There are several ways using which a Society can generate revenue, however, Brand Activation remains to be the one sure way to get that income coming in.

How does Brand Activation work?

ApnaComplex works and negotiates with thousands of premium brands for this very purpose. When societies partner with an aggregator like ApnaComplex, we bring in those brands that we have tied up with and enable them to put up stalls and conduct other promotional activities inside the premises of the society.

These brands pay a significant amount as “rent” to societies for allowing stalls and other promotional activities. These rates depend on the size of the society and the duration of the event.

This makes the entire Brand Activation process a lucrative opportunity for Societies and they can generate substantial revenue through it.  

The ApnaComplex Advantage for Societies

Societies can benefit immensely by partnering with ApnaComplex and there are several advantages to the former.

Approved and trusted brands

ApnaComplex brings in brands that are genuine and only after approved by the society. The activations are done as per the schedule of the society.

 Steady revenue for societies

Through frequent Brand Activations, societies can generate steady revenue. On average, a society can generate ₹25,000 to a few lakhs a month depending on the size of the society.

This renders the need to increase maintenance charges unnecessary, creating a win-win situation for both management and residents.

Exclusive discounts

Brands bought by ApnaComplex will offer exclusive discounts to the residents of the society. These discounts cannot be found anywhere, online or offline. This advantage is unique to ApnaComplex and cannot be found with any aggregator.

Engagement among residents

Several societies that have indulged in Brand Activation through ApnaComplex have reported an increased community bonding following the event. This proves Brand Activations conducted from time to time can encourage good engagement among residents.

These events can also be a breath of fresh air for the residents who are working from home for a long time.

COVID guideline – a priority

ApnaComplex ensures that all brands follow COVID-protocols and guidelines to a T before they begin to put up stalls or kiosks. Also, since only residents are allowed to shop, the risk of exposure is very slim.

With Brand Activation, residents can shop their favourite product right inside the society premises instead of going outside to shop. This further reduces the risk of COVID spreading among the residents.

Preference to residents’ choice

ApnaComplex always gives utmost importance to residents and management’s choice of products and brands. Based on their preference, we strive to bring in brands demanded and chosen by the management.

Say NO to middlemen

You can as well bid adieu to those middlemen who barges in unceremoniously and request space for unheard-of and bogus brands.

When you partner with ApnaComplex, you can be assured about the genuineness of the brand and do not be concerned about illegal or shady businesses, for there won’t be any. We not only negotiate but also verify the brand for you.

Looking to increase the revenue of your society effortlessly? Get in touch with us and we’ll show you the way!