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Brand Activation: Here is why you should conduct it more often for your society’s benefit

There are several ways using which a Society can generate revenue, however, Brand Activation remains to be the one sure way to get that income coming in.

How does Brand Activation work?

ApnaComplex works and negotiates with thousands of premium brands for this very purpose. When societies partner with an aggregator like ApnaComplex, we bring in those brands that we have tied up with and enable them to put up stalls and conduct other promotional activities inside the premises of the society.

These brands pay a significant amount as “rent” to societies for allowing stalls and other promotional activities. These rates depend on the size of the society and the duration of the event.

This makes the entire Brand Activation process a lucrative opportunity for Societies and they can generate substantial revenue through it.  

The ApnaComplex Advantage for Societies

Societies can benefit immensely by partnering with ApnaComplex and there are several advantages to the former.

Approved and trusted brands

ApnaComplex brings in brands that are genuine and only after approved by the society. The activations are done as per the schedule of the society.

 Steady revenue for societies

Through frequent Brand Activations, societies can generate steady revenue. On average, a society can generate ₹25,000 to a few lakhs a month depending on the size of the society.

This renders the need to increase maintenance charges unnecessary, creating a win-win situation for both management and residents.

Exclusive discounts

Brands bought by ApnaComplex will offer exclusive discounts to the residents of the society. These discounts cannot be found anywhere, online or offline. This advantage is unique to ApnaComplex and cannot be found with any aggregator.

Engagement among residents

Several societies that have indulged in Brand Activation through ApnaComplex have reported an increased community bonding following the event. This proves Brand Activations conducted from time to time can encourage good engagement among residents.

These events can also be a breath of fresh air for the residents who are working from home for a long time.

COVID guideline – a priority

ApnaComplex ensures that all brands follow COVID-protocols and guidelines to a T before they begin to put up stalls or kiosks. Also, since only residents are allowed to shop, the risk of exposure is very slim.

With Brand Activation, residents can shop their favourite product right inside the society premises instead of going outside to shop. This further reduces the risk of COVID spreading among the residents.

Preference to residents’ choice

ApnaComplex always gives utmost importance to residents and management’s choice of products and brands. Based on their preference, we strive to bring in brands demanded and chosen by the management.

Say NO to middlemen

You can as well bid adieu to those middlemen who barges in unceremoniously and request space for unheard-of and bogus brands.

When you partner with ApnaComplex, you can be assured about the genuineness of the brand and do not be concerned about illegal or shady businesses, for there won’t be any. We not only negotiate but also verify the brand for you.

Looking to increase the revenue of your society effortlessly? Get in touch with us and we’ll show you the way! 

Effective ways to overcome the pollution menace in Delhi’s Housing Societies

Neha Misra, Estate Manager – Tata Housing shares a handful of apartment-centric tips to reduce/prevent pollution in Delhi/NCR’s housing societies.

It is the time of the year for people living in the NCR. They are masking up doubly in light of the increasing pollution.

Emissions from vehicles and other industrial activities are at an all-time high and the AQI (air quality index) remains to be unhealthy as the atmosphere is encompassed with smog.

Given this situation, the Delhi government has imposed several restrictions including a ban on construction works (one of the highest contributors) to combat pollution. While the Delhi government is contemplating the imposition of the odd-even rule in the city, the Haryana government has already enforced it in four districts.

If you are someone who is living in a housing society, what can you do to protect your surroundings as much as possible from this pollution menace? In this article, Neha Misra, Estate Manager – Tata Housing shares a handful of apartment-centric tips.

Air-purifying plants

Neha, who is currently managing Primanti Garden Estate in Sector 72, Gurugram and New Haven Bahadurgarh at Jhajjar, Road Bahadurgarh for TATA insists on having indoor plants for she reckons they not only beautify the building but also act as natural air-purifiers.

“Snake plant, money plant, areca palm, spider palm plant, bamboo palm, the beautiful peace lily, and the succulent and medicinal aloe vera are some of the air-purifying plants we have potted throughout the buildings, in common areas, yoga room, clubhouse, etc,” Neha said.

These plants are better than commercial air-purifiers any day since they are natural, harmless, and absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen which refreshes the air.

Wise use of recycled water

Recycling water and smart use of recycled water is one way to reduce excess water consumption. “We use recycled water for our horticulture purposes and to water plants,” Neha said.

In both Primanti Garden Estate and New Haven Bahadurgarh, Neha and her team have implemented one innovative approach to ensure that the outside dust doesn’t waft into the societies.

