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Come 2022, where are India’s Gated Societies heading?: An ApnaComplex Prediction

Gated communities and their modus operandi have changed dramatically in the past few years. With technology becoming indispensable, gated societies have started adopting smarter software and apps to manage and streamline their everyday operations. The manner in which societies’ are leveraging technology to their advantage is also evolving constantly. 

On that note, here is our prediction of how gated communities are going to evolve in 2022.


Undoubtedly, gated communities are becoming the new neighbourhood, and according to an article published by The Economic, households in Societies are likely to increase by 32 million in the next decade.

These changes indicate that the Indian gated community is very likely to go hyperlocal. From communication between societies to e-commerce, rental business, and other opportunities, residents of gated communities will be interacting with other communities in the same or nearby vicinities.

Amalgamation of Communities 

In the near future, smaller communities are very likely to come together to form clusters of societies with like-minded individuals who can exchange thoughts and seek help, assistance, reference, establish businesses etc.

For instance, a parent who is residing in Jayanagar can effortlessly get in touch with another parent living in Indiranagar for school references for their ward in the latter’s area. Likewise, commerce between these communities will also change and there will be a lot of potentials for smaller businesses to grow among the communities and thrive.

A huge boost for rentals and realty

When residents across cities and states are connected through a huge network, it is most likely to boost the rental and real estate business. Renting and purchasing of apartments are going to be an ongoing thing for a, well let’s just say forever! 

Through hyperlocal and connected communities, a resident who is looking to move to HSR Layout from Whitefield can effortlessly get in touch with owners from gated communities in HSR and finalise a property to rent/lease in just a click. 

This will likely eliminate the need for brokerage and directly connect owners and residents. 

Likewise, a hyper-local referral can do wonders for a new resident. A resident who is already living in the community can give all the local information to the incoming resident such as nearby hospitals, schools, markets, daycare centres diagnostics, etc available in the vicinity. 

This is also applicable to parents. Parents who are living in the vicinity can give referrals about schools, playschools, tuitions, and extracurricular classes to the incoming parents.  

Role of community automation

Though these changes are very much on the threshold, these developments can be enhanced only with the support of community automation and society management apps. And most importantly, resident verification is necessary before engagements, communication, and transactions take place.

Since an app like ApnaComplex has the means to store the resident database living in societies, it plays a pivotal role in connecting these communities. 

How does ApnaComplex collect data?

ApnaComplex generates an ID card for every resident and these ID cards come with a QR Code that holds their information including their vehicle numbers and profession. Rental/Lease Agreements are also uploaded to the app which holds accurate details of when they moved in and when their lease is expiring.

The biggest advantage here is the resident data available with ApnaComplex are verified and residents can be assured that the people they are connecting with are genuine, ensuring safer and smoother interactions.

Since the interactions are happening between verified individuals, there is no way any outside residents or third-party persons can participate in these private interactions.

ApnaComplex Data Privacy

To ApnaComplex, residents’ privacy is a top priority and we have gone to great lengths to protect and secure the user data. 

Our tech-stack is hosted on the AWS Cloud and available through an engaging front-end Mobile App. Our Platform has built immense trust for its data protection and compliance policies within the communities and is fully compliant with all data protection regulations prevailing in the Country.

Like EduTech and FinTech are redefining the education and finance sectors, PropTech and community automation are going to take the property management industry by storm, and the increasing society management solutions are a testament to this.

Being in the industry for over a decade, ApnaComplex has also evolved along with the gated communities and has undergone constant modifications to meet all the requirements of the Management Committees. The amount of information that ApnaComplex can store for greater connectivity and the support it can provide is quite unparalleled.   

To know more about our modules and features how we can help you connect with other Societies, please visit our website

Make your Society’s New Year Party a tremendous success using these 6 tools of ApnaComplex!

The year 2022 is just around the corner and the New Year spirit is indeed infectious. What can be more fun than a little get-together and connection with people accompanied by food, music, dance, and a little masti?

