ApnaComplex now inteffaces with Bio-metric reader

Attendance tracking with Bio-metric reader in ApnaComplex

In a first for any Housing Society Software – ApnaComplex launches a new module – Bio-metric Attendance Tracking* to track attendance of apartment and layout maintenance staff using a bio-metric finger print scanner.  The module is tightly integrated with the Staff Management Module providing an integrated, comprehensive view of all staff details inside the portal. Following are highlights of  this new module:

  • Track attendance of maintenance staff through finger print reader
  • View Attendance Reports of Maintenance Staff on daily basis, monthly basis etc.
  • Get to know the amount of time spent outside of the complex
  • Enables Society to easily calculate the payroll based on the attendance
  • Manually over-ride the attendance records as per need
  • Ability to manually insert attendance records to handle missed swiping cases
  • Ability to handle multiple devices installed in a location

*This is an optional  module and is enabled only with hardware purchase.
Reach out to us to get specifications of the hardware and quote.