Ending the year on a high note with this wonderful testimonial from Ravichandran Ramakrishnan, Treasurer at Citilights Liberty:

“We have been using ApnaComplex web portal in our complex for past 5 months and find is very helpful to manage our day to day work. It really helped in bringing all the details of our complex in one place with help of Member Directory, Vehicle Directory, Asset Register & Vendor Directory. ApnaComplex really helped all of our office bearers to transact the association related matters transparently with the help of Complaint box and Noticeboard modules.

In addition, as a Treasurer, ApnaComplex has been a boon to manage accounting areas like creating maintenance invoices, other charges like Club house usage etc. I really love the automatic soft copy of receipt issued to member upon payment confirmation. Bank reconciliation is helpful to maintain the accuracy for auditing. Mail and SMS support are great help to deal with members.

More than all these, the support we receive from ApnaComplex is exemplary – the support team responds instantaneously in most of the cases for any queries or clarifications.

I wish the team at ApnaComplex reach greater heights.”

Thank you Ravi for your words and support!