Since its onset, the novel Coronavirus has significantly altered people’s lives. Words like ‘mask’, ‘COVID-positive’, and ‘home quarantine’ have become regular household terms. This grievous situation has reminded us of the miracles of vaccination, and the need to get vaccinated is now more than ever.

Well, bearing in mind the wellness and safety of our residents, it is now known that ApnaComplex is conducting several COVID vaccination drives in as many apartment complexes as possible in the country.

To fight this pandemic more efficiently, we have also introduced CORONA SHIELD – a cutting-edge software with several COVID-friendly features in our application. In this post, we shall explore those COVID-friendly features and how they can help a gated community manage this pandemic better than ever.

1. Keep COVID outside your gate

ApnaComplex enables the security and the management to establish all the COVID protocols. With the help of ApnaComplex, security personnel can record the temperature of visitors and approve after ensuring they are wearing masks and gloves. This information will also be logged in the application for management’s and association’s perusal.

2. Quarantine tracker – an efficient way to tackle positive cases in the building

Individuals from gated communities testing positive for COVID can cause a serious threat to the entire community and an unchecked spike in infections can even get the building sealed. To protect gated communities from this nightmare, ApnaComplex’s CORONA SHIELD software offers a feature called Quarantine Tracker. This feature acts as a real-time tracker using which security, management, helpers, and other residents can keep track of flats that are home quarantined. Once their quarantine period is up, other dwellers of the building will be notified. This helps greatly with containing the spread of the virus.

3. No-contact accounting

ApnaComplex application offers one of the best accounting solutions to gated communities and larger societies. By using ApnaComplex’s Community management software, you can easily collect dues and payments online at zero-convenience charges and do away with collecting dues physically (cheque/cash). This will drastically minimise physical contact and curb the spread of the virus.

4. Communicate effortlessly and efficiently

With an increase in COVID-19 positive cases, it is imprudent to conduct physical meetings often. ApnaComplex application enables the management of the society to conduct meetings online efficiently and discuss important matters and take key decisions. The outcome and decisions taken in the meetings can be shared with other residents using online notice, email, app notification, etc.

5. Online polls – safest way to voice your opinion

Using ApnaComplex’s tech-savvy application, it is now easy to conduct online polls – AGMs, election, and opinion-based polls. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary gatherings but at the same time, ensure that your society runs smoothly.

6. Vaccination Tracker – keep track of vaccinated staffs and members

One more amazing and very useful feature is the Vaccination Tracker. This feature enables the admin to verify if the staff or members of the apartment complex have been vaccinated or not.

This Vaccination Tracker comes in handy for registration purposes especially when an apartment is gearing up to conduct a vaccination drive. The tracker gives an idea of how many people need to get vaccinated and collect payment if necessary accordingly.

With ApnaComplex’s smart COVID features, tracking, containing, and curbing the spread of the virus has become a lot easier. Apart from CORONA SHIELD features, ApnaComplex also offers other features that help manage accounting, security, amenities, assets, etc in a gated community. Since everything is hosted using cloud computing, actions can be performed and seen almost instantly.

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