In yet another first, ApnaComplex launches Inventory Tracking Module for Housing societies.

One of the biggest pain points for any society is to track how various consumables (such as Diesel, Electrical Fittings, Plumbing Fittings, Salt/Chemicals for Water Bodies etc.) are being utilized. Things like when was a stock bought and at what price, when and how are they consumed, what is the current balance is very difficult to track all along – but no more.

ApnaComplex has now a new “Inventory” module that would help you track inventory.  Asset Administrators will now be able to:
1. Define various stock items such as Diesel, Water, Bulbs, etc.
2. Ability to add purchase and consume transactions of every item – along with date of the transaction, the quantity and the price (for purchase transactions).
3. View Statement of each stock item for a given date range which gives an overview of how an item was purchased and used.
4. Generate month-wise consumption reports for a given date range for all stock items.

We are postive that our customers would find this module very useful. Like with all other features, this feature also will evolve based on the feedback from our customers as days pass by.

Happy and easy tracking!