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Enhancements to ApnaComplex Groups: Discussions made easier

We just released an enhancement to ApnaComplex Groups functionality. The new enhancement shall enable members of a group to interact over email. Till now, group members were able to post new topics and replies only when by logging into the portal and accessing the specific group’s discussion forum.

With the new enhancement released, every group will get a mailing list with an address such as – “my_society+group+my_group at”. Group members can post topics and reply to topics using email in addition to posting from portal, very similar to the main discussion forum of the society.

ApnaComplex Delivers what it Promises

Recently Kamal Co-operative Housing Society, Mumbai went live on ApnaComplex. The society has moved all thier accounts into ApnaComplex and for the first time issued digital invoices and receipts to its members. Mr. Hemang Thakker, Hon. Treasurer of the society was very pleased with the many positive comments from their members and has the following to say on ApnaComplex –

“We were on the lookout for an accounting software for our society for quite some time. We zeroed in on Apnacomplex as the site is well designed and featured all the things one looks for in a good software AND offered a no-obligation one month free trial.

The best part is that ApnaComplex delivers what it promises. I am very happy to say that all the doubts, queries and issues raised by us were addressed promptly and in a very positive manner. And as new features are being added the whole experience becomes richer.

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship and would recommend the program whole heartedly.”

Thank you Mr. Thakker for your kind words!

ApnaComplex Launches Attendance Tracking integrated with Bio-metric Finger Print Scanner

ApnaComplex now inteffaces with Bio-metric reader

Attendance tracking with Bio-metric reader in ApnaComplex

In a first for any Housing Society Software – ApnaComplex launches a new module – Bio-metric Attendance Tracking* to track attendance of apartment and layout maintenance staff using a bio-metric finger print scanner.  The module is tightly integrated with the Staff Management Module providing an integrated, comprehensive view of all staff details inside the portal. Following are highlights of  this new module:

  • Track attendance of maintenance staff through finger print reader
  • View Attendance Reports of Maintenance Staff on daily basis, monthly basis etc.
  • Get to know the amount of time spent outside of the complex
  • Enables Society to easily calculate the payroll based on the attendance
  • Manually over-ride the attendance records as per need
  • Ability to manually insert attendance records to handle missed swiping cases
  • Ability to handle multiple devices installed in a location

*This is an optional  module and is enabled only with hardware purchase.
Reach out to us to get specifications of the hardware and quote.

ApnaComplex Accounting: Recurring Invoice Automation Enhanced

ApnaComplex now supports the most flexible automation of  recurring invoices. Any invoice that is raised periodically can now be automated.

ApnaComplex, in the recurring invoice module, till now had the ability to automate generation of invoices for a given set of charges for all flats. The charges could be based on a flat rate or per square feet basis. However, Treasurers who use complex formulae for maintenance charges (such as Rs. 1000/- for 2BHKs, Rs. 3000/- for 3 BHK or Rs. 2/- pfst of built up area + Rs. 1/- of terrace) or have additional charges to be posted for few flats (such as parking lot rentals for few members) were not able to benefit from the recurring invoice module.

Bringing a smile on the lips of these treasurers, ApnaComplex now supports raising of invoices periodically based on charges uploaded via spread sheet. Create the charges to be invoiced periodically in a spreadsheet and set up the invoicing schedule! Invoices will automatically get posted based on the schedule. With this treasurers can automate the posting of different amounts against different units and also different charges against different units.

Go to Member Income dashboard and click “Setup Recurring Invoices” to see this in action!

Get your Society on ApnaComplex – Today!

ApnaComplex is India’s most comprehensive web based housing society accounting, management and communication software. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing a housing society. Check out the features of ApnaComplex and sign up your society today to get the benefits! We offer a free 30-day trial as well so that you can try before you buy!

ApnaComplex – An year since NASSCOM Product Conclave

Its been almost one year since we showcased ApnaComplex in the NASSCOM Product Launchpad as one of the top 10 start ups in 2010. How time just flew!

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2011 is a few days away, we thought its a good time to reflect back on our journey since the last Product Conclave. Our biggest achievement since then – we firmly established ourselves in the market as a very comprehensive and value-for-money software for every gated community.

In the past one year, we had many “firsts” to our name and have consistently raised the bar for Apartment Management and Accounting Software with features like:

Apnacomplex - THE software for apartment management

For those who are statistically inclined, following are few metrics for us in last 1 year:

  • We have made 45 releases – thats almost one release every week – we are always hungry to add new capabilities 🙂
  • We have done at least 12 major upgrades – all made available at no extra cost to our customers!
  • We have doubled our server infrastructure 4 times
  • Got covered in, BizExchange, RealEstate Times, Aaj ka Anand, Accommodation Times, Sakal

We also had loads of fun when we distributed Holi Posters, conducted the Drawing Contest for Children of ApnaComplex customers, sponsored and participated in the flagship ApnaComplex – TPL Cricket Tournament along with Treamis World School for gated communities in Bangalore.

All of this ofcourse was not possible with out support from our customers – all of them supported us superbly by constantly giving feedback, shaping up requirements for new features, helping us with beta testing, providing references – what not – they have been with us in every step we took.

Some of them gave us fantastic moments that made us extremely happy and proud like – “Going ‘live’ with their portal with all accounting data in less than a week after they signed up for the 30-day trial”, “Attaching expense voucher generated by the software along with the payment to us!! We take a moment to THANK each one of our customers and users. A few of our customers truly deserve very special mention – for they not only made us sit on the edge and pushed us to deliver, but also backed us to hilt:

We are truly fortunate to have such customers! We also thank various partners – Citizen Matters, Chennai Online and others who were there with us through out.

As we experience the next wave of growth – we make a promise to ourselves that we will continue to build new features and support our customers that will make community living a pleasure!

ApnaComplex releases Meeting Management Module

One more first by ApnaComplex – we are happy to announce the release of Meeting Management module for beta to all our customers. The Meeting Management module handles the following:

Society Meetings - More Organized, More Productive!

Society Meetings - More Organized, More Productive!

1. Schedule One-time Meetings , Recurring Meetings (daily, weekly, monthly)

2. Invite attendees with agenda – all committee members, all owners, all residents, one or more groups or a selected list of members.

3. Invitees can respond to a Meeting Invite by accepting/declining/marking tentative

4. Meeting Organizers can reschedule/cancel meetings, update list of invitees, mark attendance of invitees.

5. Record/Upload and share Meeting Minutes, create action items associated with a meeting and track them to closure.

6. Members can see all the meetings they have been invited to and the ones they are organizing in different colours in a calendar view.

So, go ahead invite selected friends of your community formally for that birthday party or schedule the weekly committee meetings!

Happy Meetings!