ApnaComplex Vehicle and Parking Lot Management Module now has been significantly enhanced. Some of the key enhancements include:

1. Ability to Map Parking Lot to Flats: Before the enhancement, it was possible to associate a parking lot with a flat only if there is a vehicle. With the enhancement, you can now associate parking lots to flats with out any vehicles. You can do this mapping for every flat one after another OR import the mapping data into ApnaComplex portal using an excel (the excel template can be downloaded from within the portal).

2. Ability to “Enforce” mapping of parking lots with units: A new setting will control if the mapping needs to be enforced in the society. When enforced, no vehicle can be added into the portal with out the flat having the parking lot mapped. When not enforced, vehicles can be added to the parking lot with out even being mapped to a flat.

3. Introducing Number of Vehicles per Parking Lot: There is a distinct need in quite a few societies to allow more than one number of vehicles in a parking lot (for example, multiple two wheelers parked in single parking lot). All along we had a implicit restriction of one vehicle per parking lot. That’s changed now and admins can configure how many maximum vehicles are allowed to be associated with a parking lot.

With these enhancements, almost all societies can customize Vehicle / Parking lot module to implement their respective rules and policies.