In this article, we tell you how you can meticulously plan a New Year party and make it a massive success in your Society using a few simple tools of ApnaComplex.

Estimate the budget

The first step towards making your New Year Party a successful affair is to draw up a budget after calculating various expenses. ApnaComplex Budget Variance report helps you to keep a track of your expenses and ensure that you are spending within the means. This budget estimation is very vital for gauging how much each household or participating households must contribute.

Collect the money

Now that you have a budget in hand, finalise the contribution amount and request the participating households to chip in. Or you can determine the ticket fee for each person/household and collect it as an entrance fee. The transactions can be digitally recorded in ApnaComplex and post-party, the balance sheet will be auto-reconciled by the app.

Broadcast party details

Using ApnaComplex Communication Module, you broadcast the party details – including time, venue, entry fee, restrictions, etc to your residents via group chats, e-mail, SMS, app notifications. In case, if the entire Society is not taking part, ApnaComplex allows you to create a custom, close-knit group only including those participating residents, and you can broadcast information to those members only.

Create booking slots for the venue

Once you have decided the venue (clubhouse, Society’s park, lobby, etc), to streamline the attending process, you can custom-create a booking slot using the ApnaComplex Facility Management module. Residents can book the slots beforehand to attend the party. This will give you an idea of how many households will attend and may prevent overcrowding too.

Effectively manage vendors

A party cannot be complete without great food, music, and drinks. Effectively manage the caterers and DJ using ApnaComplex Vendor Management feature and digitally record vendor contracts or other documents in ApnaComplex document repository.

Ensure COVID Safety

To keep up with COVID protocols and ensure the safety of the residents, deploy the ApnaComplex COVID tracker feature to the fullest. Check the temperatures of all the residents and digitally it using the ApnaComplex app, using the app check if the participating residents are vaccinated and ensure that they wear masks. You can also keep a handful of sanitisers in the venue.   

Well, now that you have a bunch of smart tools to make your planning easier, ring in 2022 with laughter, joy, your family, and COMMUNITY! And last but not the least, we wish you a very Happy and Wonderful NEW YEAR!

Why should societies choose a paid society management app?

The term ‘free’ has a mass appeal anywhere.  It brings in the crowd, helps drive product sales, and it is an age-old tactic to get rid of old stock. The biggest drawback of ‘free stuff’ is the lack of quality and free society management apps are no different.

A society management app is designed to handle the Society’s finances, complaints, enable better communication among residents and the committee members, and store community database – all automatically. Creating a fool-proof app requires in-depth R&Ds, meticulous coding, and several hours of labour.  

With a free app, you can be assured that you will be robbed of some of the best and efficient features a society management app can offer. Keep reading to know these catches!

Lack of Data-Protection

You can be assured that a paid app like ApnaComplex would never share or misuse members’ data since we truly believe, our residents’ privacy is sacrosanct. User privacy is so important to us that even ApnaComplex employees do not have access to sensitive data. ApnaComplex ensures that users alone have full control over their personal details.

However, one of the biggest concerns with a free society management app is the data protection or lack thereof. When an entity offers a free app, they are very likely to use the residents’ data for their personal gain committing a gross violation of privacy.  

Invoices not in line with govt directives

A paid society management app integrates all the government rules and regulations making the app compatible with all the gated societies. Overdue penalties, GST, and other arrears are auto-calculated considering government regulations. A paid app also eliminates the need for manual intervention.

However, this is not the case with a free app. Auto-invoices are not designed keeping in mind the government regulations concerning taxes. Manual interventions are often required to ensure precise calculations.

No mechanism with defaulters follow-ups

A paid society management app can be configured to send reminders to residents when their maintenance payments are due. Additionally, the app gives you a detailed list of the defaulters and for how many days they are due.

On the other hand, a paid app provides you with a vague list and does not send reminders. It is also incredibly hard to manually follow up with all the defaulting residents.

