Come Republic Day or Independence Day, the members of every apartment complex will organize an Indian flag hoisting ceremony – Here’s a brief synopsis of the Indian flag hoisting rules so that you celebrate the day the “right” way!

The Need

It’s important to be aware of the Indian flag hoisting rules purely because the Indian flag is a national symbol and the government has laid down certain instructions for its proper display.

The managing committee in any apartment complex should take up the responsibility of ensuring that all these instructions are fully followed.

Apart from the managing committee, it is also essential for every resident in the apartment complex to be aware of these rules so that no misuse occurs, either deliberately or by accident.

What The Laws State

The Indian Flag Code specifies the dimensions of the flag and how it should be constructed. This is a measure taken to ensure that the flags used everywhere are similar in their design and size.

The Construction

  • The Indian flag should be a perfect rectangle, with a ratio of 3:2 between the length and the width.
  • It should be made of handspun khadi, or of cotton, silk or wool.
  • The flag should be split into three equal panels – a saffron panel at the top, a white panel in the middle and a green panel at the bottom, thus constituting the tricolor.
  • A navy blue Ashoka Chakra should adorn the centre of the white panel, with 24 spokes that are equally spaced.
  • The flag’s size should be one among these: 150×100, 225×150, 450×300, 900×600, 1350×900, 1800×1200, 2700×1800, 3600×2400, and 6300×4200 (in mm).

Hoisting the Indian flag in Your Apartment Complex

Notice the equally spaced spokes in the Chakra.. that’s important!

The Indian flag hoisting rules also cover instances of the flag’s misuse and specify the proper procedure through which the flag should be hoisted.

  • The national flag should not be used to cover any building or vehicle (including aircrafts, road vehicles and boats).
  • During an Indian flag hoisting ceremony, the saffron panel should always be on top. The flag should never be hoisted upside down.
  • The Indian flag should hold no lettering or inscriptions of any kind, and it should never touch the ground or trail in water.
  • The National Flag should not be used for covering any speaker’s desk, platform or monument.
  • There should be no emblem or flag to the national flag’s right, or above the national flag.
  • In a procession where there are other flags involved, the Indian flag should either be carried on the marching right, or up front, ahead of the central line.
  • The flag should never be flown at half mast, unless the government specifically demands that it should be.
  • There should be no other flags in the same masthead in which the Indian flag is hoisted.
  • Paper flags can be used during days of national importance. However, these paper flags should not be thrown on the ground after their use in public and they should be disposed of in a dignified manner, privately.
  • A damaged flag should never be displayed, and such flags can be privately disposed by burning.
  • The national anthem should be sung once people salute the flag. It’s important to follow the etiquette specified for the national anthem as well.
  • It is common practice in functions to allow the national flag to hold flower petals. Although this is an accepted practice, the Indian flag code prevents the use of any confetti or decorative materials other than flower petals.

The Apartment managing committee can take things a step further by printing out such rules (that many people are bound to be unaware of) and giving all residents a copy, so that they follow the same. It’s a great way to educate the public on the Indian flag and the national pride that it represents.

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