The news of the Omicron outbreak – a new variant of the novel coronavirus and the increasing COVID-19 cases is forcing companies to postpone reopening offices and many have already extended work from home.

Though work from home (WFH) adds convenience to employees and their wallets are a little heavier than before, we cannot ignore the ramifications of WFH especially on mental health.    

In this article, we share a few tips on what you can do to improve and brighten your home workspace and make the best of what you have.

Let your house and home office shine

Nothing is more calming and lively than a well-lit house. Keep your home and workspace ventilated and let sunlight bathe the rooms as much as possible. If your room doesn’t have enough ventilation, brighten it by adding twinkling lights and lamps. This will uplift your mood too.

Similarly, paint your house with light and cool colours that can reflect the sunlight better. According to studies, these colours are also soothing to the mind and aids in reducing stress.

Remove clutter

A cluttered house/home office will definitely add to the stress. Take time and declutter your workspace and house and keep your home pristine in general. These will have calming effects on your mental health and improve overall wellness.  

Style your home office with minimal interior decoration and get rid of items you seldom use. Keep dustbin inside your office room so that junk doesn’t litter the ground and desk. These measures can have a profound impact on your health and can even up your efficiency.

Make comfort your priority

The office room is where you spend most of your day and therefore invest in furniture and chair that supports your back. An uncomfortable chair strains your back muscles. Likewise, add cushions and footrest for additional comfort.

Coming to the desk, ensure that its height reaches your chest while using it. This reduces overall strain. Importantly, stretch your body often throughout the day and indulge in some exercises that improve posture. Bad postures and constant sitting over a period of time will have long-term complications on the spine.

Be time conscious

One of the biggest disadvantages of WFH is not keeping a track of time. While engrossed with work, you are very likely to work overtime and doing this for months at a stretch will cause burnout.

Also, take 10 minutes every one hour. This will give sufficient rest to your mind and enable it to function better. It is also important to have ‘me time’. Indulge in things you love like reading, baking, watching video games or playing a sport inside your premises. This will do you a lot of good.

Include greenery and some quietness

Like sunlight plants also have invigorating effects. Indoor potted plants add aesthetics to the house and also, act as natural air purifiers and have mild detoxification effects. Sweet-smelling herbs can calm your mind and bring down stress.

Also, keeping the room quiet as much as possible is vital for efficiency. Too much noise distracts and affects performance. Eliminate this hurdle by making your room sound-proof or investing in good noise-cancelling headphones if you are living in a noisy neighbourhood.

One of the biggest downsides of WFH is is human interaction or the lack of it. In these times, it is unwise to step out of your house or community just or invite guests.

If you are living in a gated community, you can easily reduce the intensity of this negative implication. Interact with your neighbours and form clubs with like-minded people. A tool like ApnaComplex helps bring communities together through its robust Communication module.

Using ApnaComplex you can connect with other residents and start discussions, create groups for various purposes and interact with like-minded neighbours, absolutely clutter-free. The management can also send notices and broadcast important messages instantly. Additionally, ApnaComplex’s CORONA SHIELD helps you to covid-proof your society as much as possible. This adds an additional layer of safety to your community.  

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