The year 2022 is just around the corner and the New Year spirit is indeed infectious. What can be more fun than a little get-together and connection with people accompanied by food, music, dance, and a little masti?

In this article, we tell you how you can meticulously plan a New Year party and make it a massive success in your Society using a few simple tools of ApnaComplex.

Estimate the budget

The first step towards making your New Year Party a successful affair is to draw up a budget after calculating various expenses. ApnaComplex Budget Variance report helps you to keep a track of your expenses and ensure that you are spending within the means. This budget estimation is very vital for gauging how much each household or participating households must contribute.

Collect the money

Now that you have a budget in hand, finalise the contribution amount and request the participating households to chip in. Or you can determine the ticket fee for each person/household and collect it as an entrance fee. The transactions can be digitally recorded in ApnaComplex and post-party, the balance sheet will be auto-reconciled by the app.

Broadcast party details

Using ApnaComplex Communication Module, you broadcast the party details – including time, venue, entry fee, restrictions, etc to your residents via group chats, e-mail, SMS, app notifications. In case, if the entire Society is not taking part, ApnaComplex allows you to create a custom, close-knit group only including those participating residents, and you can broadcast information to those members only.

Create booking slots for the venue

Once you have decided the venue (clubhouse, Society’s park, lobby, etc), to streamline the attending process, you can custom-create a booking slot using the ApnaComplex Facility Management module. Residents can book the slots beforehand to attend the party. This will give you an idea of how many households will attend and may prevent overcrowding too.

Effectively manage vendors

A party cannot be complete without great food, music, and drinks. Effectively manage the caterers and DJ using ApnaComplex Vendor Management feature and digitally record vendor contracts or other documents in ApnaComplex document repository.

Ensure COVID Safety

To keep up with COVID protocols and ensure the safety of the residents, deploy the ApnaComplex COVID tracker feature to the fullest. Check the temperatures of all the residents and digitally it using the ApnaComplex app, using the app check if the participating residents are vaccinated and ensure that they wear masks. You can also keep a handful of sanitisers in the venue.   

Well, now that you have a bunch of smart tools to make your planning easier, ring in 2022 with laughter, joy, your family, and COMMUNITY! And last but not the least, we wish you a very Happy and Wonderful NEW YEAR!