We are happy to inform you the release of Wiki – a brand new feature that shall help you streamline publishing of various policies, procedures, guidelines, newsletters, FAQs etc. in your society.

Wiki is essentially a central place to put all your society related “content”.

You might ask “Does ApnaComplex not have a repository where we store all documents, already?” – Yes, Repository is for documents (like AMC Contracts, Quotations etc.), Gallery for pictures, and Wiki is for “Content”. The content we refer here is new information created – like a Monthly News Letter, a Policy on Pets, Swimming Pool usage guidelines, Diwali Celebration Tips, a simple Getting Started for your new tenants – the list is endless.

With Wiki, you can now create new “Articles” that can be revised any number of times by various people (with relevant permissions) and the final version can be published to the members. You can see all the past versions of the article and even compare two revisions to know the changes. Just like with every thing else, you can control the accessibility of the articles to only owners, only committee members and so on.

Members can see all published articles directly in the portal – just like browsing any website. There is no need to download any document to read it. This content stays there permanently – unlike a notice that gets expired after few days.

With help of Wiki – we now take the collaboration with in the community to next level as multiple people can keep updating a draft before it gets published. Makes lot easier to review.

There are two new roles – Wiki Author and Wiki Publisher added as well – Authors can contribute to content where as Publisher shall can not only contribute content, but also finalize it and publish to the entire community.