“In the morning, we spray this recycled water on the road outside and inside of the societies so that the dust settles in and does not blow into the societies.”

Zero-construction and reduced manpower

Since there is a ban on construction in and around Delhi, developers, including Tata Housing are not engaged in any construction works. This will likely have an impact on the pollution and is expected to improve the AQI.  

Apart from respecting the ban and diligently following government rules, Neha and her team have implemented a few other restrictions to reduce air pollution in their societies. Speaking about these she said, “ we have limited the number of people entering the societies for any work inside. We have also put restrictions on certain repair works such as tile replacement or break of walls since these will spread more dust adding to the pollution. These initiatives are helping us reduce air pollution in our complexes at least”.

Neha hopes that the pollution levels will come down and the AQI will improve in the coming weeks so that the ban will be lifted and they can resume the construction works.

Switch from diesel to gas generators

Housing societies in the NCR are looking to switch from diesel to gas generators as per the government’s advice. Neha said that once all the societies make the switch, it will have a profound impact on the surroundings and will be the biggest contributor towards reducing pollution.

Though this will be challenging for already constructed buildings (they have installed diesel generators only), she believes this transition is the need of the hour.

Choosing ash bricks over red bricks

Neha emphasised that Tata Housing uses ash bricks instead of red clay bricks for all their building.

Ash bricks are produced using the waste materials coming from coal combustion in thermal plants. Whereas clay bricks are made using clay collected from the topsoil or fertile land. This makes ash bricks the top choice here since it is more eco-friendly.

It is worth mentioning that ash bricks are stronger than red bricks.  

When asked about what can societies across the country can do immediately to reduce the pollution levels in their complexes, Neha said there are no shortcuts here.

“From placing air-purifying plants to utilising treated water effectively, these are the major initiatives we do to combat this pollution. Societies should install STPs (Sewage Treatment Plant) to reuse water. Well, it is impossible to stop water wastage thoroughly but we can minimise it as much as possible. Likewise, societies should recycle and reuse anything and everything they can like garbage, RO water, and segregate waste and ensure that minimum waste exits their apartment complex.   

Societies should also service diesel generators often to ensure that excess emissions are not released into the atmosphere. These are some of the things societies can do operationally to ensure minimum waste is exerted into the environment”.

She insists on planting more trees and said that Tata Housing actively conducts plantation drives in all their housing societies at least once in six months or every quarter.

Neha uttered that humans are the sole contributors to the ongoing pollution crisis and therefore it is our responsibility to minimise the damage as much as possible. “The Government has set out guidelines to follow and we must factor them in and follow it diligently. We have come to a state that today children are born with breathing issues. Ultimately, we are reaping what we sow. If we do not try and control pollution today, things are not going to be any better tomorrow. To give a clean and green environment to our future generation, we have to act now”, Neha concluded, and we couldn’t agree more.

About ApnaComplex

We are an 11-year-old society management app specially curated for Indian societies. Our modules were created to simplify and streamline operations in apartment complexes and have undergone several modifications based on the feedback and suggestions provided by the Management Committee members.

This not only makes the only mature solution today for gated communities but also a solution for by and for the Management Committee.

To know about our features and modules in detail and for a free demo, please visit our website

Single vs Double Accounting – what’s good for your society?

Accounting can make or break a society. When your society’s finances are handled meticulously and your treasurer or president is well aware of the income, expenses, outstanding payments, loans, etc, auditing the accounts would be a cakewalk for any auditor and he/she might as well make a wonderful example out of your management prowess.

However, when the income and expenses are not accounted for properly and there are too many discrepancies to count, well, your society’s finances will likely go downhill from here irking both the residents (after all, the monthly maintenance fee is a major chunk of income) and auditors.

In India, societies majorly follow the Single Entry or Double Entry Accounting systems. The key differences between these two systems and the impact they can have on a society are explored in this article.

Single Entry Accounting

1. Single entry accounting is majorly used in smaller societies where there is no large maintenance fee collection from the residency.

2. Smaller societies are unlikely to follow a proper bookkeeping process. Their entries may not be comprehensive.

3. They record the transactions on a cash basis and not on an accrual basis. Here, the cash transactions are recorded only when the payment is made and then the invoices are raised. However, Double Entry Accounting gives an estimation of all the transactions, upcoming payments, assets, and liabilities, etc. 

4. The biggest advantage is, Single Entry Accounting will be useful for societies that do not require a skilled accountant to record financial transactions. Also, they do not require a large number of books/statements to record the limited number of financial transactions. 

