Modern residential complexes are prized for the facilities they offer. These include recreational and wellness amenities facilities like clubhouses and gyms. Their maintenance and operation are seen as a necessary part of the superior living experience offered by these gated communities. It is the reason residents are willing to pay the extra pennies for maintenance. 

This makes facility management a key function for every Management Committee (MC) or Resident Welfare Association (RWA). Traditionally, facility management has depended on different tools that have to be consolidated by the MC or the property manager for an overview. Apart from being inefficient, this would often result in gaps and errors.

ApnaComplex offers a centralised platform for coordinating various facility management tasks. This includes asset management, facility booking, and inventory tracking. The centralisation of all tasks on one platform has multiple benefits that can improve efficiency while ensuring cost optimisation. 

What is centralised facility management?

Facility management is concerned with the general upkeep, maintenance, safety, and sustainability of the society. This includes building grounds, infrastructure, and maintaining equipment. Centralised facility management refers to digital tools that facilitate these functions from a single digital platform. 

Benefits of centralised facility management

There are multiple benefits of centralised facility management, including:

Managing reservations: In a large residential complex, one of the key tasks for society admin is to handle facility reservations. This includes gym, salon, or restaurant bookings. The automated system ensures that there are no double bookings. More importantly, centralisation allows the admin to view, accept and reject bookings.

Data insight: One of the biggest advantages of a centralised facility management system is its data insight. It provides us with automated comprehensive reports on booking, revenue, and usage. This data is important in understanding the overall use of facilities, the cost of running them, and the revenue generated. 

Strategic planning: Data insight gathered from ApnaComplex centralised facility management system is essential when setting long-term / short-term goals, making budget allocations or planning new developments. For instance, overbooking of salon services could indicate the necessity to expand these services. 

Operational efficiency: Legacy facility management systems are plagued by multiple inefficiencies, including manual bookings and the necessity to juggle with different solutions. The centralisation of these functions on a single platform makes it easy for the admin to coordinate different functions. They can view maintenance history, track inventory, and asset performance. Similarly, empowering residents with in-app reservation booking removes the need for any manual intervention. 

Automation: ApnaComplex automates many of the manual tasks in facility management, further improving efficiency. It provides instant access to asset service histories, inventory usage, and invoice generation, thus, saving time and effort. 

Enforcing regulations: When used judiciously, ApnaComplex is an important tool in enforcing regulations. As a central repository, it ensures that all residents are aware of the facility usage rules. To ensure further compliance, admin can also leverage facility booking. For instance, they can reject bookings from residents who fail to pay their maintenance bills.  

Ensuring sustainability: One of the major objectives of facility management is to ensure the sustainability of premises. ApnaComplex facilitates long-term sustainability through asset management and inventory tracking. Admin can track service history and set reminders for timely servicing. This ensures that all facilities run smoothly for the long term. 

Cost effectiveness: The ultimate goal of facility management is cost optimisation. Centralisation improves overview, empowering the admin with quick and precise insight into the overall consumption patterns, revenue generated, and cost of repair and maintenance. This aids financial control and can be instrumental in cutting down costs. 

If you want to learn more about the ApnaComplex facility management module, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex.