As the focus shifts towards self-dependency and sustainability, solar power and solar panels are becoming India’s favourite mode of generating electricity. According to studies, India is ranked third  in the renewable energy country attractive index in 2021 with the 4th largest installed capacity of renewable energy.  These achievements follow the government commitment to establish the county as a global leader in solar and renewable energy.

Given this scenario, larger gated communities in the country are also catching up with this trend, mainly for two reasons – uninterrupted electricity to power their many amenities, while reducing the costs incurred.

In this article, we explain the benefits of installing solar panels in gated communities and why it is more cost-effective in the long run.

What do societies get out of solar panels?

 Solar energy is eco-friendly, renewable, and free! By opting for solar energy, societies can not only significantly reduce their carbon-footprint, but they also save 40% or more on their electricity bills.

As an added advantage, installation of solar panels costs very little capital with effortless and inexpensive maintenance.  Case in point, a handful of societies that have adopted solar energy in cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, are saving lakhs annually on their electricity bills.

What the management should know before installing solar panels

Before installing solar panels, societies must consider various aspects, conduct in-depth research and hold internal discussions before taking up the installation process.

Gathering consensus– Switching to solar panels is a major decision that should be adopted with the consensus of all committee members. It reduces the chances of disagreements or conflicts on issues regarding expenses and installation. Hence, it’s important to ensure that all the members are on the same page before contacting a vendor.

Finalise the solar technology you want to install – Solar panels are used to generate electricity or to heat water in apartments. Before installation, it is important to identify its purpose, take into account the size of the community and gauge the energy usage. These factors will determine the scope of the installation. Take an informed decision after considering all these factors.

Go to the experts – Before beginning with the installation process, get an expert evaluation on the strength of the rooftop that will support the solar panels’ weight. These experts can also help in eliminating any roadblock during the installation process.

Pick professionals to do the job – Solar panels are a long-term investment, therefore, choose an established company/vendor  for the installation process. Go for a company that specialises in providing solar power technology while adhering to all the applicable rules and regulations. The vendor can also help in identifying the right kind of solar energy system, place of installation, and the ideal direction the panels should face.

The benefits of solar power system

Cost-effective – Solar energy can help in significantly reducing the society’s electricity bill.  It can be deployed in high energy consumption areas,  such as corridors, water pumps, and clubhouses.

Eco-friendly – While other energy sources like oil and coal are limited, the sun is not, or at least will not be, limited for another 7.5 billion years. In addition,  solar power is emission-free, making it even more eco-friendly.

Low-cost maintenance – Solar panels last for nearly 30 years and they require only occasional maintenance, further bringing down their overall financial burden.

Government subsidy– In its bid to make India a global leader in renewable energy, the central and state governments offer subsidy schemes for solar installations. To know more about various subsidies, it is best to do your own research or check with your installation partner.  

 Aesthetic appeal – With increasing solar power installations, manufacturers are also coming up with modern and eclectic designs to further enhance the aesthetic quotient of solar panels. These pleasing-to-the-eyes designs will not only beautify the rooftops of your society but also potentially increase the value of the building.

Global warming is real and our every decision directly impacts the environment. To fight this, we must use our resources judiciously and constantly innovate to reduce our carbon footprint. With energy independence becoming critical, wide-scale adoption of solar panels across gated communities and apartments can play a key role in ensuring a sustainable and low-cost approach toward electrification and energy consumption.

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