Energy conservation is something that every apartment association is bent about these days – and there’s a reason behind this. Apartment complexes are huge structures, and the overall energy consumption in an apartment complex will normally be very high. The scenario grows worse especially during the winter season, when people start switching on their heaters without a second thought.

The general need for energy conservation is high, and residents these days are more environmentally inclined and eco-conscious. In such a scenario, any apartment association will be expected to carve out some measures through which the overall power consumption in the apartment complex can be reduced.

Save All The Energy You Can In Your Apartment ... It Counts!

Save All The Energy You Can In Your Apartment ... It Counts!

There are many ways through which members of an apartment association and residents together bring down their consumptions levels, and these are just everyday steps that are easy to follow.

Performing an Energy Audit

Performing an energy audit is a very effective way of bringing down the power consumption levels. All you need to do is monitor your energy consumption for over a week, because in this way you’ll easily be able to spot the appliances which consume the most power. The honor unanimously goes to air conditioners during the summer months and heaters during the winter months, thanks to the extreme Indian weather.

Performing an energy audit will help you gauge if any appliance is malfunctioning and not working properly. Appliances that are past their prime can drain a lot of energy, and these need to be identified and replaced immediately.

Insulating Your Exteriors

With the advent of winter, heaters are bound to start working full time in every household in the apartment complex. By improving the insulation in the exterior walls of the house, better protection against the cold can be provided, and this will consequently help in setting the electricity bill right.

You can hire the services of a professional to get the insulation done, and this will cost you significantly lesser when compared to electricity bills that you’ll have to meet through the winter months.

Improving Your Interiors

Design the interiors of your house in a good way so that there are enough spaces for natural sunlight to creep through. Open all blinds and pull back all the curtains in the morning, while ensuring that you never turn on the lights, on any account. During winter time, cover all the windows in your house with thick drapes so that the heat stays within the room. This is a very effective method that many people follow.

Giving your interiors a new twist also includes changing your old power draining bulbs and lighting accessories with new age energy efficient ones. There are many LED light bulbs that are available in the market, and these bulbs provide the same light for lesser power. By introducing these LED light bulbs, you can majorly cut down on your overall electricity expenses.

Maintaining your appliances well can also help you save energy. Furnaces and other heating equipments come with filters, and these have to be regularly cleaned so that the appliances don’t consume too much power.

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