The common terrace, as the name suggests, is a public space that’s open to all residents in a housing society. Since this space is used by everybody in the housing society, it’s the responsibility of every resident to contribute towards its maintenance.

When dirt accumulates in the terrace and water is allowed to stagnate, the terrace will turn into a hotbed for mosquitoes and other parasites, giving rise to diseases and infections that the residents will be exposed to.

For this reason, every person using the terrace should make it a point to keep the terrace clean and tidy throughout the year.

common terrace maintenance

Maintenance Tips for the Terrace

If you find that your housing society terrace is in bad condition, you can inform the apartment association about the same so that some steps can be taken in order to rectify the situation. The maintenance team should at least clean the terrace once a week.

Apart from the maintenance team, all residents should take a keen interest in maintaining the terrace as it qualifies as common property.

  • The terrace should be regularly washed and dirt should be periodically removed.
  • The maintenance team should regularly sweep the terrace floor and keep the place clean of leaves or feathers or plastic covers.
  • Water should not be allowed to stagnate and the terrace should always be kept dry. Stagnant water or seepage can also weaken the building, so this should be avoided.
  • The rain water from the terrace should be diverted to a storage area. The RWH system should have a proper outlet and this structure should be regularly maintained.
  • The outlets of the RWH system should be cleaned so that there’s no seepage or leaks in the system. Sometimes the drain might be blocked due to accumulating rubbish, so this should be cleaned in a timely manner.
  • If the residents use the open terrace for organizing functions, get-togethers, or parties, the space should be extensively cleaned after the event.
  • The railing in a terrace should be properly maintained as it is an important safety feature. Metal railing should be oiled and kept clean by the maintenance crew in order to prevent its weakening.

Maintaining a good terrace certainly has its benefits:

  • The terrace could be place where all the residents come together for festivals and functions.
  • A well maintained terrace can be an ideal spot for a playing range (if the walls are safely high) or a small garden.

Even special terraces like these need to be maintained well, because terrace gardens can make the space prone to dry and dead leaves. You can contribute to the maintenance of the terrace by taking the initiative and organizing a cleaning schedule for all residents.

This can be held during a weekend and it can be a fun way for the residents to get together while cleaning the terrace and clearing away the dust and dirt. A well maintained terrace can help you prevent infections and diseases and in keeping the housing society clean.

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