Double Entry Accounting 

1. This system gives the idea to the Management Committee (MC) members or the treasurer about the total maintenance amount which needs to be paid by the residents, how much is pending to collect, and how much paid by them.

2. Likewise, they will also get a fair idea about how much they need to pay to the vendors from whom they are taking various services, and how much has been paid.

3. By following the accrual accounting method, the MCs can get a clear picture of the fixed assets they have, loans, and advances they have provided to their staff and outsiders, including vendors. They will also be aware of their liabilities such as loans borrowed by the association from banks, financial institutions, and other parties.

4. Accrual accounting comes as a big advantage for larger societies that have thousands of apartments. The treasurer or the Management Committee will get to know how much bank balance, cash, fixed deposit, and investments they have in their books of accounts of the association. This recorded information will come in handy when they have to submit their financial statements to auditors.

Financial maintenance: an obligation

It is imperative that the treasure or the Management Committee precisely knows how much maintenance fee they have collected from the residents, the amount paid to vendors, creditors, and other various parties. Likewise, they should also have updated information about fixed assets, loans, fixed deposits, investments, funds available in bank/cash, etc. This cash flow helps the management to run the society smoothly.

On the other hand, the treasurer, and the Management Committee are obliged to maintain these financial records. After all the residents entrust the treasurer with a portion of their income every month and hence, the management is answerable to the residents and must be able to present a satisfactory financial statement.

Apart from the residents, the management and treasurer should also be able to submit clear financial records to auditors, banks, and other legal entities. At some point, these documents can be used by the society to secure loans.

How can ApnaComplex be of help?

The ApnaComplex software is the only mature solution available in India today that offers an extensive Accounting module specifically conceived for the Indian gated communities. The software completely automates the accounting process in a society and simplifies the process for the treasurer or management.

–          The software or app automatically reconciles the balance sheet eliminating the need for manual intervention.

–          Payments can be paid through the app and when every transaction is digitally recorded, there are no suspense entries.

–          ApnaComplex automatically generates defaulters and penalty collection reports. You can custom configure the software to send automatic notifications to the defaulting residents.

–          You can configure the software to send auto-reminders to residents when maintenance dues are close.

–          You can also configure the software to send recurring invoices to residents or vendors.

–          When a resident default often and fails to pay dues on time on multiple occasions, the system allows you to block them from using certain facilities until the dues are paid. This improves your collection and minimises defaulters.

–          ApnaComplex Budget Variance Report helps you to modify the budget of your society according to your needs. The app helps you keep track of your budget and will send reminders if you are close to the threshold. 

–          ApnaComplex offers 30+ Audit-ready financial reports. These comprehensive reports can be downloaded effortlessly during the time of audit streamlining the whole process.

–          By using ApnaComplex diligently, a treasurer can save their time by 80%.

Though the Single Entry Accounting is straightforward to follow, it is evident that gated communities can benefit a lot by following the Double Entry Accounting system both in terms of legal obligations and welfare of the society.

To know more about our Accounting and other modules, visit 

Discover the secret to reducing your society’s maintenance fee!

Levying a monthly maintenance fee is vital for running a gated community smoothly. However, exorbitant charges can be a bummer to the residents and likely to cause discord among the Management and residents.

In this article, we will explore the ways using which you can reduce the expenses of your society which will directly contribute to a reduced maintenance fee and increase the savings of the treasury.

Bid adieu to overstaffing

Through the means of community automation and smarter technology, now effortlessly reduce the number of staff you deploy. In a study, it was discovered that an app like ApnaComplex is instrumental in both streamlining the operations and cost reductions.  

In an apartment complex, earlier 9 security guards were working on three rotational shifts 8 hours each and two supervisors were managing them. This security team costs the society INR 1.71 lakhs each month.

However, once the ApnaComplex app was deployed, the management was able to monitor the security guards’ routine and patrol better. QR codes were pasted around the building and the patrolling guards were asked to scan the QR code often throughout their guard duty to ensure that they were up and vigilant.

It was concluded that ApnaComplex reduced the total guards from nine to six who worked in two 12-hour shifts and only one supervisor was needed instead of two thanks to the superior monitoring tool available.

The Management had to pay only INR 1.08 lakhs every month to the new security team which means, a net saving of INR 63,000 was possible each month! It was also observed that ApnaComplex improved the quality and efficiency of the guards.

It is worth noting that the above study is only the tip of the iceberg. Through ApnaComplex’s various other modules, the extent of cost-saving can be much more. 

For instance, ApnaComplex’s Accounting module comes with auto reconciliation of balance sheets which eliminates the need for an external auditor. This directly contributes to cost-saving. Likewise, online transactions and digitally storing data remove the need for manual cheque collection and storage.  

