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Embrace the new AVATAR of ApnaComplex – SMARTER, SIMPLER & FASTER

The new AVATAR of ApnaComplex is finally here. The app boasts a highly intuitive User Interface (UI), and it is 2x more efficient and quicker compared to the previous version.

And as icing on the cake, some additional exciting features like the superbly done in-app Social Page are sure to keep you engaged than ever before.

Below are the major modifications of the ApnaComplex app. These specs and modifications were done specifically to improve the user experience.

The smarter app, quicker actions

In the updated version of ApnaComplex, you can effortlessly find vital features right on the home screen and 90% of actions are only two clicks away. The new application is not only extremely intuitive but also will show you the important features and notifications when you need them.  

Simplified Search 

We have significantly simplified the search tool in this newly updated ApnaComplex, compared to the older version. Using very few keywords, now you can search your requirements effortlessly and instantaneously.

An interactive social page

The upgraded media page and its interactive features add an exciting element to the new ApnaComplex application. The new features boast an elegant and lively design specially designed for gated societies. Using this feature, residents can interact with their neighbours more easily and effectively. 

More power to the admin

With the new ApnaComplex, admins and the Management Committee members can enjoy more control. With just a single click, they can send SMS, emails, and notifications at once. Likewise, all the household and community-related documents such as lease agreements, maintenance documents, etc can be found in a single place.  

In-app Vaccination Tracker

Additionally, the Vaccination Tracker feature will be available on the new application, unlike the previous version. Using this, the Management Committee can track the vaccination status in their society in just a tap. 

Comprehensive payment details

Now you don’t have to spend hours sifting older transactions. The new ApnaComplex app allows you to view all your payment details, including history, transactions, detailed invoices, dues, etc in one place. This saves you ample time and reduces effort.

To boot, the new ApnaComplex is SMARTER, SIMPLER, and FASTER. It is carefully designed and modified to simplify actions, and also, enhance the overall user experience. 

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A guide to finding the perfect facility management company for your community

With increasing gated communities, the need for proper facility management is also increasing – after all, proper amenities and facilities make a gated community enticing.

Initially, though, there might be a slight increase in the maintenance cost, hiring a facility management company has a plethora of benefits in the long run.

Finding the right kind of facility management company can be a tedious task especially when there is no dearth of companies offering management services. 

Do not worry, ApnaComplex is here to help you figure it out! Knowing these factors will make your job uncomplicated.

How dedicated are they?

The hired facility management company must be available for the community and residents all the time, either in person or through other means of communication.

Even if the company cannot appoint a full-time Facilities Manager, it must be able to send an expert to the complex at least thrice or fourfold a week and efficiently solve the community’s requests and escalations.

More technologically sound, the better

The technology used by the company will give you an idea about how efficiently they can perform their duties.

Outdated tech will lack efficiency and will not meet the desired standards. It can be slow when it comes to identifying a problem which can cause a delay in response/action.

Whereas, using sound technology will prevent human error, brings down the maintenance cost, and up the overall efficiency since everything is automated.

Are they equipped enough?

Facilities management companies come in various sizes. Some are just beginning and some might come with years of experience and necessary tools.

Choosing a smaller company for a gated community of thousand houses is injudicious since its facilities and amenities are significantly complex. To handle this, the company must be equipped. 

Therefore, do your homework and pick the company that will meet all your requirements. 

Security and Accountability

A reputed facility management company will mandatorily do a background check on all of their staff and they can produce the correct address proof, physical ID, and documents verified by the court.

Also, accountability certainly improves productivity and efficiency. A professional and experienced company will hold their staff accountable for their actions and they use smart technology to assess their contribution. Reviews are also conducted periodically which plays a vital role in staffs’ performances.

Ask your peers

If you like a facility management company but are unsure about their track record, request the details of apartments they are currently managing. Do not hesitate to contact them and enquire about the company’s service since it will give you the reality of the company. This is very primal and can save you from making a bad choice.