Not-so smooth year-end process

Paid society management apps are loved by treasurers and auditors thanks to the advanced accounting module that enables auto-freezing of entries after a particular period, and auto-reconciliation of the balance sheet. This simplifies a treasurer’s life and they can enjoy their newly-found.

With a free app, there is no such thing as automation and you can as well kiss your weekends goodbye!

Lack of comprehensive financial statements

A paid society management app offers in-built financial report formats that are approved by an auditor. For instance, ApnaComplex offers 100+ financial reports that can be used by societies depending on their requirements.  

However, this privilege is something free society management apps do not offer.


 When you pay for a society management app, audit FAQs, auditor compliance, and support are also included smoothening the entire auditing process. In fact, ApnaComplex offers 30+ audit-ready financial reports. The same cannot be said for a free society management app.

Other services

A paid society management app offers end-to-end financial management solutions including auto-updating of the logs, auto-generation of FD and TDS reports, vendor expenses, etc. Whereas, a paid society management app offers the bare minimum and nothing extraordinary.

Being a paid app, ApnaComplex goes above beyond to add convenience to both the management committee and residents. Our app is,

An Integrated Solution

ApnaComplex completely automates and streamlines your Society’s operations. Both the ERP and Gate Management systems are seamlessly integrated within a single app making ApnaComplex a top choice for gated communities.

Effortlessly customisable

ApnaComplex is the perfect solution to make life convenient for the residents, staff, and committee members. The app allows the committee members to customise the app according to their needs without having to be dependent on any support team.

Platform Stability

With 11 years of industry presence, ApnaComplex offers a stable platform like no other. The app functions seamlessly and is accessible to the members anywhere, anytime. Additionally, our expertise in the functioning of housing societies has won the trust of thousands of apartment communities.

To know more about modules and features, and for a free demo, please click here.  

Implement these 5 tips to brighten your home workspace!

The news of the Omicron outbreak – a new variant of the novel coronavirus and the increasing COVID-19 cases is forcing companies to postpone reopening offices and many have already extended work from home.

Though work from home (WFH) adds convenience to employees and their wallets are a little heavier than before, we cannot ignore the ramifications of WFH especially on mental health.    

In this article, we share a few tips on what you can do to improve and brighten your home workspace and make the best of what you have.

Let your house and home office shine

Nothing is more calming and lively than a well-lit house. Keep your home and workspace ventilated and let sunlight bathe the rooms as much as possible. If your room doesn’t have enough ventilation, brighten it by adding twinkling lights and lamps. This will uplift your mood too.

Similarly, paint your house with light and cool colours that can reflect the sunlight better. According to studies, these colours are also soothing to the mind and aids in reducing stress.

Remove clutter

A cluttered house/home office will definitely add to the stress. Take time and declutter your workspace and house and keep your home pristine in general. These will have calming effects on your mental health and improve overall wellness.  

Style your home office with minimal interior decoration and get rid of items you seldom use. Keep dustbin inside your office room so that junk doesn’t litter the ground and desk. These measures can have a profound impact on your health and can even up your efficiency.

Make comfort your priority

The office room is where you spend most of your day and therefore invest in furniture and chair that supports your back. An uncomfortable chair strains your back muscles. Likewise, add cushions and footrest for additional comfort.

Coming to the desk, ensure that its height reaches your chest while using it. This reduces overall strain. Importantly, stretch your body often throughout the day and indulge in some exercises that improve posture. Bad postures and constant sitting over a period of time will have long-term complications on the spine.

Be time conscious

One of the biggest disadvantages of WFH is not keeping a track of time. While engrossed with work, you are very likely to work overtime and doing this for months at a stretch will cause burnout.

Also, take 10 minutes every one hour. This will give sufficient rest to your mind and enable it to function better. It is also important to have ‘me time’. Indulge in things you love like reading, baking, watching video games or playing a sport inside your premises. This will do you a lot of good.

