ApnaComplex wishes every one a very Happy Holi!

Celebrate, rejoice and make merry – while dodging splashes of colors at the same time. Take some time off your chores and unwind with your fellow members in the society. We’ve put together some simple dos and don’ts for a safe, thoughtful and fun Holi. You can also download these Do’s and Don’ts in a printer friendly, attractive poster format that you can share with all your society members and also put up on your Society’s noticeboard.

Holi Poster that can be placed in your Society's Noticeboard

Holi Poster that can be placed in your Society's Noticeboard

Dos and Don’ts

Dos Don’ts
  • Use all-natural colors and powders made from flower extracts
  • Give your children buckets of clean water and monitor their activities
  • Roll your car windows up while driving inside the apartment complex
  • Take out your old and faded clothes and wear them for the occasion
  • Apply colors on people’s faces in a gentle manner, and understand that some residents may not be in a mood to celebrate
  • Give your children a short brief on the cultural significance behind the fun festival
  • Apply oil on your skin and hair – you can slip away easily, and the colors won’t stick!


  • Don’t use unclean water
  • Don’t use artificial colors (abir), as these contain flakes of mica
  • Don’t pour colored water on plants and garden areas
  • Don’t create a mess in the common areas and parking lots, always stick to the site that the committee decides on
  • Drinking bhang maybe customary, but don’t force feed it to anyone
  • Don’t take things to heart if your neighbor’s children go overboard, be forgiving
  • Don’t spray colors on the walls, vehicles or doorways of other residents
  • Don’t throw balloons or spray colored water inside other flats, and respect their personal space


May the festival bring along good health and good luck to you and your family!