One of the frequent questions that we hear from committee members regarding ApnaComplex is that – “what about members who do not have internet access?”. This especially comes up in the context of Society Billing Software – which helps in emailing invoices / demand notes that are being raised to members. Committee members are concerned about members who are not internet savvy and thus may not get to see a proper invoice in time. Hence committee members want to print the invoices for all those members and drop a paper copy of the invoice in these members’ mail boxes.

In ApnaComplex we always had the ability to download all the invoices / demand notes of a billing cycle in a single PDF. Using this, the estate manager can print only invoices of those flats that require a paper invoice. While this solves the problem to a large extent – it becomes very cumbersome for the estate manager to remember the flats that needs paper copy and then to identify them in the PDF file.

To solve this, we now have an ability to capture if a flat needs a paper invoice. This preference against every flat/plot can be captured in the Complex->Residential Units screen. Once this is done, when invoices are raised in a billing period – admins will be able to download another PDF which only contains the invoices of those flats who need a paper invoice. This PDF can be downloaded from Income->Invoices->Billed Invoice Groups screen. This PDF can directly be printed by estate manager. There is no need to remember and then search for the invoices of these flat. ApnaComplex does the heavy lifting for you. You just need to click the print button 🙂

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