Things to keep in mind when looking to rent a flat

There are many things one must consider before choosing to rent a flat in any apartment building. We, at Apnacomplex, list out the things we think you should keep in mind before renting that flat. Budget –

Launching New ApnaComplex Classifieds

We are happy to announce the launch of a new ApnaComplex Classifieds Section for our members to post their needs and reach out to wider audience. You can access the classifieds section at https://www.apnacomplex.com/classifieds. ApnaComplex Classifieds will

Apartment Basics – Kids’ Rooms and How to Design Them

Designing your kid’s room in your housing society flat can be quite an ordeal because of the swift pace at which kids grow and their rapidly changing tastes these days. You can implement some of these useful

Housing Society Knowhow – What You Should Know About Prepaying Loans

Prepayment Penalty is a nightmare that is suffered by the individual borrowers who take home loans for buying apartments. A prepayment loan generally means that all debts have to be paid before the due date. Prepayment penalty

Housing Society Living – How to Make Your Home More Spacious

Having your own home is definitely a priority in life. One of the first impressions while buying a home is that it should be large and spacious and that can burn a hole in your wallet. You

ApnaComplex Delivers what it Promises

Recently Kamal Co-operative Housing Society, Mumbai went live on ApnaComplex. The society has moved all thier accounts into ApnaComplex and for the first time issued digital invoices and receipts to its members. Mr. Hemang Thakker, Hon. Treasurer

The Power Backup Options in a Housing Society

With the steadily growing instances of power cuts in the country, a housing society should essentially have power backup plans for its residents to live their lives unhindered. Power cuts can be a major hindrance when you’ve

Apartment Fire Safety – Basic Knowhow About Fire Escapes

With Diwali around the corner, safety measures in a housing society must be taken against all possible threats to ensure that there are no mishaps of any kind. Fire safety in a housing society is especially of

Dussehra Celebrations in a Housing Society – Tips You Can Try

Organizing Dussehra celebrations in a housing society can be an absolutely thrilling experience, mainly if you take into consideration the many rituals and rites associated with this festival. Dussehra is one of the most awaited festivals in

Green Housing Society – Eco Friendly Measures to Dispose All Idols

Festivals in a housing society are celebrated with undiluted enthusiasm, as India is a country that’s known for its festivals and varied culture, and people from different communities live inside a residential complex in every housing society.