The increasing COVID-19 cases and the new Omicron variant have undoubtedly gotten people worried. Fever, cold, cough, and runny nose are making the masses edgy. The only way to tackle these recurring waves effectively is to take the necessary precautions and avoid public contacts as much as possible.

To help our societies and residents fight this pandemic effectively, ApnaComplex has developed CORONA SHIELD – a host of features designed exclusively for gated communities to fight this pandemic effectively.

Keep reading to know more about these features that COVID-proof your society!

Temperature and mask check at the gate

ApnaComplex allows the security to record the temperature of every individual visiting your society, ensure that they are wearing masks, and follow the appropriate COVID protocols. As an additional precautionary step, the security can also request them to show their vaccination certificate before allowing entry.

These details can be stored on the ApnaComplex app as well. If visitors fail to meet any of these requirements, the security can deny entry ensuring the safety of the society.

No-contact delivery approval and accounting

Since the onset of COVID, online deliveries, especially food and grocery deliveries have increased substantially. Given this, there are high chances of residents catching COVID from asymptomatic delivery agents further spreading the virus inside the society.

On the bright side, with ApnaComplex, one needn’t have to worry about coming directly in contact with delivery agents. The app’s Visitor and Gate Management feature allows the resident to mark ‘leave package at the gate’ if they are expecting a delivery.

Similarly, ApnaComplex’s Billing & Accounting solution allows the admin to raise maintenance invoices digitally and the dues can be collected via the app itself at zero additional service charges. All these directly contribute towards minimising contacts.  

Vaccination and Quarantine Trackers

ApnaComplex’s Vaccination Tracker has helped several societies achieve 100% vaccination. This tracker gives a fair idea about the vaccinated and unvaccinated residents and staff to the management. This data will also enable the management to encourage all the residents and staff to get vaccinated.

Likewise, as the name suggests Quarantine Tracker enables the management, residents, and staff to keep track of quarantined units in real-time. This will help other dwellers of the society avoid those quarantine units and offer assistance as much as possible. Once their quarantine period is over, the residents and staff will be notified.

Online meetings and polls

Conducting face-to-face meetings is highly risky during these uncertain times and therefore, online meetings have been the norm for the past two years.

Using the ApnaComplex app’s Communication tools, management can effectively share the meeting timing and link with other members using the Notice Board, E-mail, and SMS. The app also allows the members to create a close-knit group comprising only participating members. The outcome and the M-O-M (minutes of the meeting) can be digitally stored in the Document Repository and shared with other members too. This communication tool also enables the management to broadcast important messages to the residents.

Likewise, using the ApnaComplex app, the admin can conduct online polls and surveys and get residents’ opinions on important matters.

At-home RTPCR Test

Conducting an RTPCR Test is the only way to determine if a person is COVID positive or not. When someone develops fever, cough, cold, etc, it is only natural that they worry about their and their family’s wellbeing.

Keeping this in mind, ApnaComplex has partnered with MediBuddy to provide  at-home COVID RTPCR Swab Test. With just a few clicks, residents can effortlessly book RTPCR tests using the app at just ₹499. At the scheduled time, a lab technician will be at their doorsteps to conduct the tests.

From no-contact delivery collection to Vaccination Tracker, the above-mentioned features are designed and added to assist and help our communities fight this pandemic effectively. To know more about each of these features in detail and how we can streamline and simplify the operations of your society, click here