Say hello to efficient staff management

In another case study conducted by ApnaComplex, it was noted that efficient and smarter staff management can do wonders to your society’s treasury.

In another society, four electricians were working two shifts of 12 hours each and their total cost came up to INR 48,000 per month. When the ApnaComplex app was installed in the society, not only did the complaints raised by residents via ApnaComplex reach the electricians immediately, the app also allowed the electricians’ manager to raise a job card and monitor how quickly the problems are resolved.

With the help of ApnaComplex and better planning, the electricians were able to tend to multiple households on the same day with improved efficiency. Likewise, better monitoring and planning reduced the number of electricians from four to three and it cost the management INR 36,000.

Smart and sleek operations offered by ApnaComplex enabled the society to save INR 12,000 every month.

Adopt smarter Inventory Management

Along with the study on electricians’ efficiency, inventory management was also observed. When the inventories and their availability were updated on the ApnaComplex app, it was noted that the storage of light bulbs, socket covers, tube lights, etc were substantially improved which also led to a faster turnaround time.

To boot, inventory and complaint data available on the ApnaComplex app also helped the management identify recurring errors and malfunctioning assets. Using ApnaComplex they were able to find the root cause of the problem and fix it at the origin. This enabled the management to reduce wastage and asset replacement.

Through smarter management and better inventory replenishment, the said society was able to save INR 8,000 every month, the study noted.

Apart from helping you save money, an app like ApnaComplex can also help you increase your society’s revenue. Our modules are tailor-made for gated communities are app is the only mature solution available today. To know how else we can benefit your society, visit our website

NTPC Ramagundam, one of the largest public-sector townships is now on ApnaComplex!

We are glad to inform you that one of the NTPC’s (National Thermal Power Corporation Limited) townships in Ramagundam has now become one of ApnaComplex’s esteemed and premium customers, and using the ApnaComplex app religiously to manage their society’s vital and day-to-day affairs.

After intense discussions and considerations, the residents and employees of NTPC Ramagundam had chosen ApnaComplex out of three society management apps based on three criteria – the stability of the app (glitch-free performance), if the app is meeting all their requirements, and positive feedback from the majority of residents.

Earlier this year, NTPC Ramagundam and resident/Deputy Manager (IT) of NTPC – Srinivas Thotakuri, successfully conducted vaccination drives with the help of the ApnaComplex app in the public sector society. While speaking to us, Mr. Thotakuri had said that their society had used ApnaComplex’s ‘Facility Booking’ feature extensively to enable residents to book their vaccination slots. 

How did ApnaComplex help NTPC conduct a mass vaccination drive for 1200 families?

Initially, a trial version of the app was given to Srinivas and at that precise time, vaccination camps also came up. He used this opportunity to make the best use of ApnaComplex. Since the residents were asked to book slots, they had to install the app or book via the ApnaComplex website by entering their details. 

Digitally registering the data gave Srinivas accurate information of how many residents were residing in the society, their contact details, and their vaccination status. With the help of necessary tools, NTPC was able to effortlessly streamline and organise the vaccination drive ensuring 100% vaccination coverage. 

After the onboarding, the NTPC Ramagundam society is actively using all the modules of ApnaComplex whilst Complaint Box and Vaccination Module seem to be their favourite reportedly. The residents praised the app and were quite impressed with ApnaComplex’s functionality.

With a stable application and mature solution being its foundation, ApnaComplex was able to ace the evaluation process and beat other contenders hands down emerging as the top society management solution.

To know more about all the modules of ApnaComplex and for a free demo, please visit our website.

Read here to learn how ApnaComplex helped this NTPC society in Ramagundam conduct safe COVID vaccination drives.

Diwali 2021: the do’s and don’ts to bear in mind

Come Diwali gated communities across India indulge in week-long celebrations. For the safety, comfort, and consideration of all the residents, it is vital that the Management Committee and residents together make meticulous planning and conduct in the safest manner possible.

Below, we are listing out a handful of Do’s and Don’ts that you can consider following this Diwali.

Bursting Cracker

Do’s – Allocate a time and place to burst crackers and inform the residents beforehand. And for general gatherings, allocate a different place. This way, you will have a chance to control noise and minimise complaints from other residents.

Don’ts – Allowing residents and children to burst crackers as and where they please.


Do’s – Always wear cotton clothes while bursting crackers. God forbid if there is an accident or burn, cotton will not stick to the body and give you respite.  On the other hand, synthetic will melt and stick to the body if there is fire causing more damage. Also, ensure that you are wearing proper footwear.

