We have released a new tool as a part of Society Management Tool-set – ‘Ownership History’.

Resale of flats is a very common transaction in most housing societies and there is a need to track such re-sale or ownership change as it impacts the association member list. Quite a few societies charge the new owners a ‘Transfer Fees’.

ApnaComplex, the leading Apartment Management Software now has a new module just to track ownership changes. All along, ApnaComplex was able to track changes to resident data through the ‘Member Directory’ module. The new module exclusively focuses on Ownership Changes and to maintain the history of ownership of a given flat / villa.

Administrator can now add/delete/update Ownership Records to each flat. When adding a new Ownership Record, admin will have to enter the various new information like owner name, purchase / registration date and other information necessary to create the record. Any past dated or future dated records can be added as well. The system automatically considers the record with latest purchase date as the current owner. All records with past dates will continue to be there in the system and can looked up at any time.

Like with all other bulk upload features in ApnaComplex, Administrators can import data into the portal using an excel sheet (template provided) here as well! Makes life easy, doesn’t it?

Members will not be able to see these records and exclusive access is provided only to Administrators.

With the already existing features of Tenant Lease Management and ability to associate multiple documents to every flat / unit, the ownership tracking nicely fits into the society data management tool-set.

Head to Reports->Registers->Ownership Details to get started!

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