People normally envision a housing society as a peaceful and serene complex, sans the maddening traffic that the outside roads are filled with. This is true to an extent, but sometimes housing societies and gated communities also fall prey to excessive vehicular traffic due to many reasons.

Reasons For Heavy Traffic

Managing the traffic during such instances becomes very important, and proper steps should be taken before things get out of hand. There are certain instances when vehicular traffic in a housing society can hit an all-time high and these are:

  • During the peak morning hours when residents start for work
  • During the evening hours when they return home
  • During any events and festivals like New Year’s Eve
  • During instances when outside traffic gets diverted within a housing society

Traffic during the peak morning and evening hours is understandable, but traffic during the other instances can be brought under control.

Traffic Signs Are Useful

Traffic Signs Are Useful

Steps To Manage Traffic In A Housing Society

There are certain steps that members of the managing committee can be taken in order to manage the vehicular traffic within a housing society. Some of these are:

Following A One Way System

All roads in a housing society can be made one-way so that there is no congestion within the complex. One gate in the housing society can be used as an entry point and another gate can be used as an exit point to make things easier.

Blocking Outside Vehicles Through Security Guards

Turning all roads into one-way lanes will also help in keeping a tab on the vehicles that enter the complex and exit the same. Sometimes outside vehicles may enter the complex looking for short cuts, and these can be stopped effectively. A security guard can be posted near the gate for this purpose to take note of the vehicles that are entering the housing society. All vehicles owned by housing society members can be provided with ID stickers and numbers, so that it’s easy to filter out the residents’ vehicles and outer vehicles.

Providing Prior Information About Parties

Residents can provide prior information about any parties that they’re hosting and the expected number of vehicles, so that the security guard near the gate has a good idea on who to let in.

Installing Speed Bumps

Things can turn worse when vehicles start speeding on the housing society’s lanes. This can be stopped by fixing up speed breakers and speed bumps at ideal spots so that vehicles can’t accelerate beyond a point. Speed limits can also be set up within the complex, similar to the speed limits within the city.

Installing Road Signs

There are many places in a housing society where vehicles should move in a slow manner. Places like playgrounds and tot lots are strongholds where children play, and adequate road signs should be installed in such places. This can help in minimizing the number of accidents and also in managing the traffic well.  Signs can also be provided for direction, so that the traffic flow within the complex is smooth even during peak hours.

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