The Importance of Apartment Terrace Safety

Apartment Complex terraces can be compared to oxygen tanks in the backdrop of rising urban congestion and population. While the scarcity of space is becoming increasingly inevitable, children and the elderly are affected majorly, due to lack of areas for play and recreation.Terrace safety

Some housing societies may provide small play areas for children; however, since these complexes have large terraces, these wide and open spaces can be very alluring to children who are constantly on the lookout for play and recreation areas. For this reason, safety measures for terraces should be taken and followed in a housing society.

General Terrace Safety Measures That Can Be Taken

Certain guidelines need to be followed keeping in mind the safety of the children who constantly play in areas like the housing society terrace.

  • The parapet wall has to be at least 1.5 meters high.
  • Durable and sturdy iron railings can be planted over the parapet wall, to additionally discourage children from climbing the wall.
  • Children or infants may slip through the railings if they are planted right at the base for extra visibility. Therefore, the height of the parapet wall is an important factor.
  • Accessibility should be restricted and the door to the terrace should be locked. All housing society members may come to an agreement about a particular time of the day when the terrace can be accessed.
  • The keys to the terrace can be left with a security guard, who can be stationed near the terrace. Alternatively, every family may be given their own set of keys, so that individual access is possible. However, in that case, parental supervision becomes imperative for all residents.
  • If a common time is earmarked for the use of the terrace, either for early morning walks or evening strolls and games, safety measures will be easier to enforce. Other than security personnel, some volunteers may be chosen to supervise the terrace during these times.
  • The terrace floor needs to be kept clean and there should be some anti-skid mechanism in place. Water accumulation, moss and the growth of fungus can pose a fatal threat to users.

Housing Society Terrace Gardens

Many housing societies, in an attempt to compensate for the lack of greenery in their surrounding areas, construct roof-top gardens, and these gardens have ecological and practical benefits. They provide a much needed dash of greenery in the concrete jungle. Roof top gardens prevent the building from absorbing too much heat, by cutting down the terrace’s exposure to the sun and radiation.

These roof top gardens very often constitute of not only plants but also outdoor furniture and they offer a space of entertainment and relaxation to residents and their guests.

If your housing society houses a terrace garden, care should be taken to ensure that there are no provisions through which children can climb parapet walls. Chairs and tables should be placed strategically away from the walls or railings.

A coating of anti-climbing paint (when used on the inner and outer parts of the parapet wall) can be sufficient to prevent anybody from climbing the wall and exposing themselves to danger. These paints remain indefinitely slippery and provide additional safety for terraces.

You can bring up these points during an apartment association meeting, so that the apartment association can arrange for such measures to be taken.

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Coping With the Rains Through Apartment Association Events

The monsoon months in an apartment complex are generally uneventful, as frequent rains can hamper all your plans and limit your social interactions. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up inside your house throughout the season – you can organize some indoor events so that all residents can get together and have fun, irrespective of the gloomy weather!

Apartment complex events

You’ll need to plan out these events well so that there are no hiccups in the last minute, and you can do this by delegating tasks to other residents after bringing up the idea during an association meeting.

There are different themes that you can opt for, and all that you need to do is get creative.

Club Events

You can use the apartment complex club to hold a special party where all residents can get together over food and drinks. Once you receive the nod from the managing committee, come up with a theme for the party (something sunny, to take everyone’s mind off the rain) and start collecting a standard charge from every family.

Pick out interested residents and make them your co-organizers. Assign responsibilities for each of them, including the tasks of collecting money from all residents, getting vegetarian and non vegetarian food items for the residents and organizing skits or fun activities for the event. If there are musicians or singers among the residents, encourage them to showcase their skills.

Frame up a party plan, and specify a particular timeline so that things go according to schedule. Ensure that there is a strict tab over the number of drinks served so that people don’t go overboard and get drunk during the party.

Cooking Parties

This is yet another option that you can explore. You can hold this event in any closed common space within the apartment complex. As always, get the nod from the managing committee first.

Once you inform the other residents about the plan, send out flyers or mails to every family, asking them to cook up some rare and delicious dishes. The families can all then assemble in the specified location for the event and a wide buffet can be held, with surprise gifts for the best chef.

The buffet can be arranged according to vegetarian and non vegetarian categories, and if you’re looking to make it an even contest, you can also suggest a predefined theme for the food items. Organizing such parties will involve lesser expenses overall, and will negate the need for collecting and managing money from every family, which can be quite taxing.

