Come Diwali gated communities across India indulge in week-long celebrations. For the safety, comfort, and consideration of all the residents, it is vital that the Management Committee and residents together make meticulous planning and conduct in the safest manner possible.

Below, we are listing out a handful of Do’s and Don’ts that you can consider following this Diwali.

Bursting Cracker

Do’s – Allocate a time and place to burst crackers and inform the residents beforehand. And for general gatherings, allocate a different place. This way, you will have a chance to control noise and minimise complaints from other residents.

Don’ts – Allowing residents and children to burst crackers as and where they please.


Do’s – Always wear cotton clothes while bursting crackers. God forbid if there is an accident or burn, cotton will not stick to the body and give you respite.  On the other hand, synthetic will melt and stick to the body if there is fire causing more damage. Also, ensure that you are wearing proper footwear.

Don’ts – Wearing synthetic clothes and barefoot while bursting crackers.


Do’s – Before beginning to burst crackers, ensure that you have a few buckets of water or hose handy. If there is a fire, you can put it out easily.

Don’ts – Choosing crowded areas to burst and not being cautious.


Do’s – In your society, ensure that the children or at least, pre-teens are accompanied by adults and not on their own.

Don’ts – Allowing children to burst crackers on their own.

Storing firecrackers

Do’s – Allocate the areas that you deem safe to burst and store firecrackers. Preferably, clean it beforehand. Also, store firecrackers several feet away from the bursting area.

Don’ts – Bursting and storing firecrackers near flammable materials like electrical cable, wood, fure, etc.

Handling firecrackers

Do’s – Take time to read the instructions that come in the package before bursting the crackers. Handle it very carefully for your and other’s safety,

Don’ts – Ignore the instructions and be careless.

Treating injuries

Do’s – When someone gets a 1st degree burn, run the affected area under cold water for several minutes and give first aid immediately. If it’s 2nd degree or more, take the victim to a physician to treat. The same applies to the eyes as well.

Don’ts – Ignore the injury.  

COVID Protocols

Diwali is no reason to not follow COVID guidelines. In fact, you should follow it more diligently than ever since you are constantly around people while celebrating the occasion.

Below are some COVID Do’s and Don’ts concerning Diwali.

Wearing mask

Do’s – Even though you are in celebrating in your gated community, always wear a mask while stepping out of your house. This way, you are protecting yourself not only from crackers but from all the smoke too.

Don’ts – Not wearing a mask.


Do’s – Carry your hand sanitiser always and sanitise your hands often when out or bursting crackers.

Don’ts – Not carrying our using hand sanitiser.

Temperature checks

Do’s – Checking the body temperature of all the residents and children who are taking part in the gathering and bursting crackers.

Don’ts – Not checking the body temperature.

These are some of the most important and basic protocols that you should follow to safeguard your society from COVID and general harm. Hope you find these useful.

ApnaComplex wishes you a very happy and safe Diwali!

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