Housing society buildings are specifically designed and constructed to withstand the thundering downpours of the monsoon and the issues that come along with the season.  While most major issues like the stability of the building will be taken care of, residents and members of the maintenance team will need to solve the minor issues like cracks and fissures on the roof, and problems related to moss and rust.
Prevent and remove rust

The Rust Factor

The building structure will normally comprise of bricks, steel and cement, and varied seasons can bring about varied changes. Metal parts in a housing society’s infrastructure tend to shrink, expand or rust, depending on the season. During the monsoon, while the wooden parts of doors and windows may expand, the hinges tend to become rusty. Metal structures like swings and see saws in the play area and gates will rust over time as well, making it harder to use these.

Rust is dangerous because when a metal structure is affected by rust, it disintegrates and loses stability. The metal may give way beyond a point of time, resulting in monetary losses and physical injuries.

Steps must be taken to identify and solve the problem time and again, as rusty parts can hurt you when you’re caught unawares.

How to Prevent Rust

Painting your windows and doors with protective coatings like varnishes or other paints can help in preventing rusting. Using a water-proof paint can prevent the iron bars in your windows from rusting. Although painting the metal parts in common areas can be quite hard for you to do, you can talk to the maintenance team and get it done.

Greasing the hinges in your doors and windows helps in avoiding the problem. Ensure that you grease or oil the other metal items in your household throughout the year so that they don’t rust over time.

Getting Rid of Rust

Rust spots from metals can be easily removed by using an ink eraser.

If you find rust stains in your sink, tub or toilet, it generally points towards high iron content. While household scrubbing powders can only help in removing food stains, you will have to use a chemical solution to remove rust stains. Soap cleaners that are widely available help in this regard too.

Rust stains on your granite flooring can be removed by mixing rust removal solutions along with powdered whiting. This can be procured from any paint dealer or hardware shop. If there are stubborn stains, use the solution well and leave it on for a few hours without washing it away. You can also remove rust stains from steel utensils, cutlery and spoons in a similar fashion.

Rust stains in carpets can be hard to remove, and lime juice will help in removing these. You can use blotting paper to wipe the stains out. Keep repeating the process till the stains are removed entirely. Rinsing the carpet and then blot drying is also a good way to deal with rust. A professional carpet cleaning company will help you eliminate really stubborn stains.

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