Gated communities and their modus operandi have changed dramatically in the past few years. With technology becoming indispensable, gated societies have started adopting smarter software and apps to manage and streamline their everyday operations. The manner in which societies’ are leveraging technology to their advantage is also evolving constantly. 

On that note, here is our prediction of how gated communities are going to evolve in 2022.


Undoubtedly, gated communities are becoming the new neighbourhood, and according to an article published by The Economic, households in Societies are likely to increase by 32 million in the next decade.

These changes indicate that the Indian gated community is very likely to go hyperlocal. From communication between societies to e-commerce, rental business, and other opportunities, residents of gated communities will be interacting with other communities in the same or nearby vicinities.

Amalgamation of Communities 

In the near future, smaller communities are very likely to come together to form clusters of societies with like-minded individuals who can exchange thoughts and seek help, assistance, reference, establish businesses etc.

For instance, a parent who is residing in Jayanagar can effortlessly get in touch with another parent living in Indiranagar for school references for their ward in the latter’s area. Likewise, commerce between these communities will also change and there will be a lot of potentials for smaller businesses to grow among the communities and thrive.

A huge boost for rentals and realty

When residents across cities and states are connected through a huge network, it is most likely to boost the rental and real estate business. Renting and purchasing of apartments are going to be an ongoing thing for a, well let’s just say forever! 

Through hyperlocal and connected communities, a resident who is looking to move to HSR Layout from Whitefield can effortlessly get in touch with owners from gated communities in HSR and finalise a property to rent/lease in just a click. 

This will likely eliminate the need for brokerage and directly connect owners and residents. 

Likewise, a hyper-local referral can do wonders for a new resident. A resident who is already living in the community can give all the local information to the incoming resident such as nearby hospitals, schools, markets, daycare centres diagnostics, etc available in the vicinity. 

This is also applicable to parents. Parents who are living in the vicinity can give referrals about schools, playschools, tuitions, and extracurricular classes to the incoming parents.  

Role of community automation

Though these changes are very much on the threshold, these developments can be enhanced only with the support of community automation and society management apps. And most importantly, resident verification is necessary before engagements, communication, and transactions take place.

Since an app like ApnaComplex has the means to store the resident database living in societies, it plays a pivotal role in connecting these communities. 

How does ApnaComplex collect data?

ApnaComplex generates an ID card for every resident and these ID cards come with a QR Code that holds their information including their vehicle numbers and profession. Rental/Lease Agreements are also uploaded to the app which holds accurate details of when they moved in and when their lease is expiring.

The biggest advantage here is the resident data available with ApnaComplex are verified and residents can be assured that the people they are connecting with are genuine, ensuring safer and smoother interactions.

Since the interactions are happening between verified individuals, there is no way any outside residents or third-party persons can participate in these private interactions.

ApnaComplex Data Privacy

To ApnaComplex, residents’ privacy is a top priority and we have gone to great lengths to protect and secure the user data. 

Our tech-stack is hosted on the AWS Cloud and available through an engaging front-end Mobile App. Our Platform has built immense trust for its data protection and compliance policies within the communities and is fully compliant with all data protection regulations prevailing in the Country.

Like EduTech and FinTech are redefining the education and finance sectors, PropTech and community automation are going to take the property management industry by storm, and the increasing society management solutions are a testament to this.

Being in the industry for over a decade, ApnaComplex has also evolved along with the gated communities and has undergone constant modifications to meet all the requirements of the Management Committees. The amount of information that ApnaComplex can store for greater connectivity and the support it can provide is quite unparalleled.   

To know more about our modules and features how we can help you connect with other Societies, please visit our website