Include greenery and some quietness

Like sunlight plants also have invigorating effects. Indoor potted plants add aesthetics to the house and also, act as natural air purifiers and have mild detoxification effects. Sweet-smelling herbs can calm your mind and bring down stress.

Also, keeping the room quiet as much as possible is vital for efficiency. Too much noise distracts and affects performance. Eliminate this hurdle by making your room sound-proof or investing in good noise-cancelling headphones if you are living in a noisy neighbourhood.

One of the biggest downsides of WFH is is human interaction or the lack of it. In these times, it is unwise to step out of your house or community just or invite guests.

If you are living in a gated community, you can easily reduce the intensity of this negative implication. Interact with your neighbours and form clubs with like-minded people. A tool like ApnaComplex helps bring communities together through its robust Communication module.

Using ApnaComplex you can connect with other residents and start discussions, create groups for various purposes and interact with like-minded neighbours, absolutely clutter-free. The management can also send notices and broadcast important messages instantly. Additionally, ApnaComplex’s CORONA SHIELD helps you to covid-proof your society as much as possible. This adds an additional layer of safety to your community.  

To know more about these features and modules, please visit our website.

The Committee Starter Kit – Here is what you should know if you’re new to the Management Committee!

Committee members – they are the backbone of a society. From handling finances to brainstorming for the development of a Society, they offer their time and energy for the wellness of the Society.

They also enjoy certain powers; and as Uncle Ben said, “with great power comes great responsibility!”

In this article, we shall explore the roles, responsibilities, snags, and how an app like ApnaComplex can help eliminate these hurdles and enable a committee to discharge its responsibilities efficiently.

There are four primary roles in a Management Committee – President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Security In-charge.


A president is expected to have high leadership qualities and should have the ability to take important decisions. She/he should also have a fair knowledge of the law, rules, and regulations.

A president’s roles/responsibilities include,

•   Defending the society against any legal action.

•   Suing people/parties for legal purposes.

•   Framing of rules and regulations for the society

•   Resolving conflicts among residents and building a stronger community.

•   Overseeing all the expenses of the society and ensuring the money is used correctly.

•   Chairing all the meetings conducted by the committee.

The truth be told, for a President, executing the above actions is not always easy. Here we bring some of the issues faced by a President and how can ApnaComplex help them resolve them.

LimitationsApnaComplex Solution
Constantly checking if the Society is legally compliant.

Ensuring that the Society is following all the government guidelines to a T.  

Ensuring all the residents are following the rules and regulations of the Society.

Confronting improper conduct between the residents and resolving conflicts.

Maintain transparency in the decision-making and how the funds are used.
Communication – Community collaboration tools available on the app make your communication easy and smooth.

Notice board – Send important notices via multiple channels using the ApnaComplex Notice board.

Chat group – Create groups and bring the entire community together.

Accounting services – Our Billing & Accounting module is fully GST Compliant.

Expense tracking – Plan your Society’s budget and expenses using the app and keep your financial status transparent.  


A Treasurer or Accountant handles the entire finances of a Society. Their roles and responsibilities are:

•   Record all financial transactions and report all surplus & deficits.

•   Responsible for tax compliances and all other financial regulatory obligations

•   Responsible for promptly processing payments of all society expenses.

Like the President, a Treasurer also encounters his/her fair share of issues and ApnaComplex offers perfect accounting solutions which are discussed below.  

LimitationsApnaComplex Solution
Difficulties in reconciling the balance sheet.

Manually entering financial statements that are time-consuming.

Planning the Society budget and providing transparency to it.

Constantly following up with the residents to collect maintenance and other charges.

Ensuring that the transactions are compliant with the GST.

Filing of Quarterly E-TDS returns and generating Form-16A. 
Automated Billing – The app offers 100% Automated Society Billing & Collections with Zero Convenience Charge

Auto reconciliation – The ApnaComplex app auto reconciles the financial statements.

