ApnaComplex is delighted to feature an interview from Saahas – the organization that every waste sensitive communities would know. Below is a detailed interview from Ms. Babita Saxena, Program Head at Saahas who explains more about Saahas and gives advice on how Gated Communities can benefit from services offered by Saahas.

Saahas has been doing tremendous work in Waste Management in Bangalore for many years. Can you please explain the background and about the mission of Saahas?

Saahas is registered as a society in 2001 has been into solid waste management for the past 12 years and has been committed towards the goal of Zero Waste Bangalore. Based in Bangalore, we work with government institutions, companies, households and schools to bring attention to best practices in the management of solid waste and support implementation of these systems. We work with the informal sector to strengthen the capacities of workers and provide better livelihood opportunities.

Saahas LogoThough we are based in Bangalore, we have recently begun operations in Chennai and Goa as well. In the medium to long term, we would look to expand to second or third tier cities around Bangalore. Our organization has studied the Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling Rules) 2000 and we believe that it provides excellent guidelines for improving the existing situation of solid waste management in the city.

Our Vision: To have waste managed in a manner which will recover all the embedded resources, while enhancing livelihood options and safeguarding our environment.

Our Mission: Our mission is to develop and facilitate implementation of best practices in waste management so that generators take responsibility for their waste. This in turn will ensure minimal impact to the environment even while livelihood options are enhanced.

What are the different services offered by Saahas?

Saahas provides different types of services that can be broadly categorized as follows:

  • Complete management of wet and dry waste. (Wet waste management through composting and dry waste sorted and sent to respective recyclers / scrap dealers) at the client’s premises. (option of only wet or only dry waste management is also provided)
  • Dry waste collection from the client premises on a weekly basis, so that they are sorted and sent to respective recyclers / scrap dealers). This option is feasible for small sized apartments.
  • E-waste collection
  • Hand Holding clients with management of wet waste for a period of 1 or two months. This is especially useful for clients where wet waste generation is not huge and does not require a full time personnel to manage the wet waste. In such places, house keeping staff can be trained to handle this activity along with their regular activity.

Can Apartment Complexes approach Saahas for consultancy on SWM and for audit of their SWM practices?

Yes, apartment complexes can approach Saahas for consultancy on SWM and for audit of their SWM practices. We can help them get started.

Can Apartment Complexes totally outsource their waste management to Saahas?

Wet Waste, Dry / Recyclable Waste, Garden Waste as well as e-Waste can be handled by Saahas. The hazardous and sanitary waste will continue to be picked up by BBMP.

Does Saahas cater to Private Layouts as well?

Yes, as long as the layout has mechanism established to collect waste (door to door) and bring it to a central location which can then be handled by Saahas.

Are there any apartment complexes using services of Saahas?

Yes. We are servicing a number of apartments in Bangalore. Some of our existing large clients are Mantri Tranquil, Prestige Shantiniketan, Mantri Flora, Brigade Classic etc.

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With the increased awareness of Solid Waste Management in Bangalore communities, is there any message you want to say to residents of gated communities in regards to SWM practices?

Instead of getting demotivated that nothing is happening w.r.t the new rules, the communities should take up responsibility to manage their own waste, so as to reduce the burden on the landfills. Any such major changes are bound to have teething problems, and it is only prudent that each community comes forward and take care of their waste atleast and contribute towards a better city and better environment. With communities / apartments it is easier.

Communities must also take responsibility to ensure that the low value waste like packing materials from kitchen, wrappers, tetrapak etc., are truly put to recycling by the vendor who picks up the recyclable waste.

How to reach out to Saahas?

431, 8th Cross
Jayanagar 1st block
Bangalore -11
Ph: 41689889, 26563663
Email: response@saahas.org
Website: www.saahas.org

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