Indoor Game Events

Your kids are sure to be bored during the monsoon – so why not organize an indoor event to cheer them up?

There are many options when it comes to indoor games – you can arrange contests involving board games for kids (like chess), and other sports like table tennis and badminton for teenagers and young adults. Through these events, all residents can indulge in some physical activity, keeping them mentally and physically fit and alert during the lazy monsoon months.

Ensure that you plan these events well in advance so that the tasks can be steadily carried out and also make sure that the events are civil and low-key, so that you don’t disturb the other residents who may not be inclined to participate due to personal reasons.

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ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!

Three Reasons Why Home Loans For Getting An Apartment Might Be Rejected

It can be quite irritating if things don’t go the way you want them to, when you finally work towards buying an apartment. The sessions spent trying to decide on the perfect location for your apartment, the countless options that you filtered through and the many sleepless nights can all come crashing down when your application for a home loan gets rejected.

The Latest Banking Scene

All leading banks have now starting rejecting home loan applications, mainly because the situation has recently changed. Earlier, the competition among banks was high and in a spree to dish out the maximum number of loans, all banks used to sell teaser loans in an aggressive manner. But the guidelines have been made stricter and the screws have tightened in the process, and if your application doesn’t satisfy all the necessary criteria, it may get rejected.

Keep Your Credit Cards In Check!

Keep Your Credit Cards In Check!

The Reason Behind Loan Rejection

To make sure that your application doesn’t get rejected, you should know all the norms involved in the process that can stop the scales from tilting in your favor. There are three phases of approval involved when it comes to home loans, and these are:

  • Personal Profile Verification – You should take care when you fill up your personal profile, because any incorrect information entered in this section can bring down your chances of getting a bank loan for buying your apartment in Hyderabad. Banks will generally verify every detail mentioned, so ensure that you fill in the correct details when it comes to your age, the total number of dependents and your financial stability. You may have to show around five or six of your pay slips to get approved and clear this particular section.
  • Credit History Verification – Your credit history will also be verified when you apply for a home loan for buying an apartment in Hyderabad. Ensure that you pay all your bills in a correct manner, without lagging behind in any payments. A credit card balance that is huge doesn’t help either. Make sure that you don’t have other outstanding debts like vehicle loans or other personal loans, as these may be cited as reasons for your application’s rejection.
  • Property Verification – Choose the right builder so that you don’t face any problems when it comes to verifying your property. The builder should have all the necessary documents and the required number of approvals for this phase to clear smoothly. If the documents are not in order or if there’s a problem with the title or layout, your home loan application will be rejected.

When you apply for a home loan for buying an apartment in Hyderabad, ensure that your salary meets the minimum requirements. Clear all your other loans on time without any delay, and do not have any records of outstanding debts when you submit your application. You can also take some time off and step in and out of many banks to get an idea on the many types of loans provided, and you can go with the bank that best fulfills your essential preferences.

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This article aims at collating and providing information for benefit of ApnaComplex customers and blog readers. While ApnaComplex has taken every care to ensure the information is accurate, we suggest to please use it only as a guidance for further discussion and action with help of relevant professionals. If you need professional advise on this topic and any other property related matters, please send your request through our contact us form. You may post your questions/inputs in the Comments section below and we will try and get them answered through relevant subject matter experts.

Apartment Association Terms Explained – Part One

Learning about many terms used in an apartment association can be very helpful indeed. These terms will come to your rescue when you’re facing a huge wad of legal paperwork, and when you’re finding the formal tone and legal jargon extremely hard to understand and digest. Although we all may know the generic meaning for terms like ‘apartments’ and ‘apartment owner’, the legal meaning may be more loaded that what people can normally comprehend. Knowing all legal terms and learning about various definitions from a professional perspective can thus help you.

When reading up on the terms used in an apartment association, always go for a trusted source.

Terms Used In An Apartment Association

Given below are a few terms used in an apartment association, and their proper explanation. All these terms are defined under the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act of 1972, which defines and talks about an individual’s ownership over a set dimension of property. You will learn more about the constituents of this act when you take up the registration procedure for your deeds and Declaration.


