Any housing society will need a good service staff so that its residents find it easier to get their job done. Along with a good set of people who can take care of the apartment’s maintenance, the apartment association should also hire security guards and housekeeping staff, as these are key roles that need to be filled.

Members of the apartment association will find that they have a multitude of options in hand, when it comes to hiring security personnel and housekeeping staff. They should list out all their options and try and get the best bargains, so that they can keep their overall expenditure minimal.

Choosing A Security Agency:

When it comes to selecting the right security agency, there are many factors that the association in a housing society can consider to get a good bargain:

  • The reliability quotient involved with the security agency. Some agencies will be well known and they’ll offer their services to apartment complexes and commercial regions all around town. These agencies can be considered first and their offers compared.
  • The managing committee should check whether the number of shifts that the security agency provides is adequate. Some security agencies might send two guards through the day, while other might send three.
  • While hiring security personnel, it’s important to take their experience into account. Security men with proper training will be able to respond to threats in a more effective manner.
  • The versatility of such security personnel can also be considered. They should be able to support the maintenance crew if there are any sudden problems, and they should also know how to administer first aid if there are any accidents within the complex.
  • The roles of these security guards should be made clear firstly, and their many tasks should be correctly specified. Details on whether they have to guard the gate and take note of all outside vehicles that enter the housing society should be put down.

Choosing The Housekeeping Staff:

Consider All Your Housekeeping Options

Consider All Your Housekeeping Options

A housing society can either have its own housekeeping staff or it can let the residents choose their staff for themselves. Having a standard housekeeping staff is better, because the staff members will be known and familiar individuals, bringing down security concerns by a great margin.

The following factors should be considered so that the association can get a good bargain:

  • The tasks of the housekeeping staff need to be listed down. Housekeeping services in India include washing, sweeping, cleaning and dusting services so these should all be taken into account.
  • The working hours of these individuals should also be properly specified.
  • Their monthly salaries and any bonuses that should be given during the festive season should be noted.
  • The number of days that the housekeeping staff can take leave should also be mentioned.

Once all these factors are taken into account and the many options are considered, it’ll be easier for a housing society to choose the right personnel for good rates.

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