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6 attributes that make ApnaComplex the right choice for Gated Communities!

With a ton of community management solutions available today, finding the right one that suits all the requirements of your society can be taxing. One might offer you a great security solution, and the other might be a star performer when it comes to accounting.

But very few offer a mature-solution that is intuitive, fully-automated and addresses all the aspects of gated community management. With over 11 years of expertise, ApnaComplex is the only app that is for and by the management committee since all features and modules were developed/modified after taking feedback from several management committee members.

In this article, we bring out the six key attributes of ApnaComplex that makes it the apt choice!

Society Billing & Accounting

From automatically generating invoices to auto-calculating late payments and dues, you name it, we have it! Deemed one of the best intuitive and automated accounting solutions for gated communities, ApnaComplex’s accounting module saves time by 80% and comes with in-built 30+ audit-ready and 100+ financial reports.

Fully automated Billing & Collection

In a click, auto-generate maintenance dues invoices and receipts, set up recurring invoices, auto-calculate delayed payment charges and send auto-reminders to residents.

Completely automatised Payment Gateway

Make manual entries a thing of the past! ApnaComplex’s ability to auto-generate receipts and auto-reconcile balance sheets reduces the accounting tasks by 80%.

Smart expense management

Using ApnaComplex, keeping track of your expenses and budget is now an effortless affair. With our Budget Variance Reports for reference and meticulous planning, stay on budget and spend within your means!

Metered Utility Bill

ApnaComplex allows you to collect and record meter reading for all the units and raise invoices combining both maintenance and utility charges. It also allows you to create a list of metered utilities and their billing periods.

Auto-generated P&L Statement

The ApnaComplex app allows you to view your society’s financial statements in real-time, and auto-generate statements flat-wise. The solution is quite intuitive: it can auto-adjust entries according to debit/credit.

Procurement & Vendor Management

Using ApnaComplex, the Treasurer/Secretary can effortlessly manage the vendor database, payments, and community purchases.

Collection Gateway

ApnaComplex offers an exclusive collection gateway module to collect dues online with no added convenience charges and automatic reconciliation.

Book-keeping Services

ApnaComplex allows you to maintain bank invoices/vouchers of everyday accounting, provide reports on TDS and Service Tax, file quarterly returns, and coordinate with statutory auditors. 


If you want to strengthen your community’s security with zero to minimum infrastructure, ApnaComplex’s Gatekeeper Module is the perfect choice for you!

From tracking visitors and staff to alerting residents via notifications when their wards’ school buses arrive, the app allows the security staff and the security team to perform a host of actions. Below, we bring you the many facets of ApnaComplex’s Gatekeeper.

Smarter society gate management

The app allows the security and residents to effortlessly track visitors, staffs, and deliveries. The residents also get instant notifications from the security when their kid’s school van/bus arrives.

Guard Patrol Tracking

Security is watching the gate, but who is watching the security? Well, WE ARE! With our flawless Guard Patrol Tracking, the management and head of security will get alerts in real-time and ensure that security guards are tracking the premises even during the night.

Efficient Visitor Management

Using the ApnaComplex app, the residents can approve/pre-approve, deny and manage visitors efficiently right from the comfort of their home.


With the Gatepass feature the security guard can record and track materials entering and exiting the society. The app also allows the security to store images of the materials digitally. 

One app for both residents and management

The app allows both the Management Committee and residents to access all essential features. This makes ApnaComplex very user-friendly and removes the requirement for an external app to manage the basics.

Online Security Helpdesk

Say goodbye to overwhelming complaints and track them all from a centralised place using Helpdesk by ApnaComplex – Centralised tracking of complaints, suggestions, and requests!

Being a comprehensive complaint management solution, the complaints will be auto-escalated when they are not resolved by the agreed upon date, and once the complaints are resolved, the residents are notified immediately via SMS and app notification.

The showstopper is the Root-Cause Analysis report and QR-code based complaint registration. While the Root-Cause Analysis report gives insight into the core problem of repeating complaints, residents can register complaints against malfunctioning assets by simply scanning the QR-code attached to the assets.