Auto-reminders – The app sends auto-reminders to defaulting residents.

100+ financial reports – ApnaComplex offers complete Accounting Software with GST support and real-time financial statements. Additionally, 100+ financial and 30+ audit-ready reports can be accessed.

Accounting – Daily accounting and bookkeeping services are also coordinated with statutory auditors.  


A Secretary also plays another vital role in a Society. She/he is responsible for:

•   The executive administration.

•   Records and registers including cash book, audit register, etc.

•   Conducting Committee Election thoroughly in the manner prescribed.

•   The recruitment, functioning, and compensation of the service staff.

•   Inspection of the property and flat.

However, it is not always possible for a Secretary to be everywhere at once. Below, common issues faced by a Secretary, and how ApnaComplex can help them are given.

LimitationsApnaComplex Solution
Monitor the daily operations of the Society.
Resolving residents’ complaints instantly and keeping track of every single complaint especially in large Societies.

Inspect property of the Society and flats often.

Manually communicate important notices to the residents quickly.

Manage all the official documents manually which can be a daunting task.
Centralised complaint tracking – using ApnaComplex, complaints, suggestions, and requests can be tracked effortlessly and the app offers a three-step escalation matrix.

Budgeting –  A Secretary can plan Society’s budget through expense tracking and provide transparency in Society expenses.

Watching the Guards – With ApnaComplex Guard Patrol Tracking, Secretary can keep accurate track of all patrols inside the Society.

Polls & Survey – Get authentic feedback from residents from the online survey and polls service. 

Security In-charge

In a Society, a Security In-charge is expected to,

•   Arrange and oversee the security and the associated duties.

•   End-to-end management of all daily staff.

•   Security Infrastructure in Apartment Complexes.

•   Visitor Management in Apartment Complexes.

•   Management of courier/delivery.

Alas, Security In-charge does face certain limitations. Both these limitations and how ApnaComplex can solve them are listed below.

LimitationsApnaComplex Solution
Unknown visitors ending society can pose a security risk.

Tracking the patrolling of the security personnel is not always possible.

Tracking of visitors becomes difficult.

Recording, maintaining, and verifying the information provided by the visitors can be cross-verified.

It is difficult to keep track of the unauthorised entry of vehicles. 
Gatekeeper – ApnaComplex Gatekeeper app is a one-stop security solution for apartment complexes.

Sleep peacefully – With guard Patrol Tracking keep accurate track of all patrols inside your society.

Eliminate unknown visitors – Residents can update “Expected Visitor” details on the ApnaComplex app which eliminates unknown or unauthorised visitor entry.

Track material movement – Track items being carried out of the gate by vendors, service staff, and visitors. 

Apart from these four roles, there is an IT head or in charge, who is appointed to handle the app. Likewise, there will be additional members to the Management Committee like the Vice President, Assistant Secretary, etc who will be extending support to the primary Committee Members.

These Committee Members work together seamlessly to offer support, assistance, and safety for the residents, and ApnaComplex aims to simplify and streamline operations using smart and intuitive technology.

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With ApnaComplex and Ola, say yes to EV charging stations

Even though electric vehicles are gaining popularity among the Indian masses, there is a hesitancy to purchase EVs due to the lack of charging stations. To solve this very issue, at least among the gated communities, ApnaComplex has partnered with Ola Electric to install electric vehicle charging stations in societies managed by the former for free of cost.

By installing EV charging stations through ApnaComplex, societies can enjoy the following benefits.

–          The installation is done completely free of cost and the societies need not pay any capital amount to have EV charging stations installed.

–          Societies can earn revenue through electric vehicle brand activations. They can rent out spaces to EV companies and earn revenue via rents. Having EV charging stations will make these activations more relevant.

–          Having EV charging stations installed in societies will encourage residents to buy EVs thereby creating a cleaner and greener environment for residents and children alike.

–          The charging stations offer convenience to residents who are already using EVs.

