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All you can do with ApnaComplex Gatepass

7 Benefits of the ApnaComplex Gatepass You Should Know About

One of the biggest challenges for every gated community is ensuring security. It is one of the prime concerns for residents and the reason they don’t mind paying high maintenance charges. In this scenario, digital visitor management systems have emerged as a pivotal solution that brings together efficiency with comprehensive oversight. 

ApnaComplex Gatekeeper is a cutting-edge digital visitor management solution. One of its efficiency tools is the Gatepass. A digital Gatepass is issued on the phone by the resident or the admin to indicate that the bearer is allowed to enter or carry out goods from the society. It is designed to allow the guard at the society gate to automate entries or exits without checking with the resident or the admin staff. 

What is a Gatepass?

A gate pass is a simple document, often a paper, that allows the movement of people or material in and out of large-scale establishments like factories, warehouses, or offices. A gate pass is typically issued to keep track of inventory and people moving in or out of the premises. ApnaComplex Gatepass substitutes the paper document with a digital gate pass for the same purpose. 

Benefits of a Gatepess

A Gatepass can have many benefits, including:

Pre-approve visits:You can approve guests or delivery agents in advance. Send a Gatepass to your friends or relatives before their arrival. Entry for delivery people is automated through this system. In most societies, Gatepasses are mandatory for domestic workers. 

Time efficiency:Imagine getting multiple notifications a day every time a delivery person or domestic staff enters the premises. You have to approve their entry every time. This can be a tedious process, especially during a workday. It can be even more disruptive during an event such as a party where you will have to approve multiple visitors. You can avoid the hassle by simply pre-approving all such entries with a Gatepass.

Enhanced security:Every society has regular visitors which include staff and domestic workers. For foolproof security, it is important to ensure that there is some record of their entry and exit. Through Gatepass, society admin can enforce a system of registration for domestic staff as provided in the ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system. The Gatepass also ensures that all visitor details are registered in time by the residents. 

Accurate records:Manual systems are susceptible to human errors. The guard or the visitor can make an error in putting in the required information. A digital Gatepass is issued to the visitor’s phone and hence, ensures that the contact information is always accurate. 

Tracking visitors:How do we track the many people who enter and exit a society? The legacy systems relied on guards at the gate registering every entry manually. However, there could be some obvious misses as they often fail to note down every detail. In addition, this system rarely recorded exits. In other words, there was no way to track visitors in the premises. Under the Gatepass system, all entries and exits are recorded. In addition, visitors must also record the home or homes they are visiting. This allows us to keep a track of visitors like delivery staff who may be visiting multiple homes.

Tracking goods: Other than the Gatekeeper, Gatepass is also integrated with the Asset Management module of ApnaComplex. This enables the admin to keep track of goods that are taken out of the society. For instance, if a repair person is taking out gym equipment, this would be tagged against the person. You can also take pictures of the material before issuing a Gatepass which can then be checked at the gate. You can read about this in our article on tracking goods via Gatepass here

Convenience: A Gatepass is a convenient tool that saves us time and effort. As a digital interface, it smoothens the process of allowing the entry and exit of people and goods from the society. It has replaced the system of making calls or sending paper chits for the same purpose. Simply put, a digital Gatepass is easy to issue and even easier to check at the society gates. 

If you want to know more about the benefits of Gatepass, get in touch with us at support@apnacomeplex or call 80886 11229. Our team will help you understand the various features of ApnaComplex Gatekeeper and how you can leverage it maximise security.

5 Things to Check Before Renting Your Next Home

Looking for Rentals in a Gated Community? Factors You Must Consider

Gated communities offer a high living standard with several easily available amenities and facilities. Hence, making it an attractive option for a rental. With easy access to repair and maintenance services, sporting facilities, and add-on amenities like clubhouse, salon, and spa, these societies have emerged as the most preferred address for the urban dweller.

However, given associated costs like maintenance charges, rents in gated communities also tend to be higher than average. When we consider the skyrocketing rentals today, it can constitute a major bulk of your income. As this will also be your home for the immediate future, it is highly worthwhile to make your choice after due consideration. 

ApnaComplex Rentals offers a one-stop rental management service that acts as a digital matchmaking service for tenants and landlords in gated communities. You can find your home in gated communities by India’s leading developers with just a few clicks. 

Ticking the Rental Checklist

These are the factors that you must consider when picking your home:

Location: Like in any other real estate, the prime factor is location. Multiple factors decide the ideal location, from proximity to the workplace to school or college. Apart from these personal preferences, it’s also advisable to look for a home that is close to necessities like public transport, hospital, or a market.  

Rent: The second most important aspect is the rent. It’s important to set a budget and then look for a home within that range. When calculating the rent, you should also consider upfront deposits and maintenance charges. Check if maintenance charges are included by default or if these will be in addition to the rent. 

