To make rent-paying a convenient and easy affair for the residents, we have introduced the ‘Rent’ Module on the ApnaComplex app.

By logging into the ApnaComplex app, the tenants can now easily pay their rent by following a few simple steps:

  • Click on ‘Rent’ under Quick Actions. 
  • In the ‘Add Rental Details’ page, add the rental details and enable reminders under ‘Set Reminders’. 
  • Then add the owner’s account details in the ‘Add Bank Details’ page. 
  • On the ‘Pay Rent’ page, select the owner’s bank account and click ‘Pay Now’.
  • In the ‘New Payment’ page, enter the rent amount and select the ‘Rent Period’ and click ‘Pay Now’.
  • Choose the payment method – debit or credit card, UPI etc. 
  • Post the payment completion, you will land on the Rent receipts page and further download the receipt.
  • In case the owner has multiple units, s/he can select the unit and add themselves as the owner.

What are the advantages of paying rent through ApnaComplex?

A single place for rental transactions

By choosing to pay rent via the ApnaComplex app, the residents can have an exclusive consolidated place for all their rental transactions.

Instant rent payment

Using the ApnaComplex app, the tenants can set reminders to pay the rent on the agreed date and instantly make the transaction.

Zero-convenience charges

The tenants can pay their rent at zero-convenience charges on UPI transactions.

Reward Points

While paying their rent through a credit card on the ApnaComplex app, tenants can earn reward points on every transaction.

Interest-free credit period

Tenants can enjoy an interest-free credit period for credit card payments for up to 45 days while paying their rent using the ApnaComplex app.

Download rent receipt

The ApnaComplex app allows the tenants to download the rent receipts from a consolidated place. This can be very useful when the tenant has to submit relevant documents for HRA – house rent allowance. 

For over a decade, ApnaComplex has been creating fool-proof solutions keeping in mind the welfare of management committees, residents, and tenants. Our one-stop ERP solutions are holistic and specifically tailor-made for gated communities. It is worth mentioning that we have also won the BEST ERP SOLUTION of the year 21-22 at the PropTech Realty+ Awards.

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