Communication-ToolsApnaComplex has always tried its best to offer the best possible facilities and tools to its users. Communication gap has always been a problem in most of the apartments. There is a lack of an effective communication system among co-committee members or between the apartment management committee members and residents. Understanding this gap, ApnaComplex offers various communication tools to its users for their convenience.

Overview of ApnaComplex Communication Tools:

(1)Notice Board 

(2)Forums (Classifieds, Discussion Forum, Notice Board, Groups, Polling Booth )





screenshot-apnacomplex (1)


As an ApnaComplex member (whether you are part of apartment management committee or not) you may need to do one of the following at some point in time:  

(a) Communicate with all residents

(b) Send out personal or one-to-one messages

(c) Communicate with Administrator of your portal

(d) Communicate with Committee

(e) Communicate with Registered Owners

(f) Communicate with sub-groups of residents

(g) Reach out a larger connected, trusted audience

When you need to send a message across to and individual or a group in your residential complex, there are different communication options to choose from for different communication scenarios. This can be a bit confusing for a new user!

We will publish a series of blogs for you to understand exactly which communication tool will be best suited for what scenario and the guidelines to use the same. Let us know your doubts, queries on ApnaComplex communication tools by commenting on this blog and we can help you solve them. Log onto regularly for more information on ApnaComplex communication tools.