In recent years, there has been a marked increase in rental scams. In separate incidents, two landlords in Bengaluru were scammed by prospective tenants who siphoned off their savings using UPI QR codes. Similar cases emerged in Pune and Mumbai. 

Getting a tenant requires a huge amount of trust. Every landlord trusts that the tenant will take care of the property while following the rules and regulations of the community. However, this trust cannot come blindly. As the famous adage goes, every landlord must ‘trust but verify’. In many states, tenant verification has been made mandatory by law. ApnaComplex Rentals makes the process easier by conducting tenant verification and background check. 

Type of tenant scams 

Tenant scams are not limited to scamming landlords of their savings. Here are some of the common tenant scams:

  • Scamming through UPI 
  • Lying about a co-tenant
  • Posing as landlord and leasing out the property
  • Falsifying pay slips or lying about current employment
  • Lying about or falsifying previous landlord references
  • Not pay rent.
  • Carry out illegal activities at the property.

Why opt for tenant verification and background check?

  • Ensuring that rent is paid on time.
  • Ensuring that the tenant can pay the rent.
  • To check that all submitted documents are valid and correct.
  • Avoid any legal penalties because of the tenant’s misconduct.
  • Police verification is legally mandatory.

How to complete police verification for tenants?

The verification process can differ slightly depending on the state. But it all starts with filling up the police form. Broadly speaking, the process is as follows:

  • Download the form online or get it from the nearest police station.
  • Fill in your details.
  • Upload required documents including identification proof and references
  • Attach photographs.
  • Duly sign the form and save the acknowledgment.

How ApnaComplex Rentals eases the process?

ApnaComplex Rentals offers landlords an all-inclusive rental management service that includes tenant verification and background check. Tenants have to go through a rigorous screening process. The two main components here are:

Tenant verification: This is necessary to check that the tenant is who he/she claims to be. This includes checking identification and credentials.

Background check: Checking the background, including employment history or previous landlord references. 

Like landlords, tenants must also conduct their due diligence. Read our article to know what are rental and lease scams and how to avoid them