–          This move by societies will comply with the upcoming government regulations on EV and EV charging stations

By the year 2030, the number of vehicles that will be running on roads is expected to increase by a whopping 200 million in India according to ICCT – The International Council on Clean Transportation.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had revealed that India aims to reduce carbon emission by one billion tonnes by 2030 at the COP26. To balance this and to achieve our Green India goals, transitioning to electric vehicles (EV) is the need of the hour, for it is one of the best ways to reduce carbon footprint.

With 32% of all households living in societies in the top 50 Indian cities, and most families owning one or more motor vehicles, commencing the transition here would certainly have a profound impact in the long run. 

By embracing electric vehicles, people of today can pave the way for a greener tomorrow. Join the EV revolution, do your bit. 

If you are from an ApnaComplex Society and interested in installing EV charging stations in your society, please write to

If you are not an ApnaComplex user and want to know more about this, please write to or call  8088611229.

Enjoy 100% Data Privacy, only with ApnaComplex

In the year 2017, the Supreme Court of India declared “privacy” a fundamental right of every citizen. Subsequently, the Personal Data Protection Bill was proposed in the year 2019.

The bill proposes a restriction on how personal data are used and prohibits the misuse of the data. How any of this is related to ApnaComplex, society management, and most importantly, residents and their data?

When a society deploys a society management app or software, collecting, storing, and using the data frequently is a part of the process to ensure seamless society operations. However, how the company uses the data entrusted to them sets them apart.

In this article, we bring you why data privacy and protection is a big deal to ApnaComplex and how your data is safe with us.

Your privacy, our priority

To ApnaComplex, residents’ privacy and data protection are of utmost importance. We are the only brand that has prioritised residents’ data security and protection over anything else.

While the top players of the society management industry, who came into existence less than five years ago have landed in controversies due to data-breach accusations, we are proud of the fact that in 11 years since our inception, there have been zero security breaches with ApnaComplex.

Paying – not always a bad thing

Yes, ApnaComplex is a paid app but the privacy and data protection you get while using our app is indeed priceless! With ApnaComplex, you don’t ever have to worry about your personal information being shared with other parties.

If you are not paying for a product, you become the product

By paying for our services, you become our premium customers and we have policies that prohibit misusing or selling resident data for rental and other businesses. The price we charge is so affordable that it does not cost more than a cup of coffee for each household!

And for this price, you not only avoid unsolicited calls and emails but can live in complete privacy and utter peace.

Premium Services with data security

In the ApnaComplex app, we offer a plethora of relevant premium services and offers to the residents, but we have never nor will we ever share any resident data with these third-party services.

These services are primarily offered based on the exclusive discounts they offer to ApnaComplex residents. The vendors are carefully selected and only after vetting them thoroughly.

Role-based access

ApnaComplex inherently supports role-based access. It not only comes with 30+ inbuilt roles but also allows societies to define custom roles to meet any of their work delegation preferences or data access.

Be it an action or a document in the repository, you can control access at not only rudimentary levels of resident/owner/ Management Committee but can define a role for people or groups of people who have access to it.

This adds an additional layer of protection to residents’ data. For example, if a society has a corrupt Facility Manager or staff who is looking to make money by selling user data, they can easily do so in another software by downloading the data. 

However, in ApnaComplex, they cannot access the data without getting permission from the respective authorities and this will make it hard for them to download or misuse the data.

Data privacy is one of the core values of ApnaComplex and we 100% agree with the Supreme Court – privacy is the fundamental right of every Indian citizen. In fact, even the employees ApnaComplex do not have access to any sensitive data

We strongly believe that everyone should have access to technology that simplifies their life without the fear of their privacy being violated. You, the user alone have the power to decide what information you want to share, and to whom you want to share.

ApnaComplex is designed in such a way that users’ privacy is protected and they alone have full control over their information.

To know more about our modules, features, and how we can help you streamline your society’s operations, please visit our website.