An ‘apartment’ is basically a term used to denote a residential section in a building that can be located in any of the mentioned floor, with any number of rooms. An apartment may also be present in more than one floor, or in parts in each floor. Apartments, as per the Apartment Ownership act, have a direct exit to a public road or street, or even highway. Apartments which do not fall under this category may have a direct exit to a public space or common area, which may in turn lead to a public street or highway.

Apartment Owner:

An apartment owner will normally refer to a person who owns an apartment, and has some undivided interest in all shared regions in the apartment complex too. The interest and other particulars will be duly mentioned in the Declaration, and these can be taken from the documents directly.

Apartment Number:

The letter or number designated to a particular apartment is the apartment number. The number will be mentioned in the Declaration, and it may either be a letter, a number or a mixed combination of both these things. The apartment number is first specified in the declaration.

Association of Apartment Owners:

This is a term that is used to denote all the members of an apartment association. The people who together form the apartment association are collectively termed as an Association of Apartment Owners. True to the term, these individuals will have an apartment in the premises in their name and will all be owners of at least one apartment in the complex.


In the jargon used in an apartment association, a building normally means a residential structure that houses at least four (or more) apartments. A collective building can also refer to a structure with two buildings with two (or more) apartments in each building. A minimum of four apartments are seen as necessary either way.

These are the very basic definitions that you first need to know and understand in order to proceed to the later ones. Other definitions on common areas and public spaces will soon follow.

This article aims at collating and providing information for benefit of ApnaComplex customers and blog readers. While ApnaComplex has taken every care to ensure the information is accurate, we suggest to please use it only as a guidance for further discussion and action with help of relevant professionals. If you need professional advise on this topic and any other property related matters, please send your request through our contact us form. You may post your questions/inputs in the Comments section below and we will try and get them answered through relevant subject matter experts.

Things to take care while organising parties in a Housing Society

In an year, there are various occasions when we hold a party at our house – Birthdays of family members, Diwali party, Christmas & New Year celebrations and a whole lot more. However, there is a marked difference between holding a party in an apartment complex and holding a party in an independent house.

In a independent house, you are your own boss and you can do whatever you want to; but in an apartment complex, there are other people too who live in the same building as you, and therefore, certain things need to be kept in mind in order to make sure that your party is a success:

Inviting a select few without offending others

Often, this is the most precarious situation one finds themselves in while organising a party in an residential society. There are times when you cannot invite everybody in the building, but you don’t want to offend people too. A solution to this could be calling up the people you want to invite to the party, instead of going from door to door and making a hullabaloo of it. But then again, people would eventually come to know at the day of the party. To ensure that nobody feels left out, you can distribute some sweets or small souvenirs in the entire building after the party so that they don’t feel left out.

Take permission from the management

Prior to holding any party, inform the management about it and ask for permission to play music etc. If you holding the party in the lawns or the club house, make sure you take requisite permission from concerned people so that they do not play spoilsport at your party.

Lower the volume after 11pm

People do not like being disturbed during their sleeping time. If you are playing music at your party, make sure you turn down the volume after 11. Doing so not only ensures that people have a sound sleep but it also shows that you care for other people in the apartment, which could work in your favour even if you left somebody out.

Pay attention to parking

Apartment complexes do not have a huge space to accommodate the guests’ cars vehicles. Make sure you inform the guests beforehand that the cars have to be parked outside the gate and see to it that the cars are parked properly, so that people coming in and out of the apartment are not inconvenienced. You could tell the guard at the gate to help people park their vehicles in order to make sure there are no traffic jams outside the building.

Taking care of decoration

Without proper decoration, a party seems to lack the fizz. Apart from decorating the apartment, decorating the hallways can add the wow factor to your party. However, since you don’t own the complete building, decorating the hallway can offend the residents of the apartment. But there’s a way out. You can decorate the hallways without causing damage to the building. Instead of using decoration material which requires hammering in nails in the walls of the building, a better way to decorate is to use decorative lights. You could use the decorative lights on a plant, which is either owned by the apartment management or a plant of your own. If it is a day party, you could play around with rangolis made of flowers or use other flower decoration which does not require hanging it from the walls. 

Keeping the above points in mind can make sure that you have a rocking party without offending anyone in the apartment complex. After all, you are going to party just once in a while, but you have to live with the apartment residents all the while.

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How to Carry out a Fire Drill in your Apartment?

