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Utility Billing Software Enhanced – Raise Utility Bills right from Mobile or Tablet

Gated communities and Apartments having Metered Utilities (like Piped Gas, Water Meters) face this issue every month when they are ready to raise utility bills on members – capturing of Meter Readings and then raising bills.

There is too much of manual work involved in capturing the meter reading. Typical steps involve:

1. Maintenance staff go door-to-door to note down the readings in a log book. This itself is usually takes few days based on the size of the community.

2. The readings noted will now have to be digitized and entered into excel and upload or into the portal one by one. This is a place where quite a few issues can crop up with respect to data entry – illegible readings, typos while entering.

3. Raise Bills. (This is a breeze if you are using ApnaComplex)

4. Now starts the disputes by members – the bill is incorrect, reading is incorrect – largely due to the data entry errors that crept in and more importantly due to lack of validation from concerned members when the meter reading was taken.

In ApnaComplex you can address issues like these with the enhanced Metered Utility Billing module (which is part of the Society Accounting Software).

We now have Metered Utility App available as a part of ApnaComplex Android Application.
Metered Utility Billing now from your Tablet
With the help of the Metered Utility on Android App:

1. Maintenance staff can now move with in the complex / layout with a mobile device (android phone / tablet) when they go door-to-door for collecting the reading.

2. The closing meter reading can be noted against each plot / flat with in the App. The app instantly sends an SMS to the resident confirming the meter reading noted down by the staff. If there is a discrepancy or error the resident an instantly alert the staff or the maintenance office about inaccurate reading. The staff can then re-enter the reading.

3. Once the data collection is done, the society office can validate the data and raise the bills. The meter readings can be overridden if needed by the society office before raising the bills.

Less disputes and more peace of mind.

Now for the icing on the cake:
The meter reading app works even with out internet! This has the capability to store all the readings locally on the device and push the readings to server when ever internet connectivity is available.

This takes care of the cases where internet / GPRS connection may not be easily available across the complex consistently.

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ApnaComplex is India’s most mature and comprehensive web based society management platform. The platform also include Utility Billing Software for Housing Societies to easily generate bills for the members of the society against their Flats / Villas / Shops for their consumption of water / gas / energy etc. ApnaComplex is designed to make the life of treasurers a lot better by reducing efforts and at the same time bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing finances of a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 15-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!

Metered Billing for Utilities in ApnaComplex supports Subsidized Gas Scheme

The Metered Utility Module in ApnaComplex got an complete face lift!
With the enhanced Metered Utility module, now committees have lots of flexibility in dealing with the billing aspects. Prior to the enhancement, committees were able to define the utilities, add billing periods, upload meter readings for all flats/villas and raise invoices.

With the enhanced metered utilities module, Administrators will now be able to do the following:

1. Each metered utility can have multiple rate schemes and flats/villas can be mapped to these rate schemes. For example, we can easily configure things like – flats on subsidized gas and flats on non-subsidized gas, different villas with different free quantity of water etc.2008101950691701

2. We can now define rate slabs for different levels of consumption supporting telescopic billing.

3.The rate scheme now support cumulative rate slab. This means scenarios like subsidized gas for ‘x’ number of cylinders since a given date can be easily configured. For example, consumption since 1st Jan 2014 for first xx kg would be at subsidized rate and rest would be at a higher non-subsidized rate.

4. More often than not societies have situations where some flats/villas need to be totally excluded from billing in one or more billing periods. Now, if a unit is not part of a billing period, you can easily exclude the same from billing. There is no need to have all flats billed when billing a period.

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