Maintenance: One of the most compelling reasons for living in a gated community is its well-maintained appearance. Common areas are regularly cleaned and any broken down equipment or furnishing is quickly repaired or replaced. This is why it’s important to do a thorough inspection of the premises and check common facilities like the clubhouse, playing and meeting areas. 

Security: Many families prefer to rent in gated communities because of round-the-clock security. Modules like ApnaComplex Gatekeeper are designed to keep track of people coming into the society while notifying you of every entry. The two-tier security system ensures maximum security from any intruders. So, take your time to assess the security and check if they have appropriate measures in place. 

Personal preferences: Apart from the factors above, each of us can have personal preferences like a pet-friendly or family-friendly environment. You can check with the landlord on any relevant rules and regulations. Families can check for family-friendly spaces like play areas or hobby groups in the society. Similarly, pet parents should check if the society has strict rules regarding access for pets. For further clarity, you can read our article here on how you can find your next home as a pet parent.

Finding your Home with ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex offers an all-inclusive rental management service where you can find your home in a gated community without any hassle. With extensive options that span different criteria, the listings can meet varied preferences. 

Listings have necessary information like area, maintenance charges, security deposits, floor, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and whether or not it is furnished. It can also be accompanied with detailed descriptions like availability of parking, clubhouse, play area, power back-up, and availability of community hall. 

Other than easy listing, you can get support for rent negotiations and extensive move-in assistance. The app also offers household services to help you move in smoothly. This can range from movers & packers to cleaning services. 

If you want to know more about ApnaComplex Rentals, visit or write to us at

Hyperlocal Businesses & Gated Communities

Encouraging Hyperlocal Businesses: How are Gated Communities Making a Difference

Hyperlocal businesses have always been an important part of India’s commercial landscape. The neighbourhood kirana store and the all-purpose repair shops have been the mainstay of their locality. But these veterans faced a threat with the arrival of mega e-commerce stores that offered goods and services at the consumer’s doorstep. 

ApnaComplex offers an innovative solution to flip this imbalance, offering small businesses an innovative solution to regain their market. It connects hyperlocal businesses with gated communities through the app. It offers them easy access to a market with high spending potential. At the same time, it provides residents with the opportunity to encourage and empower local businesses. 

What is a hyperlocal business?

Hyperlocal refers to a highly specific geographic area or locality. Hyperlocal businesses cater to the needs of this specific community through the local ecosystem. It focuses on personalisation and the needs of the local consumers. Modern hyperlocal business models also include digital aggregators like ApnaComplex that can help deliver goods and services to the consumers’ doorstep.

Lagging smaller businesses

Even before the pandemic, concerns were raised about predatory pricing by large e-commerce stores to cut out the competition by small sellers. The e-commerce market was growing by more than 20% by the end of 2017. The pandemic only made the gap wider with 82% of small businesses forced to slow down during the pandemic. 

On the other hand, large online marketplaces had the funds, technology, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions. As a result, these businesses were able to dominate the market, taking over the traditional consumer base from hyperlocal businesses. 

ApnaComplex reverses this digital gap by offering hyperlocal businesses an opportunity to reconnect with gated communities, thereby establishing their presence in a rapidly growing demographic with high spending potential. 

Cashing in on the India Consumption Story

Gated communities are fast emerging as a high-spending demographic, accounting for 32% of the population in the top 50 cities of India. This is a significant number, especially if we consider their spending power. Typically, rents and maintenance charges are higher for a home in a gated community. Hence, their residents are likely to have a higher discretionary income than the average consumer. 

Not only is this a substantial market, it is also a rapidly growing one. Gated communities are expected to house more than 24 million households with the average household income reaching USD 19-20k in the next 5 years. In short, the gated communities are fast emerging as an important consumer demographic. 

Leveraging hyperlocal businesses with ApnaComplex

In this scenario, gated communities can play a critical role in helping smaller hyperlocal businesses through ApnaComplex. As a community management app, it has a high adoption rate, which means that almost every household has at least one user in a partner community. Businesses can reach these residents through the app’s home services segment. 

These services include pest control, cleaning, painting, rental RO, and home painting. The app acts as a digital marketing tool where businesses can also make special offers, discounts, or other strategies to further attract new customers. 

The easy access to these value-added services is designed to improve the ease of living in gated communities. The aim is to bring a range of convenience to the residents’ doorstep, anticipating and meeting their every requirement. By connecting the average resident with hyperlocal businesses, ApnaComplex now also offers these communities to leverage their collective buying to empower and build local businesses. 

If you want to know more, write to us at support@apnacomeplex or call 80886 11229.