With increasing gated communities, the need for proper facility management is also increasing – after all, proper amenities and facilities make a gated community enticing.

Initially, though, there might be a slight increase in the maintenance cost, hiring a facility management company has a plethora of benefits in the long run.

Finding the right kind of facility management company can be a tedious task especially when there is no dearth of companies offering management services. 

Do not worry, ApnaComplex is here to help you figure it out! Knowing these factors will make your job uncomplicated.

How dedicated are they?

The hired facility management company must be available for the community and residents all the time, either in person or through other means of communication.

Even if the company cannot appoint a full-time Facilities Manager, it must be able to send an expert to the complex at least thrice or fourfold a week and efficiently solve the community’s requests and escalations.

More technologically sound, the better

The technology used by the company will give you an idea about how efficiently they can perform their duties.

Outdated tech will lack efficiency and will not meet the desired standards. It can be slow when it comes to identifying a problem which can cause a delay in response/action.

Whereas, using sound technology will prevent human error, brings down the maintenance cost, and up the overall efficiency since everything is automated.

Are they equipped enough?

Facilities management companies come in various sizes. Some are just beginning and some might come with years of experience and necessary tools.

Choosing a smaller company for a gated community of thousand houses is injudicious since its facilities and amenities are significantly complex. To handle this, the company must be equipped. 

Therefore, do your homework and pick the company that will meet all your requirements. 

Security and Accountability

A reputed facility management company will mandatorily do a background check on all of their staff and they can produce the correct address proof, physical ID, and documents verified by the court.

Also, accountability certainly improves productivity and efficiency. A professional and experienced company will hold their staff accountable for their actions and they use smart technology to assess their contribution. Reviews are also conducted periodically which plays a vital role in staffs’ performances.

Ask your peers

If you like a facility management company but are unsure about their track record, request the details of apartments they are currently managing. Do not hesitate to contact them and enquire about the company’s service since it will give you the reality of the company. This is very primal and can save you from making a bad choice.

Well, ApnaComplex meets all the above requirements. We use cutting-edge technology to manage gated communities and our facility management application comes with several user-friendly features including the ability to book amenities/facilities beforehand and raise complaints against defaulting assets using unique QR codes generated to each asset. It is worth mentioning that this QR code feature is unique to ApnaComplex.To know more about our other services, please visit https://bit.ly/3wJAqCV for a free demo.