ApnaComplex Recommends: A Fire Drill for your Housing Complex

With the number of high-rises increasing by the day, fire accidents in apartment complexes have the potential to cause huge damage to life and property. Especially vulnerable are children and senior citizens who get caught in the chaos and are unable to save themselves. While residents of high-rises should be particularly careful, even housing societies with smaller buildings or bungalows cannot take fire lightly. It is thus the duty of each and every housing association to treat fire prevention and fighting as an essential part of their responsibilities.

What does this responsibility involve?

First and foremost, the society should ensure that all fire equipments are in working order and that they can be easily accessible. In addition, a housing association should take proactive steps to prevent fires, and in the worst case, minimize the loss to life in the eventuality of a fire. The best way to ensure that your society is equipped to respond to a fire emergency is by carrying out a fire drill at regular intervals.

Research show that close to 50% of people who die in fires were those who were trying to escape. A fire drill helps members develop an exit plan that could easily save precious lives. It teaches them to take control of the situation and follow a pre-prepared plan of action instead of panicking at the situation around them.

We at ApnaComplex recommend each and every housing association to carry out a Fire Drill in your society. This article aims to create awareness about the importance of a Fire Drill and the process of carrying out one.  

Carrying out a Fire Drill in your housing complex would involve the following three steps:

  • Planning the fire drill
  • Executing the plan
  • Assessing the outcome


  • Fix a date and time for the drill that will suit everyone in the society. A good weekend or a public holiday will be preferable.
  • Inform all the members of the housing society about the importance of the drill, as many might think it’s just a game.
  • Plan how each member in every home will escape from their rooms, starting with the bedrooms. If possible, plan two escape routes from each house; incase the first route is blocked due to some reason. For instance, the second route may be to go out a window, or stand at a window where firefighters can see the member.
  • No excuses should be allowed for not participating.  Everyone must leave the building during the drill period. Even babysitters, frequent visitors or overnight guests should be included.
  • Decide where every member will meet once they are outside.
  • Ask residents to lock their doors as usual while running out of their home during the drill.
  • Allocate two persons to coordinate the drill; one person for creating the smoke to blow the fire alarm and the other person to keep track of the time taken by each family to arrive at the meeting point.
  • Make a list of all the family members present in each family so that it would be easy to track the exit of all the members of the society.


  • At the determined time, ask one of the coordinators to create a smoke by lighting an incense-stick or some paper near any of the smoke sensors. The objective is to start the fire alarm in the building.
  • Once the alarm sounds, everybody in their homes should proceed promptly to the outside of the building by means of the nearest exit. Ensure that everyone reaches the desired meeting point within 3-4 minutes. If some people are unable to do so, make them do the drill again.
  • Ensure everyone in each household can open all doors and windows.
  • All members should proceed to the designated meeting place outside.
  • Once all people have reached the meeting place, reset the building alarm system.
  • Notify the building occupants that they can return to the building by giving the “all clear” signal.


  • Document every fire drill carried out and note the frequent problems faced. Seek the help of the nearby fire station for solutions.
  • Share this document with all the members of the society within 48 hours. Discuss the problems and solutions in details.
  • Put a timeline for the necessary actions to be carried and note its effectiveness during the next fire drill.

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Good habits to follow:

  • Test your smoke alarm once a month. Change standard batteries twice a year.
  • Carry out a fire drill at least twice a year.
  • Ensure that parking is not allowed near fire hydrants and that there is enough space for a fire truck to enter the society premises in case of an emergency.
  • In a real fire, get out and stay out. Then call the emergency fire brigade number. Do not go back into the building until it has been cleared by the fire brigade.
  • Residents can have windows with security bars that have an emergency release devices so they can be opened easily from the inside.

Taking adequate precautions and sincerely participating in Fire Drills can benefit everyone involved. If your housing association is planning to carry out a Fire Drill for the first time then do take the services of an expert who can guide you about it in a step-by-step manner. Also inform your nearest fire station about the exercise and seek any additional help in terms of information or personnel during the event.

This article aims at collating and providing a ready to use guideline for benefit of ApnaComplex customers and blog readers. While ApnaComplex has taken every care to ensure the information is accurate, we suggest to please use the information in the article as a guidance and do your own due diligence before any fire drill. If you need professional advice on this topic and any other property related matters, please send your request through our contact us form.

Document repository for Apartment Associations

We released new feature of “Document Repository” in ApnaComplex today.