Online Suggestion and Complaint Box

Residents can easily raise complaints and track them effortlessly; auto-escalate complaints if they are not resolved during the stipulated time.

The place for resident’s requests

Through the app, the management can effortlessly process no-dues certificates, move-out letters, no-objection certificates, address proof, etc of residents.

The perfect admin console

The admin can effortlessly process resident complaints, suggestions, and requests. Additionally, they can provide role-based access to other members of the Management Committee.


With ApnaComplex, enjoy the private social network for your society!

Community Wiki

With this feature, the residents can find topics and communications related to their society, create and share articles/newsletters, contacts, and do much more – all in one place.

Notice Board

In just a few steps, residents and the committee members can share important information with others through the Community Notice Board. The management can share documents, restrict visibility, and effectively take charge of what information goes around the society.

Surveys & Polls

When there are big and important decisions to make, the management committee can involve the residents and get their opinions by using the ApnaComplex’s Survey & Polls feature effectively.

Discussion Forum

ApnaComplex’s Discussion Forum enables the committee members and residents to initiate and organise discussions digitally. Using this feature, the management can access repositories, offer role-based access to other members, and even initiate a discussion through a mailing list.


ApnaComplex is one of the few apps that allows the residents to create private groups based on special interest, for sub-committees, hobbyists, discussion boards, etc in just a click.

Photo Gallery

The feature allows the residents to upload, download, and share photos of society and community events securely with fellow residents.

Facility Management

Who said Facility Management has to be a complicated affair? With ApnaComplex, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and change your facilities game altogether!

Using the ApnaComplex Facility Management System, the residents can pre-book facilities from anywhere, scan society’s assets using QR-codes, and the management can track inventory and get details of these assets instantly. 

Asset Tracker

The management committee or the facility manager can track, view, and manage every asset in the society, service history and attributes. They can also create an asset group, get maintenance reminders, etc.

Inventory Tracker

The facility manager can effortlessly track every unit of the inventory including purchase history, consumption, and stock level. These will come handy to customise and optimise according to the society’s usage.

Facility Reservation System

ApnaComplex offers the most comprehensive, intuitive and automated app-based reservation system that every facility manager simply loves! From generating comprehensive booking reports to invoices, everything is automated with no room for manual entries or errors. 


Your safety and wellbeing are everything to us and with wave after wave threatening the safety of the public, it is imprudent to lower our guard down.

To ensure that our residents are safe and protected from COVID at all times, we have devised a handful of features to help you fight COVID effectively. 

Vaccination Tracker

The management committee can track the vaccination status of all the residents. If there are any residents who are unvaccinated or haven’t updated their vaccination status, the committee can restrict facility usage too. This promotes a 100% vaccinated society.

Quarantine Tracker

Staff, residents, and the Management Committee can view quarantined flats in real-time and manage their movements accordingly.

Temperature/Mask Checks

Security can make sure that the guests/visitors are wearing masks and their temperatures are normal before entering your society.

All the six attributes/features were carefully curated keeping in mind the needs of both the management committee and residents. To know more about these features and how it can help you streamline operations in your gated community, visit

Solar Energy: A Sustainable Solution for Housing Societies

As the focus shifts towards self-dependency and sustainability, solar power and solar panels are becoming India’s favourite mode of generating electricity. According to studies, India is ranked third  in the renewable energy country attractive index in 2021 with the 4th largest installed capacity of renewable energy.  These achievements follow the government commitment to establish the county as a global leader in solar and renewable energy.

Given this scenario, larger gated communities in the country are also catching up with this trend, mainly for two reasons – uninterrupted electricity to power their many amenities, while reducing the costs incurred.

In this article, we explain the benefits of installing solar panels in gated communities and why it is more cost-effective in the long run.

What do societies get out of solar panels?

 Solar energy is eco-friendly, renewable, and free! By opting for solar energy, societies can not only significantly reduce their carbon-footprint, but they also save 40% or more on their electricity bills.

As an added advantage, installation of solar panels costs very little capital with effortless and inexpensive maintenance.  Case in point, a handful of societies that have adopted solar energy in cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, are saving lakhs annually on their electricity bills.

What the management should know before installing solar panels

Before installing solar panels, societies must consider various aspects, conduct in-depth research and hold internal discussions before taking up the installation process.

Gathering consensus– Switching to solar panels is a major decision that should be adopted with the consensus of all committee members. It reduces the chances of disagreements or conflicts on issues regarding expenses and installation. Hence, it’s important to ensure that all the members are on the same page before contacting a vendor.

Finalise the solar technology you want to install – Solar panels are used to generate electricity or to heat water in apartments. Before installation, it is important to identify its purpose, take into account the size of the community and gauge the energy usage. These factors will determine the scope of the installation. Take an informed decision after considering all these factors.

Go to the experts – Before beginning with the installation process, get an expert evaluation on the strength of the rooftop that will support the solar panels’ weight. These experts can also help in eliminating any roadblock during the installation process.

Pick professionals to do the job – Solar panels are a long-term investment, therefore, choose an established company/vendor  for the installation process. Go for a company that specialises in providing solar power technology while adhering to all the applicable rules and regulations. The vendor can also help in identifying the right kind of solar energy system, place of installation, and the ideal direction the panels should face.

The benefits of solar power system

Cost-effective – Solar energy can help in significantly reducing the society’s electricity bill.  It can be deployed in high energy consumption areas,  such as corridors, water pumps, and clubhouses.

Eco-friendly – While other energy sources like oil and coal are limited, the sun is not, or at least will not be, limited for another 7.5 billion years. In addition,  solar power is emission-free, making it even more eco-friendly.

Low-cost maintenance – Solar panels last for nearly 30 years and they require only occasional maintenance, further bringing down their overall financial burden.

Government subsidy– In its bid to make India a global leader in renewable energy, the central and state governments offer subsidy schemes for solar installations. To know more about various subsidies, it is best to do your own research or check with your installation partner.  

 Aesthetic appeal – With increasing solar power installations, manufacturers are also coming up with modern and eclectic designs to further enhance the aesthetic quotient of solar panels. These pleasing-to-the-eyes designs will not only beautify the rooftops of your society but also potentially increase the value of the building.

Global warming is real and our every decision directly impacts the environment. To fight this, we must use our resources judiciously and constantly innovate to reduce our carbon footprint. With energy independence becoming critical, wide-scale adoption of solar panels across gated communities and apartments can play a key role in ensuring a sustainable and low-cost approach toward electrification and energy consumption.

About ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex is the top-notch gated community management solution available in India today. For over 11 years, we are powering 6,00,000 households across 80 Indian Cities, and our modules/features are specially curated to cater to the needs of gated communities. To know how we can help you streamline your society’s operations, visit!

A fully automated accounting solution – only available with ApnaComplex

When we say accounting solutions, usually a society management software offers only invoice and bill generation of monthly maintenance dues. It is hard to find a fully-matured and automated accounting solution that addresses all the financial needs of a gated community.

Well, it is hard, definitely not impossible. ApnaComplex to the rescue!

ApnaComplex is one of the few gated community management solutions in India that provides a comprehensive, fully-matured and completely automated accounting solution as a part of its overall package. From raising invoices to sending auto-reminders to residents, the app allows the treasurer to perform all the vital actions in a few clicks.

Continue to read this article to know why it is prudent to pick ApnaComplex’s accounting software for societies.

Auto-send recurring invoices

Be it to owners, tenants, or vendors, all you have to do is set up the invoice details along with the date to be sent in the backend, and the system will send invoices monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly automatically.

Additionally, these invoices are also available on the ApnaComplex app for later perusal. 

The Pay Rent feature

ApnaComplex is one of the few apps that offers the tenant and owners the option to pay/collect rent via the app itself. To do this, the owner or tenant has to enter the details of owners’ account details on the app and continue to proceed with the payment.

Once the payment is done, receipts and invoices are generated automatically and sent to the tenants. This offers a consolidated place for all the rent receipts which can be downloaded effortlessly by the tenant and used for tax purposes.

Payments and purchases

ApnaComplex is one of the few solutions that offer a complete purchase and vendor management solution. From raising a purchase request to creating a purchase order, generating invoices, and making the payment, everything can be done in a few clicks, and like the rest, this process is also fully automated.

Additional Advantages

Did we tell you ApnaComplex’s accounting software for societies is comprehensive and there is none other like it?

The solution offers more than 30+ audit-ready reports and 100+ financial reports, it comes with a Budget Variance Report, and as the icing on the cake, all financial reports are GST compliant. 

Since the accounting solution is created by experts based on feedback from several gated communities, and intuitive to the core, balance sheets are reconciled and generated automatically.

With an automated accounting process, societies’ treasurers can save their time by 80%, energy and up their efficiency by three times. The best part is, these reports can be effortlessly optimised to suit the society’s requirements.

Now that the new financial year is here, want to deploy the best accounting software for societies that is available today? Visit to schedule a free demo!

ApnaComplex – the first choice for property management among builders

Undoubtedly property management is no cakewalk. It is cumbersome and time-consuming. There are several factors involved such as internal/external collaborations, communication, technical support, architectural and building plan.

Before launching a project, a developer must understand the core requirements which include design of the building and units, modeling the amenities, etc. Nevertheless, no matter how meticulously a builder plans, surprises always pop up while managing the property and it may not always be a good surprise. In these situations, the builder has to tweak their processes and core requirements to suit the unexpected.

Here is where ApnaComplex plays an important role in solving the unpredictable through means of technology and allows the builder to completely focus on their project. Be it communication or vendor management, ApnaComplex offers instant solutions and helps the builder save both money and energy.

In this article, we bring you the ApnaComplex advantages, how it can solve the challenges faced by both the management and developers, and how our tech-savvy solution that also incorporates the latest trend can be a game-changer in the world of property management.

ApnaComplex vs in-house solution

Why should a builder go for ApnaComplex when they can create their own solution?

Solely for the solution’s maturity! ApnaComplex is the only community management solution that is fully mature to address all the needs of a society. It has been developed over the years based on feedback from stakeholders. A newly built app will definitely lack this and not to mention, glitches.

If a developer opts for an in-house software, they are not only wasting money, but also valuable time that they could otherwise be spending on completing their project. A new app is hardly established, requires constant tech and external support, quite expensive, and in a short period of time, the technology used becomes outdated.

On the other hand, with more than 10 years of market expertise, ApnaComplex offers all the solutions for a developer on a silver platter! The app is regularly updated/enhanced and sufficient training on how to use the app to its full potential is given to the users.

Over the years, ApnaComplex has mastered the art of community automation and constantly innovates to simplify operations for the developer and management through state-of-the-art tech.

The ApnaComplex Advantage

Enjoy the latest tech – anytime, anywhere!

The Indian PropTech sector is changing rapidly. If a builder wants to create an in-house property management software, sure, they can do it. But by the time the building is constructed and the project is handed over to the RWA, they run the risk of technology being outdated.

This leads to several challenges post the handover and the tech used might not be even compatible with the management/RWA. Additionally, both the management and developers face loss of time and cost, lack of tech support, etc.

But with ApnaComplex, you never run the risk of the technology becoming outdated. All our solutions are up-to-date and periodically maintained and enhanced. These solutions are carefully curated to meet the requirements of builders, management, and residents in the long run.

Zero dependency on pricey IT support

IT resources are high in demand and expensive, but also, it is imperative that developers and associations deploy the latest technology possible. With an ongoing project in hand, it is not practical for developers to spend on expensive IT resources and external teams to keep up with the demand and requirements.

With ApnaComplex in hand, IT is the last thing you need to worry about and solely concentrate on finishing the project. ApnaComplex offers the required IT support/resources constantly to deliver an unparalleled experience for our users, thereby saving time and money for developers.

Enjoy the best user support and training

Creating an in-house solution will require extensive training for all users once the app is deployed which can cause the developers massive time, the possibility of having an unstable support system and delays in fully comprehending the modules.

On the other hand, ApnaComplex offers online and on-spot training sessions to fully understand the app. Additionally, the developers and staff can get in touch with our support team anytime to resolve their queries. This drastically enhances the user experience and makes things easier for the developer.

If you are a developer and would love to simply and streamline the whole property management game, visit and schedule a free demo!