Well, ApnaComplex meets all the above requirements. We use cutting-edge technology to manage gated communities and our facility management application comes with several user-friendly features including the ability to book amenities/facilities beforehand and raise complaints against defaulting assets using unique QR codes generated to each asset. It is worth mentioning that this QR code feature is unique to ApnaComplex.To know more about our other services, please visit for a free demo.

Vaccination at the comfort of your house – an ApnaComplex, 1MG initiative

The ongoing COVID-crisis has left the people grappling. The only thing anyone would ever speak of is getting vaccinated. Several hospitals, NGOs, and the government are conducting vaccination drives across the country, yet, more than half the population is still unvaccinated.

It is also noteworthy that most of the population in larger cities live in gated communities/societies and getting them vaccinated at the earliest can drastically help reduce the spread and severity of the infection.

To ApnaComplex, the safety, and wellness of our residents are of utmost priority and we consider it our duty to ensure your complete wellness. To fulfill this, we have partnered with 1MG – a leading digital consumer health care platform in India, to vaccinate as many gated societies as possible.

ApnaComplex and 1MG together will be conducting vaccination and RT-PCR test drives in all the societies and gate communities in major cities of India. This drive is not only for societies managed by us but also for other interested societies outside ApnaComplex.

The unique and tech-driven features of ApnaComplex’s CORONA SHIELD offering are already doing their best to curb the spread of the virus in gated societies. The features include Quarantine Tracker, temperature, mask, and gloves check for visitors, no-contact online payment at a zero-convenience charge, online communication, and polls. All these features ensure you conduct in the safest way possible inside your society complex.

To boot, ApnaComplex offers FREE COVID consultation, specialised teleconsulting, at-home diagnostics to all our residents. We also strive to bring essential products and services to our residents’ doorstep when in need.

Do you want to get the members of your gated community vaccinated?

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Here is how you can increase your society’s revenue effortlessly

Oftentimes, Management Committees wonder how to increase their society’s revenue without upping the maintenance fee for the former is very likely to irk the residents. A handsome revenue can benefit your apartment complex immensely. You can maintain the premises and assets better, improve the facilities, provide staff with better pay, and do much more.

In this article, we explore the means using which you and your society can increase the revenue and how an apartment management software like ApnaComplex can improve your apartment complex’s financial situation.

 Society Activation

This is one of the biggest sources of income for gated communities. When brands put up stalls inside a gated community, that society’s Management Committee can charge them a fee/tent depending on the size of the stall and the popularity of the brand. 

Since our commencement, ApnaComplex has gone the extra mile to tie up with popular brands and bring them to societies that use the ApnaComplex application. In the last year alone, we have conducted 1000 such events across India. 

 Some of the brands we have a partnership with include Tata, Dabur, Reliance Trends, Pantaloons, Bata, 1 MG, etc.  Societies can earn from ₹ 10,000 t0 a few lakh rupees depending on the size of the society.

Eliminate defaulting

Maintenance due is the major source of income to gated communities and when a chunk of residents default on their dues, it causes a setback to the accounts department. The good news is, this particular issue can be easily dealt with.

Residents do not default on their dues purposefully in most cases. They simply forget to pay their dues on time due to a busy schedule. Sending a reminder every month can help you collect dues on time. With software like ApnaComplex, you can send monthly reminders automatically by configuring the application, and by this, you can see a significant reduction in defaulters and an increase in revenue. 

Bill your residents digitally

Manual billing is time is consuming and a waste of fine resources. Calculating the dues of hundreds of residents and billing them can cause a headache to any accounts manager no matter how skilled they are.

So, ditch the pen and paper and adopt a society billing software like ApnaComplex. The software will calculate your residents’ dues based on their past arrears or advance payments automatically every month on the scheduled date. The software also generates invoices and sends them automatically to the residents.

