Undoubtedly property management is no cakewalk. It is cumbersome and time-consuming. There are several factors involved such as internal/external collaborations, communication, technical support, architectural and building plan.

Before launching a project, a developer must understand the core requirements which include design of the building and units, modeling the amenities, etc. Nevertheless, no matter how meticulously a builder plans, surprises always pop up while managing the property and it may not always be a good surprise. In these situations, the builder has to tweak their processes and core requirements to suit the unexpected.

Here is where ApnaComplex plays an important role in solving the unpredictable through means of technology and allows the builder to completely focus on their project. Be it communication or vendor management, ApnaComplex offers instant solutions and helps the builder save both money and energy.

In this article, we bring you the ApnaComplex advantages, how it can solve the challenges faced by both the management and developers, and how our tech-savvy solution that also incorporates the latest trend can be a game-changer in the world of property management.

ApnaComplex vs in-house solution

Why should a builder go for ApnaComplex when they can create their own solution?

Solely for the solution’s maturity! ApnaComplex is the only community management solution that is fully mature to address all the needs of a society. It has been developed over the years based on feedback from stakeholders. A newly built app will definitely lack this and not to mention, glitches.

If a developer opts for an in-house software, they are not only wasting money, but also valuable time that they could otherwise be spending on completing their project. A new app is hardly established, requires constant tech and external support, quite expensive, and in a short period of time, the technology used becomes outdated.

On the other hand, with more than 10 years of market expertise, ApnaComplex offers all the solutions for a developer on a silver platter! The app is regularly updated/enhanced and sufficient training on how to use the app to its full potential is given to the users.

Over the years, ApnaComplex has mastered the art of community automation and constantly innovates to simplify operations for the developer and management through state-of-the-art tech.

The ApnaComplex Advantage

Enjoy the latest tech – anytime, anywhere!

The Indian PropTech sector is changing rapidly. If a builder wants to create an in-house property management software, sure, they can do it. But by the time the building is constructed and the project is handed over to the RWA, they run the risk of technology being outdated.

This leads to several challenges post the handover and the tech used might not be even compatible with the management/RWA. Additionally, both the management and developers face loss of time and cost, lack of tech support, etc.

But with ApnaComplex, you never run the risk of the technology becoming outdated. All our solutions are up-to-date and periodically maintained and enhanced. These solutions are carefully curated to meet the requirements of builders, management, and residents in the long run.

Zero dependency on pricey IT support

IT resources are high in demand and expensive, but also, it is imperative that developers and associations deploy the latest technology possible. With an ongoing project in hand, it is not practical for developers to spend on expensive IT resources and external teams to keep up with the demand and requirements.

With ApnaComplex in hand, IT is the last thing you need to worry about and solely concentrate on finishing the project. ApnaComplex offers the required IT support/resources constantly to deliver an unparalleled experience for our users, thereby saving time and money for developers.

Enjoy the best user support and training

Creating an in-house solution will require extensive training for all users once the app is deployed which can cause the developers massive time, the possibility of having an unstable support system and delays in fully comprehending the modules.

On the other hand, ApnaComplex offers online and on-spot training sessions to fully understand the app. Additionally, the developers and staff can get in touch with our support team anytime to resolve their queries. This drastically enhances the user experience and makes things easier for the developer.

If you are a developer and would love to simply and streamline the whole property management game, visit apnacomplex.com and schedule a free demo!
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