With COVID variants threatening the country to go under another lockdown, online AGMs have become the standard way to review a Society’s performance across several verticals.

In this article, let’s explore more about the requirements and purpose of AGMs, how to effectively conduct online meetings, and how ApnaComplex can assist you.   

Mandatory reports

Before commencing the AGM, a report of the previous fiscal year’s income-expense statements, audited balance sheet, performance report of the Management Committee, and the previous AGM’s MOM (minutes of the meeting) needs to be prepared.

For easy access, the MOM can be digitally recorded and uploaded to the ApnaComplex repository and be shared with people who will be taking part in the meeting.  

Sending AGM invites in advance

The AGM invite has to be sent at least 15 days before the meeting to the respective members. The invite can effortlessly be broadcasted to attending members using ApnaComplex via e-mails, SMS, App Notifications, and Notice/Discussion boards. The invite should have the link to the meeting, also the date and time of the meeting.

Appointment of Auditor

The appointment of the Internal and Statutory Auditors is done during the AGM only.

Successfully conducting AGMs online

–          The first step towards conducting a successful online AGM is picking the right platform that enables you to send unique meeting links along with the ID and password.

–          The platform should also enable you to share your screen, allowing virtual presentations.

–          Pick a very user-friendly platform that has a user interface that is easy to navigate. Even non-tech-savvy residents should be able to use it with minimum effort.

–          Before commencing the meeting, ensure that your internet is stable and request other attendees to also have a stable internet. Similarly, insist that the participants turn their video cameras on to prevent imposters and proxies.

–          Use a platform like ApnaComplex to have spot voting for decision-making. The ApnaComplex app comes with polling options including one vote per member, one vote per household, and 2 votes per household (owner and tenant). This feature enables you to create a separate voting list consisting of AGM attendees only. Here, they can cast their vote through the app.

 Apart from online polling and document repository, ApnaComplex comes with a host of other modules including Accounting, Facility and Asset Management, Gate Management, etc. To know more about our features, visit our website apnacomplex.com.