Visitor management is one of the biggest tasks in a residential complex. It becomes even more critical given that enhanced security is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of gated communities. However, it can be a challenging task that must be carried out seamlessly 24 X 7. 

Depending on their size, housing complexes can receive anywhere from 10 to 1000s visitors in a day. This raises issues of data management, communication, and manpower training. Legacy systems that depended on register entries have long proven to be inadequate in meeting the scale of operations in large societies. Technology in the form of an app-based visitor management system holds the key.

What is an App-based visitor management system?

In a nutshell, a visitor management system is designed to trace guests, staff, deliveries, vendors, and other people who enter the premises. Advanced visitor management systems also keep track of cars, school buses, vans, or other vehicles. Apart from noting down the details of a visitor, this can also involve tracking their movements in the premises. App-based visitor management systems utilise the phone to record visitor data, communicate approvals, and track the movement of visitors. 

ApnaComplex offers Gatekeeper, a cutting-edge visitor management system. The app allows you to pre-authorise guests, courier/delivery, as well as track staff attendance, school buses, and guard patrol. 

Why do we need an app-based visitor management system?

Traditionally, the task of the visitor management system was confined to recording details in a register. But this method is highly inefficient and rarely goes beyond elementary entries. Some of the challenges in this system include:

  • Registers get damaged or lost over time. 
  • Guards making human errors when recording data
  • Wrong information given by guests
  • Relying on residents’ to allow visitors at a moment’s notice
  • Tedious process of tracking data making it almost impossible to pull up information as required.
  • Inability to track the movement of vehicles, guests, or staff.
  • No system for pre-approval.
  • No data insight. 

ApnaComplex resolves these challenges with Gatekeeper, an app-based solution that is easy to follow and understand. As a digital platform, it can be followed by residents, guards, and the concerned staff, allowing them to communicate seamlessly. Some of its features include: 

Visitor authorisation: Residents can pre-approve visitors for entry through an OTP-based gate pass. Pre-approved guests can enter the premises by displaying the OTP, thus reducing any time spent at the gate. The app records details for ad-hoc visitors, including their photograph. Visitors can also authorise delivery or courier service to drop off parcels in their absence. 

Tracking school buses: Residents can create a group for a bus route within the premises on the platform. The group can be used to track the movement of the bus with residents receiving real-time notifications on the bus’ movement in the premises. 

Material tracking: This feature allows residents and management to track the movement of material and goods from the society. It can be particularly useful during heavy movement of goods, such as when residents are moving out. 

Staff attendance: Once the residents have onboarded their help, their entry and exit is recorded every day. Residents receive real-time notifications every time their staff enters or leaves the society. The app also tracks the attendance of administration staff. The recorded data can be easily pulled up to track attendance. 

Monitoring guard patrols: What if you could monitor guard patrols remotely? Gatekeeper has a special feature where guards have to check-in at select locations during their daily patrol. This data can be later reviewed to check their attendance.

Real-time notifications: Residents receive real-time notifications on the entry and exit of guests, delivery people, or help from the society. This alerts them in case of an unauthorised visit.  

Easy data access: The biggest advantage of an app-based visitor management system is its data record and easy access. In a legacy system, it is difficult to trace data from registers and it gets almost impossible with the over time. However, digital data is nearly indestructible and easy to recall whenever required. This means we can trace the movement of people or material, track staff attendance,  

To know more about ApnaComplex Gatekeeper, read the details here. You can also schedule a free demo by calling us at 080886 11229.