Starting today, Administrators and members of a complex can upload documents of relevance in ApnaComplex secure repository.  This shall enable the community members to easily locate association documents – such as bye laws, meeting minutes, welcome kits, photos, vendor quotations, contract copies, building plans, regulatory certificates and just about anything relevant. 

We believe that this shall help both the members and the managing committees as this greatly improves accessibility of data to everyone at any time.

Efficient way of managing documents of an association

Efficient way of managing documents by an owners association

Any member can upload a document (up to 2 MB in size) along with a short description and select a relevant category. Members can search and sort for the documents based on the name, description, size or category making it easier to locate. No more issues of digging through emails or your personal desktops to find a particular document.

Any member can view or download a document and Administrators will have the ability to delete documents to ensure a clean repository.

With this feature, we sure hope to have made life little better for you!

And they lived happily ever after….!

Ask anyone in the Managing Committee of an apartment complex or a residential layout, and most of them will confess that it’s the most thankless job one can think of. What makes the job a challenge is the brickbats that follow even after having worked in the best interest of all. “You can never please everyone” is a truism that every apartment managing committee member learns early enough in their tenure!

But all’s not lost! If you’re a managing committee member, we are glad to reveal that there is a way you can actually reduce your work and even win some praise for the efforts you put in.

To begin, we’ll have to first understand where most managing committees stumble in getting along with the members/residents of the apartment complex or layout. Broadly, the issues that residents have with their managing committees can be classified under the following heads:

a.       Communication

b.      Complaint Resolution

c.       Transparency in Expenses

We are sure you’ll agree that almost 90% of the criticism that members of owners association have against their managing committees fall under these three heads. When it comes to communication, the most common grouse is that the managing committee didn’t communicate early enough or clearly enough. When it comes to complaint resolution, there are always comments from other members of the association saying that no complaint gets attended in time, same issues keep happening and so on. As for expenses, the lesser said the better. Members will always claim that they do not know where the money is being spent, that the Association should have curtailed expenses under certain heads and got a better deal on something.  

Now, if an Owners Association can “manage” to get these three aspects of their functioning in control then you could have a managing committee that will actually be loved… or let’s make it… accepted by the other members of the association and residents of the apartment complex.

So how do we go about doing it?

The answer is simple: use tools that help your Owners Association become efficient and thus more effective! At ApnaComplex we offer online technology solutions that help Managing Committees streamline their workflow and create better synergies with residents of the apartment. The Single Directory View of Members allows managing committee to view details of each owner and tenant in the apartment complex or layout. The powerful Notification features that we have ensures that you can use the power of SMS and emails to communicate with every member of your society – or broadcast to only specific segments of your members – like residents and tenants.

The online Complaint Box feature of ApnaComplex registers, tracks, and closes complaints from all apartment members in a central place. Complaints shall be filed under various categories and tracked till closure. Residents can know the status of a complaint anytime and also how many complaints are attended to by the maintenance staff. Sure, that makes the residents happier.

Apart from these, ApnaComplex offers rich features to support your billing and expenses. The Maintenance Charge Tracking feature allows the Treasurer to raise invoices for various charges and tracks payments made against them. To make the life of a Treasurer even simpler, the Income Tracking feature captures the details of income from maintenance collection and other revenue heads. The Instant Receipts Issuance feature not only enables speedy creation of receipts but also enables members to view/download the receipts at any time. In addition, the Expense Tracking feature tracks expenses incurred under various heads and the Publish Accounts Statement publishes statements at the push of a button to all members and on to the notice board. Now, that’s total transparency.

 Finally, the Metered Billing feature ensures that invoices are generated for various metered utilities such as a piped gas or water meter against each house and their respective payments are tracked with in ApnaComplex!

If that covers 90% of all issues, we are glad to inform you that we haven’t missed out on the remaining 10% either. ApnaComplex has an Online Notice Board that ensures every one can post their needs to all members. Online Notice Board can be used by Managing Committee to ensure meetings and other events are known to everyone. To ensure that only authorized personnel can access the Management Committee features, ApnaComplex has an effective Role Based access control system. So while ApnaComplex can be used by all, the right to information and features is rigidly controlled.

If you are a member of an Owners Association or an owner/resident in an apartment complex or gated community, please register your complex now and experience how ApnaComplex can make your apartment management easier, efficient and effective. We are confident you are going to love what you see.