Don’ts – Wearing synthetic clothes and barefoot while bursting crackers.


Do’s – Before beginning to burst crackers, ensure that you have a few buckets of water or hose handy. If there is a fire, you can put it out easily.

Don’ts – Choosing crowded areas to burst and not being cautious.


Do’s – In your society, ensure that the children or at least, pre-teens are accompanied by adults and not on their own.

Don’ts – Allowing children to burst crackers on their own.

Storing firecrackers

Do’s – Allocate the areas that you deem safe to burst and store firecrackers. Preferably, clean it beforehand. Also, store firecrackers several feet away from the bursting area.

Don’ts – Bursting and storing firecrackers near flammable materials like electrical cable, wood, fure, etc.

Handling firecrackers

Do’s – Take time to read the instructions that come in the package before bursting the crackers. Handle it very carefully for your and other’s safety,

Don’ts – Ignore the instructions and be careless.

Treating injuries

Do’s – When someone gets a 1st degree burn, run the affected area under cold water for several minutes and give first aid immediately. If it’s 2nd degree or more, take the victim to a physician to treat. The same applies to the eyes as well.

Don’ts – Ignore the injury.  

COVID Protocols

Diwali is no reason to not follow COVID guidelines. In fact, you should follow it more diligently than ever since you are constantly around people while celebrating the occasion.

Below are some COVID Do’s and Don’ts concerning Diwali.

Wearing mask

Do’s – Even though you are in celebrating in your gated community, always wear a mask while stepping out of your house. This way, you are protecting yourself not only from crackers but from all the smoke too.

Don’ts – Not wearing a mask.


Do’s – Carry your hand sanitiser always and sanitise your hands often when out or bursting crackers.

Don’ts – Not carrying our using hand sanitiser.

Temperature checks

Do’s – Checking the body temperature of all the residents and children who are taking part in the gathering and bursting crackers.

Don’ts – Not checking the body temperature.

These are some of the most important and basic protocols that you should follow to safeguard your society from COVID and general harm. Hope you find these useful.

ApnaComplex wishes you a very happy and safe Diwali!

Who are we?

ApnaComplex is an 11-year-old apartment management software that is being used by more than 6,000 societies across 80 cities. Our management modules are the only matured solution available today it caters to every need of a gated community and the Management Committees.

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ApnaComplex Diwali offers – up your celebrations with these enticing offers!

Diwali is right around the corner. India is gearing up to celebrate the festival of lights with gusto, sweets and savouries are aromatising the air, and the festivities are certainly in full swing.

Making the occasion more memorable, ApnaComplex brings you a handful of irresistible offers that are sure to add a zing to your Diwali.

A makeover your home deserves

Add an additional flavour to your home this festive season! Using ApnaComplex, paint your house new and get a free wall makeover for FREE!

Through the ApnaComplex app, you can book two leading home painting services – Berger Paints and Aapka Painter, hassle-free. When you book home painting services via Berger Express Painting Services, you will get a free designer illusion wall worth ₹9999.

Likewise, Aapka Painter offers 10% OFF on their painting services along with one wall makeover (up to 100sqft) available in their catalogue.

To avail yourself of this offer, open the ApnaComplex app and click on “Home Painting” listed under “Home Store”.  

Travel at a convenient price

Here is your gateway to be near your loved ones this Diwali, while also, being kind to your wallet.

From airports to rentals and outstations, book or rent cabs at up to 40% OFF.

We have partnered with one of the most popular cab services: Ride Alley. Using this service you can effortlessly book rental and outstation cabs.

To avail yourself of this service, open the ApnaComplex app and click on “Automobiles” listed under “Home Store”.  

Please note that this feature is only available in certain cities.

Enjoy a cleaner and smoother car

Off to visit your friend/family or shop for Diwali? Now don’t worry about smelly or faulty cars before taking your four-wheeler out, for ApnaComplex is here to your rescue!

Using ApnaComplex, book FREE car inspections offered by PITSTOP and assess your four-wheeler before taking it out for long journeys. Also, get your car serviced by PITSTOP completely at 50% OFF!

To avail yourself of this service, open the ApnaComplex app and click on “Automobiles” listed under “Home Store”.  

About ApnaComplex

We are one of the leading society management apps in India. We are catering to more than 6,000 gated communities with 6,00,000+ households for 11 years. Our app has gone through a sea change over the years to accommodate all the needs of management committees across the country, and therefore, it is safe to say our app is the only mature solution that is created for and by the Management Committee.

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