross[1]
Distribution of invoices/receipts as PDF files through emails, summary through SMStick[1]cross[1]
Automates allocation of collection to invoicestick[1]cross[1]
Create Purchase Request & Approval Workflow tick[1]cross[1]
Ability to download invoices of all units in one PDF file for printingtick[1]cross[1]
Option to mark and leave out units that don’t require hard copies while printing invoices – Save trees! tick[1]cross[1]
Provision to share accounting due status with maintenance staff rendering services to easily enforce no service for defaulters tick[1]cross[1]
Automatic head wise ledger for each unit with the system doing the heavy liftingtick[1]cross[1]
Generate one click balance sheet, income expense statement and trial balance. tick[1]cross[1]
Reports can be scheduled to be emailed to desired people on a defined frequency tick[1]cross[1]

The above functionalities clearly exhibit how ApnaComplex is more suitable for housing society accounting in comparison to stand-alone accounting software. However, there are some common functionalities that both ApnaComplex and stand-alone accounting software offer mentioned below:

  • Facility to export the entire accounts data to excel.
  • Generate expense/income statements and final balance sheets.
  • Record cash expenses entries and generate payment vouchers.
  • Reconcile bank account statements.
  • Make journal entries.

Stand-alone accounting software are useful when it comes to corporate accounting but management associations of a housing society need a software, which is custom-built for them. ApnaComplex realizes this need and is attempting its level best to help management associations achieve their aim of becoming not just any committee but an “effective management committee.”

ApnaComplex – Better Apartment Management. Guaranteed.