Live a perfect life with ApnaComplex

As a member of a gated community, you would be enjoying a level of comfort and security that people on the other side of the fence can only dream of. While this exclusivity translates into peace of mind, convenience and higher returns in terms of increased property and rental values, there are always some niggles or the other that could make you say “if only this was possible it would have been perfect!”

An instance would be the time you missed an important society meeting simply because someone forgot to inform you about it! There might also have been occasions when you may have wanted to make a complaint or request permission to hold a function but just didn’t get the time to write to the Managing Committee. Or maybe you wanted to share an important announcement with your fellow residents but couldn’t get the approval of your Committee in time. Then of course there are those notices lost in transit, misplaced bill receipts, minutes of the meeting that didn’t reach you and so on. These are just a few of the many small but significant issues that leave you with a feeling that things could be so much better if only there was a more efficient way of handling them!

That’s exactly where ApnaComplex comes in. At ApnaComplex, we are dedicated to make the world you inhabit as complete as possible. For the sake of simplicity (another proof of our intention to make things better for you), we would categorize the benefits we offer in the following manner:

ApnaComplex - Home Page

ApnaComplex - Residential Layout and Apartment Complex Management Software

a)      Saving precious time

b)      Keeping your identity and data private and secure

c)      Making communication more efficient

d)     Providing financial information at your fingertips

e)      Improving social interaction with fellow residents

Now that we’ve listed the benefits, let’s take a quick look at how ApnaComplex actually makes them possible.

a) Saving precious time

  1. The speed and connectivity of an online platform ensures that you can connect from anywhere, anytime to carry out all your correspondences and get updated on all activities in your complex.
  2. Our focus on usability ensures that you spend the minimal amount of time on carrying out any activity: from responding to an email to posting an ad to checking your bill payments.
  3. A Dashboard view ensures that all your transactions and communications can be accessed easily and quickly.
  4. You can also save time and energy by booking your clubhouse facilities, library and other services online through ApnaComplex.
  5. Consolidated view to a member of all activities in the complex.

    Consolidated view to a member of all activities in the complex.

b) Keeping your identify and data private and secure

  1. With ApnaComplex, you can communicate with people within or outside your complex without revealing your email address. This ensures that while you are able to send and receive mails, your email id remains private until you choose to reveal it.
  2. Others can also contact you directly without having to know your email id.
  3. Your data is 100% secure even while transit. The entire portal is SSL enabled – which means peace of mind.

c) Making communication more efficient

  1. You can receive important information such as your maintenance dues, emergency repair schedules, association meetings, etc. directly from committee members by email/sms.
  2. You can raise, view, track complaints related to your house in one place. If you mange more than one house – whether within the same complex or outside – you can manage all activities using ApnaComplex in an integrated way.
  3. You can view the directory of all members as well as know the members on your Managing Committee and communicate with them.
  4. If you want to offer your house for sale/rent, you can simply put up an online classified ad in ApnaComplex that will be made available on the Internet. This ad can be accessed by people both within and outside the complex. This way, you not only save on the effort required to post your ad on various online sites you also save on hefty brokerage fees as you can get in direct touch with the lessee or buyer.

d) Providing financial information at your fingertips

  1. You can enter payments made to your association online and get confirmation on validation by the Treasurer.
  2. You can view a consolidated statement of all the charges and payments made for all the houses you own.
  3. You can view as well as download receipts in PDF format for the payments you made, any time (did we hear a sigh of relief from the Treasurer there?).
  4. You can see how the money is being spent on the complex maintenance with help of expense statement that Treasurers can publish every month.

e) Improving social interaction with fellow members

  1. You can publish notices online that will reach all other members.
  2. You can communicate with other members in your complex about upcoming events, meetings, and any other activity without having to know their email ids.
  3. You can know and reach your managing committee  members through our secure messaging feature.

This is just the beginning of what we’ve in plans for you. We are currently focusing on getting more information about local businesses and services at your fingertips and many more such features that offers you a little more convinience. We’ll keep you posted on the developments.

In the meanwhile please let us have your feedback on the features currently on offer. Good, bad or ugly – we’d love to hear from you. We’d also appreciate any ideas on features and functionality that will make ApnaComplex more useful for you. So please feel free to get in touch with us with your thoughts and comments. You can contact us here.

So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself and your complex. Now.