The term ‘free’ has a mass appeal anywhere.  It brings in the crowd, helps drive product sales, and it is an age-old tactic to get rid of old stock. The biggest drawback of ‘free stuff’ is the lack of quality and free society management apps are no different.

A society management app is designed to handle the Society’s finances, complaints, enable better communication among residents and the committee members, and store community database – all automatically. Creating a fool-proof app requires in-depth R&Ds, meticulous coding, and several hours of labour.  

With a free app, you can be assured that you will be robbed of some of the best and efficient features a society management app can offer. Keep reading to know these catches!

Lack of Data-Protection

You can be assured that a paid app like ApnaComplex would never share or misuse members’ data since we truly believe, our residents’ privacy is sacrosanct. User privacy is so important to us that even ApnaComplex employees do not have access to sensitive data. ApnaComplex ensures that users alone have full control over their personal details.

However, one of the biggest concerns with a free society management app is the data protection or lack thereof. When an entity offers a free app, they are very likely to use the residents’ data for their personal gain committing a gross violation of privacy.  

Invoices not in line with govt directives

A paid society management app integrates all the government rules and regulations making the app compatible with all the gated societies. Overdue penalties, GST, and other arrears are auto-calculated considering government regulations. A paid app also eliminates the need for manual intervention.

However, this is not the case with a free app. Auto-invoices are not designed keeping in mind the government regulations concerning taxes. Manual interventions are often required to ensure precise calculations.

No mechanism with defaulters follow-ups

A paid society management app can be configured to send reminders to residents when their maintenance payments are due. Additionally, the app gives you a detailed list of the defaulters and for how many days they are due.

On the other hand, a paid app provides you with a vague list and does not send reminders. It is also incredibly hard to manually follow up with all the defaulting residents.

Not-so smooth year-end process

Paid society management apps are loved by treasurers and auditors thanks to the advanced accounting module that enables auto-freezing of entries after a particular period, and auto-reconciliation of the balance sheet. This simplifies a treasurer’s life and they can enjoy their newly-found.

With a free app, there is no such thing as automation and you can as well kiss your weekends goodbye!

Lack of comprehensive financial statements

A paid society management app offers in-built financial report formats that are approved by an auditor. For instance, ApnaComplex offers 100+ financial reports that can be used by societies depending on their requirements.  

However, this privilege is something free society management apps do not offer.


 When you pay for a society management app, audit FAQs, auditor compliance, and support are also included smoothening the entire auditing process. In fact, ApnaComplex offers 30+ audit-ready financial reports. The same cannot be said for a free society management app.

Other services

A paid society management app offers end-to-end financial management solutions including auto-updating of the logs, auto-generation of FD and TDS reports, vendor expenses, etc. Whereas, a paid society management app offers the bare minimum and nothing extraordinary.

Being a paid app, ApnaComplex goes above beyond to add convenience to both the management committee and residents. Our app is,

An Integrated Solution

ApnaComplex completely automates and streamlines your Society’s operations. Both the ERP and Gate Management systems are seamlessly integrated within a single app making ApnaComplex a top choice for gated communities.

Effortlessly customisable

ApnaComplex is the perfect solution to make life convenient for the residents, staff, and committee members. The app allows the committee members to customise the app according to their needs without having to be dependent on any support team.

Platform Stability

With 11 years of industry presence, ApnaComplex offers a stable platform like no other. The app functions seamlessly and is accessible to the members anywhere, anytime. Additionally, our expertise in the functioning of housing societies has won the trust of thousands of apartment communities.

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