Archives: March 25, 2013

Announcing ApnaComplex for Federations of Neighbourhood RWAs

We are proud to announce the launch of ‘ApnaComplex for Federations‘ – A first of its kind software for Federations.

ApnaComplex for Federations is based on the award winning ApnaComplex used by individual apartment owners associations – customized to suit the needs of Federations. ApnaComplex for Federations will assist Federations conduct their operations easily. Until now there is no software that is dedicated to be used by Federations and now ApnaComplex for Federations fills the gap for the first time.

What is a Federation?

Federation, in this context, is a group of Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) / Apartment Owners Associations / Gated Communities and similar such bodies. The core objective of such federations would typically be to improve the life of residents in the neighborhood by actively participating in local issues.

Forming a federation of multiple Resident Welfare Associations in a neighbourhood is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon in most cities across India. With help of ApnaComplex, Federations can leverage technology to manage their operations easily and focus on their objective instead of spending time on administrative aspects.

ApnaComplex for Federations

As a starting point, ApnaComplex for Federations offers easy way to handle the communication and management needs of federations. Following are the tools offered at a high level:

  • Add other Resident Welfare Associations as Member Associations or a Federation
  • Add owners/residents from each RWA as Community Representatives in the Federation.
  • Discuss among all community representatives with help of Mailing lists & Forums.
  • Form Sub Groups with their own forums to create specific task forces with in the federation.
  • Post notices that automatically gets posted on Member RWA portal notice boards.
  • Maintain all documents of federations in a central place.
  • Schedule Meetings with unlimited Email/SMS Reminders to all invitees. Capture Meeting Minutes, Action Items etc.
  • Photo Gallery to upload pictures of Federation organized events.
  • Maintaining list of Office Bearers / Committee Members with election dates and history
  • Dedicated Homepage for the Federation

As always, the feature set will evolve as more federations use.

What does ApnaComplex for Federations Cost?

Here’s the best news! ApnaComplex for Federations is offered FREE at zero cost to the Federations!

How to sign up my federation for this?

If you are part of a federation or planning to start one – get started with ApnaComplex for Federations! Contact us with your federation details and we would be glad to set it up for you!

The Uttar Pradesh Apartment Act 2010, Rules and Model Bye-Laws

Below are copies of different official documents for apartment communities of Uttar Pradesh

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