Make online payment mandatory

This is one of the best ways to reduce maintenance defaulting. ApnaComplex offers payment gateway options like UPI, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. Using these options residents can pay their dues seamlessly and comfortably. This convenience and the automatic invoices will also urge them to pay the dues right away improving the maintenance collection.  

Automate the accounting process

Manual reconciliation takes days to calculate, it takes up the time and energy of the Management Committee, and even minute miscalculations cause errors and discrepancies. To avoid this, committees usually hire and pay hefty amounts to experienced auditors to reconcile the accounts.

ApnaComplex will eliminate the aforementioned hassles instantly. When residents use ApnaComplex to pay their dues, the software will automatically calculate the payments based on the entries.

Income and expenses are calculated diligently by the software eliminating any sort of manual error. The reports generated by the software are also audit-ready. This removes the need for external auditors, thus saving time and money for the Management Committee. 

Consider investment and pay tax on time

Investing is the best way to increase your gated community’s revenue and as a member of the Management Committee, you should know about gated communities’ financial laws. Take the advice of a tax consultant, file your taxes on time, add the correct GST amount to the maintenance due, and attend treasurer workshops. These are the first things you should know before getting into investment.

With software like ApnaComplex, collecting GST and other taxes is a cakewalk since the application calculates tax as well. The taxes are added to the dues and the software generates the final bill accordingly. 

Secondly, learn about the tax-saving investment schemes and learn how to invest your apartment’s funds in those schemes. In this way, you can save substantial money and earn interest by the end of the year.

Asset maintenance can also increase revenue

Assets of a gated community such as lifts, water dispensers, etc are subjected to inevitable wear and tear, and maintaining them regularly will increase their longevity.

The ApnaComplex software will assist you better in the asset maintenance department. Once the details of the assets are uploaded to the software, including their maintenance period, the application will send you reminders automatically when it is time to service an asset.

When assets are serviced regularly, there is no need to replace them often. This saves plenty of money and increases the funds for a gated community. 

Make money through your Clubhouse

Clubhouses are not just luxury assets. When used wisely, they can be turned into a revenue-making machine. Manual booking of the clubhouse can cause confusion like wrong payment collection, double-booking, etc causing revenue leakage. By adopting ApnaComplex, you can do away with this.

The pre-booking feature offered by ApnaComplex allows residents to check available slots in real-time and book them in advance right at the comfort of their homes. The payments are recorded and reconciled separately.

This easy process of clubhouse booking is very likely to invite more residents to book the clubhouse often for their entertainment, thereby increasing the revenue.

Rent whenever possible

There is nothing wrong with renting whatever that you can rent in your apartment complex to increase your revenue.

Rent your clubhouse for parties when it is free to non-members for higher tariffs, rent out spaces in the premises for advertisements, billboards, kiosks, exhibitions, etc.

With ApnaComplex, you can easily keep track of all these incomes.

Going green can also bring in income

Yes, you read it right, sustainability will help you save money and generate income. Whenever possible, cut down electricity usage, or better yet, instal solar panels if possible.

Harvest rainwater and reuse water, introduce waste segregation, collect compost in your apartment and use it for fertilisation instead of buying, you can also sell the excess compost to generate money. These initiatives will save you a lot of money and help bring in revenue in the long run. 

Impose parking fee and gym/pool subscriptions

Facilities like the gym and swimming pools require high maintenance and are also used regularly. Therefore, it is wise to impose a subscription fee instead of offering these services for free. The income generated through this can be used to maintain these facilities efficiently instead of scrapping from the main maintenance due.

There is no harm in imposing a parking fee for outsiders’ vehicles either after a certain duration. However, consider the opinion of other residents before levying this and be reasonable with the fee imposed.

The ApnaComplex software is one of the matured solutions created exclusively for managing gated communities. It has been developed and modified over the years based on the feedback submitted by several Committee Members and therefore, the software can efficiently support revenue generation.

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