New User Interface. New Beginning.

We are super-excited to announce the launch the completely redesigned the user interface of your favourite portal.

The new interface is modern, sleek and takes into account of the web UI patterns that has changed a lot in last 4 years when we launched ApnaComplex. The new UI is also responsive – which means it works well on tablets and phones and other smaller sized screens – which was an issue in the past.

We have provided an option to switch back and forth between to the old “classic” UI and the new UI for few weeks till our users take time to adjust to the new UI – post which the new UI will become standard for every one.

We have intentionally retained the familiarity of the menu structure and all the internal navigation for now. We will gradually change the interfaces of various modules so at we can ease you into the new way of doing things. In other words, its just beginning of the new interface with more and more changes coming your way as we move forward.

We have received several positive reviews already with the new UI and here is a sample we just received:

I honestly feel that ApnaComplex has gone to the next level with its new UI.

We are happy to be associated with you. I am now extremely happy (both as individual and as President of Manar Elegance Owners Association).

The usability in mobile browsers is now nice and intuitive. Thanks for the work and congratulations to the developers and support team at ApnaComplex in achieving this significant milestone.