ApnaComplex conducted a better apartment management conference on November 15, 2014. Better Apartment Management conference covered different aspects of managing apartments more efficiently and offered several useful tips for Managing Committees.

Managing Apartment Complexes is a tough job – Managing them efficiently is even tougher! The problems start cropping up when everyone wants to run an apartment in his/her way. Significant part of the problem lies in the fact that the people who manage the apartment complexes are volunteers with no formal background in dealing issues surrounding the apartment management.

To bridge this knowledge gap, Raj Sekhar Kommu, Co-founder of ApnaComplex conducted a session on – “7 Habits of Highly Effective Managing Committees”. Rajs has been a part of managing committees in several capacities for 5 years and understands the pain points of both managing committees and residents. His session aimed to throw light on the fact that what traits or habits make a few managing committees more effective and successful than others in managing their apartments.

Highly effective management committees bring about a significant positive change in any apartment community. Let’s explore what are the seven habits that make some managing committees better than others:

#Habit 1: Works as a team

#Habit 2: Always Communicates

#Habit 3: Takes Responsibility

#Habit 4: Highly disciplined

#Habit 5: Smart Financial Control

#Habit 6: Inclusive Culture

#Habit 7: Cooperates

We will be publishing a series of posts on each habit to help you understand how the above mentioned habits are a pre-requisite for any effective management committee. Log onto www.apnacomplex.com regularly for knowing more about managing your apartment in a much more efficient manner.